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  1. Tennessee may have Co Defensive Coordinators with Josh Conklin and Kacy Rodgers
  2. It looks like Rodney Garner is joining Josh Heupel's coaching staff he was in Knoxville today. Rodney Garner is a damn good recruiter and will be a nice addition to CJH's coaching staff.
  3. https://twitter.com/PeteThamel/status/1359974769563729922 Jerry Mack was head coach at North Carolina Central and he also served as QB coach and associate head coach at Rice.
  4. Then Tennessee will have to hire a D2,D3 or NAIA head coach because nobody else worth a sh*t will want the Tennessee head coaching job
  5. Tennessee gets a nice 89-81 win raising their record to 14-4 and 7-4 in the SEC
  6. Tennessee will probably be nailed hard by the NCAA in my opinion(Which probably means three seasons on NCAA Probation) so get used to Josh Heupel being head football coach at least six seasons.
  7. It seems like most of their fans(like those on Rupp Rafters) want Calipari fired but Kentucky can't fire him since his buyout is 52 million.
  8. The Kentucky Mildcats lost 81-80 to Arkansas falling to 5-13 and 4-7 in the SEC. Kentucky this season is the most disjointed,anti clutch team that i've seen in a long time and seems to find new ways to lose every game.
  9. I would have stopped watching Tennessee football if they hired former Vandy head coach Franklin who assisted Vanderbilt players in trying to cover up that rape situation before he left conveniently for Penn State.
  10. I think Josh Heupel will be head coach for the long term at least six seasons which he will need to get Tennessee out of the NCAA quagmire. If Tennessee forces him out after 3 seasons the only head football coaches who would be interested in the job would be Dl,D2 or NAIA head football coaches. I think CJH was hired after most of the people on the potential Tennessee head football coach list turned Tennessee down flat.
  11. The Democratic Party is the Communist Party of the 21st Century
  12. FCS is going to be kicking off their season this spring and i can't wait to be able to possibly see some College Football FootballScoop's Guide to the Spring FCS season FOOTBALLSCOOP.COM The spring of 2019 gave us the AAF. 2020 gave us the XFL 2.0. Beginning later this month, we’ll have the FCS. Okay, okay, maybe that’s not the best company for the FCS to keep. Both upstarts began with bold talk of sticking around for years to come, neither finished their inaugural season. This, too, […] Read more Here's Kennesaw State's Spring Schedule Feb 27th-Shorter Mar 13th-Charleston Southern Mar 20th-Dixie State Mar 27th-@Gardner Webb Apr 3rd-Robert Morris Apr 10th-@Monmouth Here's Kennesaw State's Fall Schedule Sept 4th-Shorter Sept 11th-@Georgia Tech Sept 18th-@Wofford Sept 25th-Tarleton State I think Kennesaw State goes 9-1 with that schedule.
  13. Considering that the NCAA very well could hammer Tennessee i'm happy with a #16 recruiting class!
  14. Dave67

    Interesting resemblance

    Josh does look a big like a young David Cutcliffe