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About Voltalk

Voltalk is the premier outlet for information, news, and discussion about the University of Tennessee athletic programs. Voltalk provides Internet discussion forums, live online shows and podcasts, and social media connections for everyone to participate in discussion, opinions, and updates in college athletics. Voltalk was originally established in 2002 and has been going strong ever since. With even more presence on the Internet and social media, Voltalk is quickly setting itself to be the one place fans go to get up to the date information.

You can connect with us here as well as our show/podcast and social media outlets under the "FOLLOW US" menu. Join us today!

VolTalk Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change my Picture for the forum next to my post name in topics?
This is easily changed in the Member Setting area found here: Change Picture. There is two options. You can link to a URL for another picture on the web, or you can select on from the Voltalk Avatar Gallery which in a drop down on the same page.
The maximum resolution for an image is 150x150 and can be JPG.PNG,GIF or even Flash

2. How do I change my signature?
This is easily changed in the Member Setting area found here:Change Posting signature. This is a area right below all your posts. You can use URL to embed from another site or just use HTML text for wording like BOLD letters
and can change the colors as well. Keep in mind there is a size limitation on the images being used. There is also a minimum amount of image you an link to.

3. How do I change how and when I get notified from the site?
This is easily changed in the Member Setting area found here: Change Notifications. This will allow you to change how you get notified for Private Messages, alerts when someone responds to a topic you are following and many other things

4. How do I change main board settings and setting for other apps on the board?
The main link for things like changing your password or changing the way you post or even change your profile can be found here: Forum Board settings

5. How do I subscribe for alerts and updates on the site and forums?
Any each forum, there is button in the upper right hand that says "Watch this forum". If you hit this button you can set up to be notified of any updates via email or private message. You can also set things up on how you get notified under the notifications option instruction above at number 3.

6. How do I add a video to the VolTube section so I can share my favorites with other fans?
This is the section of the site called the Voltube or Media section found here: Videos/Media. This for members to show and share favorites from video services like youtube and vimeo. As long as the video isn't private, all you need to do is grab the url out of the share link or browser window and add it along with a title. There should be a add button under each category. So select a category like Vol Videos or Entertainment and then hit the "add Video button". Any issues, just post or use the help link in the top menu.

7. I see people adding YouTube videos to posts. How do I do this?
This is now quite easy. Copy the browser address from where you watched the video and just paste in the post area. It ill transfer to embed the video. I am not referring to the SHARE button in youtube. I am referring the URL in the browser address window at the top of the browser. Copy and paste it in the post.

8. I have some graphics or media I want to share so that fans can download it. How do I do that?
Voltalk has it's own graphic and media download system. It can be found here: Downloads Section. Here you can download things that have been uploaded or you can share what you have with others. People can upload videos, graphics, screensavers, wallpapers. If you like making graphics this is a place to store them and highlight them for members to see your work.

9. I have Vol photos or personal photos I would like to share with the Vol fans. Where can I do that?
Voltalk has it's own image hosting platform. You can add to your own private and personal album or make it public. There is an area for game-day pictures and members personal ones.
You can find the Picture Gallery here: Pictures

10. I have items I would like to sell to the Voltalk nation. Can I do this?
Yes you can but we ask you to use the Classifieds section. This is an area where members can post items for sale and respond to items someone is selling. We try to keep the members from being spammed on the main forums. If you do post an item in the section then you can post a topic stating you have an item for sale just not a full description. We ask you to link to the ad. The classified section is here: Voltalk Classifieds section

11. How do I add an image or attachment to a post?
This is really easy. Most people use the "Quick Reply" option to respond. If you want to add an attachment that you are adding from your PC, hit the button at the bottom of the quick reply area. There is a post button and a FULL Editor button. Hit that button which will open up more options, including adding an attachment. You can add images like GIFs, JPGs, PNGs and also word docs or spread sheets.

12. How do I upload multiple items in a post at one time?
This can be done by going under your board settings and using the Flash Uploader.. Click here: Board Settings. If you have Flash installed on your desktop and have the plugin for your browser type then this should work easily. Just click on the Flash uploader option box.

13. How do I embed a twitter comment?
This is easy. All you have to do is find the tweet you want. Click on details so that only that tweet is showing in your browser. Copy and paste the URL from the browser address window at the top of the browser and then paste in right in the post area. Then submit and then refresh the page. The tweet should show embedded in your post.

14. How do I see what I am following?
Easy click here: What I am Following

15. How do I rate someone or vote on a good post?
On each member's post there is a little red and green button or rating a poster. You can use these to affect the posters reputation. Keep in mind this allows for people to be cut off if the level gets to low. So please use only when there is either really bad posting or a harassing member. Abuse could get account locked. Here is an example of where the rating block is in each post. Rating Buttons.

If these topics don't help you with your question, please feel free to use the "Contact us" option in the above menus. Or Click here: Contact Voltalk Staff