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  1. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Vols move up to #8 in the ap

    Im honestly thinking 9-3 10-2. Think we will go 1-3 at worst, possibly 2-2 against LSU, Bama, UGA, and UK. SC, Mizzou and Vandy are confident wins. This offense is potent enough to force everyone we play to be completely mistake free.
  2. Vfllostng8rcntry

    A little perspective.

    So after a good night's sleep and letting things soak in, ive come to a realization. I wanna take yall back, not far back but back none the less. It was August 2021. The University of Tennessee football program was reeling after Elmer Fudd had been caught doing his best publisher's clearinghouse impression, passing out money like candy on Halloween.A third of our scholarship plaers had transferred and we had hired a coach who, to say the least, wasn't the shiny new car we had hoped for. More like that 1991 Olds 88 alot of us had as a first car. You know, the one with no ac and only one window that rolled down. Everyone from Jimmy Hyams to Bagger Billy down at Food City agreed we had a long, painful road to get back to anything close to relevant. Our recruiting class was ranked 38 and elite talent was avoiding this school like the dmv during peak covid. Fast foward to today. We are (presumably) going to be ranked in the top 10, we currently have the number 9 recruiting class. We are 4-0 with two wins vs top 20 opponents. I'm not ready to say Coach Heupel is the second coming of Robert Neyland, or even Johnny Majors. But credit has to be given where its due. He came in with a pegboard roster and has put together a 11-6 record with three top 25 wins. He has a fanbase that a year ago wouldn't look out of place at a battered womans shelter and sold out, not only the Florida game, but a game against a glorified fcs team in Akron. The culture has shifted dramatically. The change in the national perception of this program is night and day. Are we CFP contenders? Not today(ask me again when October ends). But we are definitely, at this moment, relevant. GO BIG ORANGE!!!
  3. Yeah. Only Herbstreet picked Floriduh
  4. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Grading the Florida game.

    QB-A+ Hendo Cinco was basically flawless. Gotta be a Heisman candidate. RB-B Jabari had some nice runs and they were good in pass pro. Wright had trouble finding his holes. WR-A+ With Tillman out, McCoy, Hyatt and Keyton stepped up and played lights out. Great route running and solid hands. TE-B+ Warren cut a couple routes short and Fant had the fumble, very solid overall. OL-B A few missed assignments got Hendon sacked 3 times. But when you total 227 on the ground you can't complain to much. DL-C+ Did a pretty good job containing the interior run game. But didn't get near enough pressure. LB-C- Filled the gaps in the interior run game well, but were horrendous in coverage and let AR scramble all night. DB-F Couldn't cover anyone and missed a ton of tackles. Can't think of anything positive to say. We better improve over the bye week or LSU is going to be a long game and I dont even want to think about Bryce Young. KO-A Covered kicks very well. Gave the defense good field position(which they generally squandered) KR-B Fair caught a few that had potential to be decent returns. But also made a nice return. P/PR-N/A Can't grade what doesn't happen PK-A 1/1 Play calling-C- Got too conservative late on offense, but the defensive play calling was atrocious. OverallB- Offense was amazing. Defense was not. But 1-0 start to SEC play and we beat Floriduh, so im happy.
  5. Vfllostng8rcntry

    X factor in the game

    Mines Omari Thomas. For us to disrupt that Floriduh run game, he's going to have to play well and generate tge push on the Dline. He may not have the best stats when its all said and done, but the lions share of the success of our front 7 is going to fall on his shoulders. Honorable mention is Byron Young and Tyler Barron. Their going to have to contain AR in the pocket. If they make him beat us with his arm, we will cruise to a big victory.
  6. Not my first choice, but not mad about it. From Knoxville and was an All American in track and field at UT.
  7. Hope its Tony V. This dude represents the university as well as anyone. Tony Vitello speaks about excitement at Tennessee this week, says his job is ‘to not get arrested’ WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Tony Vitello is pumped up for the Florida-Tennessee game.
  8. Next man up. Florida's pass defense is stingy(178 ypg). If we're not able to stretch the field, we're going to have a hard time staying two dimensional. Bru, Ramel, Jalin, and Walker are going to have to step up. We can lean on the run game, but if Florida is able to set underneath in the pass game we're going to have a hard time sustaining drives.
  9. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Can't beat a classic.

    I do love a good swerve.
  10. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Can't beat a classic.

    Looks like we will be in the traditional Orange and White Saturday. Love the Smokey Greys, but IF we're going to get over the Floriduh hump, I'd like to see it in Big Orange.
  11. Vfllostng8rcntry

    It really is.

  12. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Grading The Pitt Game By Position Group

    Honestly only caught the second half, so couldn't really say. Purely on statistics would say everything is an A except secondary. I'll promise a thorough Floriduh breakdown though.
  13. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Bobby Hill extension?

    Correction he is 10th now, not 11. Saban, Smart, Fisher, Kelly, Kiffen, Stoops, Pittman, Leach and Napier make more than $5mil. Only Lea, Harsin, Drinkweitz and Beamer make less.
  14. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Bobby Hill extension?

    There are still 10 SEC coaches being paid more annually. We finished top 7 last year and will again this year. I don't think being the 11th highest paid coach in the SEC is a reach.
  15. Vfllostng8rcntry

    Tennessee Florida game kickoff time

    Its spelled get, not got. Can't have to much Vols gear.