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  1. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Headed back to Gods country.

    Thank ya sir. And I agree....at least until 2024 when he becomes President Desantis. I just can't wait until I don't have to pay tolls and only uturn when I miss my turn lol.
  2. Welp, gonna have to change my username cause after a year im getting out of this god forsaken swamp. Can't wait to get back to the foothills of the Smokies.
  3. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Tennessee advances to the sweet 16

    They are jekyll and hyde. At their best they can beat anyone but at their worst......
  4. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Classic Rick Barns tournament results.

    We are at a split in the road with our basketball program. Are we OK with being a tournament team every year with an occasional sweet 16 or elite 8? Or do we want to do what it takes to be elite. To be elite we have to make changes up to and including head coach.
  5. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Vols win Orange bowl against Clemson

    After the past 15 years, I'll take going3-1vs the last 4 national champions.
  6. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Cheer the' ell up

    Could be a record crowd for the O&W game with a three man QB competition between Milton, Tayven and Nico. I'll reserve judgment on Milton until after the bowl game, but right now he doesn't look like the answer.
  7. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Vols, and the Rankings.

    Bamas losses are by a combined 5 points to current number 7 and number 11. Ours are by a combined 39 points to current 1 and 20. I don't like it(mainly just cause buck fama) but I get it.
  8. Only way we get Sugar Bowl is Bammer making the cfp or the selection committee jumps us over them, which I doubt. We could also potentially get the Cotton if LSU does the impossible and beats UGA. Then you would have LSU in the Sugar, Bammer in the Orange.
  9. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Cheer the' ell up

    With the regular season over, I've noticed an air of disappointment around Vol nation. I get it, the Vols were so close to the promised land just to have it ripped away on one terrible night in Columbia, SC. But we gotta quit moping and realize the reality of the situation. Coming in to the season, most of the "experts" predicted us between 6-6 and 8-4 with a 9-3 ceiling. We exceeded all of those expectations. Which one of us, in August, would have turned down this season. A season where we beat both Alabama and Florida, along with blowing out LSU on the road. The best regular season record in 19 years. 2nd place in the SEC trailing only the likely eventual national champions. How quickly we have forgotten the feeling of getting blown out by Vanderbilt and getting thoroughly outplayed by Sunbelt teams. Was it lightning in a bottle? Maybe, but as of right now we have a very solid recruiting class with blue chip help coming in several key areas of need. So cheer up Y'all and celebrate the best season for Vols fans since George Dubbya was in his first term.
  10. I'm thinking Orange. The CFP will probably keep Bammer ranked ahead of us, putting them in the Sugar. That is assuming USC and TCU don't both lose their conference title games, giving the chance for the cfp to do what they really want and put Bama in the playoff.
  11. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Tennessee tops Oregon in the horrid uniform contest

    I like it. No way its as bad as Oregons tribute to osha unis they wore Saturday.
  12. QB C- Hooker had possibly his worst game in orange and white. Inaccurate throwing the ball down field. Had no picket presence and miss read alot of coveragesGot exposed for having no drop after the snap and Georgia exploited that for a boat load of sacks. Did make some decent short throws which is why he's not in the D range. RB D+ Never got going and had ball security issues. Wright had a few decent runs but displayed sub par vision and didn't execute in short yardage. Atrocious in pass pro, allowing the Georgia pass rush to get to Hooker several times. TE D Pass blocking, run blocking, route running were all sub par. Warren had one nice catch but that was the sole highlight for this unit. OL F 7 Sacks, 7 False starts. Undisciplined plays was the theme for the oline. And when they did keep their composure, they flat out got beat. Couldn't generate any push. Offense Overall D Three drives that resulted in points, and one was on a relatively short field. DL B The one highlight(if you want to call it that) was the front 7. They held a good Georgia run game to 3.6 ypc on 36 attempts. Filled their gaps we'll. Didn't impact the passing game much. The pass rush was non existent. LB C+ Filled the gaps in the run game well. Didn't get home, or even really close on their blitzes. Played OK in coverage, but not what I would call good. DB C Got beat deep in several man coverages. Safties often let Bennett look them off. A very average performance overall with a very weak first half and a much better second half. Defense overall C+ Held Georgia below their averages in most statistical categories. Did enough to win, but not enough to overcome a stagnant offensive performance. ST B They were fine. Dee Williams allowing the one long punt to go over his head led to a chain of events that changed the complextion of the game. Other than that looked pretty solid. Play Calling F Let me preface this with saying I love this coaching staff and am marveled by what they have accomplished this year. But this game was BAD. No adjustments were made to account for Georgia's pass rush and we kept trying the same things to try to move the ball. You can't be one trick ponies in this league to be on the very top. They were out coached by leaps and bounds in this game. Overall D+ The lights were to bright in Athens. They got punched in the mouth and weren't able to overcome the talent gap. However this is still a very good football team and you learn and grow more in competitive losses then wins. IF we make the CFP, I expect a much more competitive effort next time around.
  13. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Tennessee Georgia game

    And help we got. Thank you LSU and Notre Dame.
  14. Vfllostng8rcntry

    What ifs???

    Here's a unlikely, yet slim possibility of a chaotic what if. What if Uga beats Tennessee and loses to kentucky. LSU beats Bama, then Bama loses to Ole Miss and LSU beats Georgia in the SEC championship. An Ohio st.(13-0), Clemson(13-0) Tennessee(11-1) and Ole Miss(11-1)playoff is entirely possible, all be it extremely unlikely.
  15. Vfllostng8rcntry

    did ya see it? Did You See It? DID YOU SEE IT?

    Playing Neko at corner changed the entire look of this secondary. Their definitely peaking at the right time.