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    Thanks for common sense guys. I don't see anything to correct this type of plan. I think what's really going on is the TEAM is choosing the qb for the coach & he doesn't have he guts to demand that they let him be the coach. He appears to be afraid of them.




    To everyone at VOLTALK. Talk about old - I'm 78 As of August & we all have a right to be cranky . even an 18 year old should be cranky about the shape we're in. When someone is on the. bench that is better than the one on the field in ANY position - something's wrong. We've been in this situation as far back at the ( welcomed departure of Phil Fulmer. I've been supporting the Vols since I was about 7. That's 71 years if my math is correct. How could they still be in such bad shape after all this time! I believe that Heupel is a good coach I believe the coaches are having their efforts thwarted & we should remove all the barriers that have been in place. We need this to be a 100% brotherhood & teach about the evils of selfishness. It's not easy; but it's the only way it will work. keyboard


    We didn't get him did we? Moderator? I don't mention any kind of crap. I think you're the guilty party


    I know that UT rejected Harrison Bailey & we're supposed to go ahead full blast; but my fear is that after how we treated him; how are we going to get a 4-5 star QB after they have seen how we treated him - - how are we going to get one as good? We already lost Ty Simpson( hope I got the name correct) out of Westview. Wonder why? How 'bout Arch manning? Probably not a chance. This must be solved before we can continue our trip back to the elite. Keyboard1


    Agreed Rob. I'm still remembering how UT treated Harrison Bailey. I don't think we can offer a qb anything if he's really good. Dark situation going on there. Don't see anybody doing anything about it.


    Where have all the qbs gone?

    Kentucky predictions

    if we had a qb - it would be a shoe in. With these two jokes - who knows

    UT lost qbs.

    UT qbs lost at least two games this year that we should have won. Harrison Bailey would have won both of those games & would have made the two other losses much closer. This kind of discrimination is another large frustration for VOL fans. Family is a foolish name when certain players are shunned. After 74 years of being a VFL—— I am no longer. Joe White Class of 66


    Totally agree guys. Seems like he wants to be known as THE QB guru of US. This guy his just like Geronimo. One improvement - - he can hit the 7 yard passes. G couldn't even do that. JUST DONT GET IT keyboard
  11. For so long we have ben recruiting & have been through so many QB's at Knoxville. The hype on Joe Milton was earth shaking by everybody but conservative sportswriters Joe was mentioned to be our salvation as was Guarantanamo. Joe looked like a world beater in the first quarter.After that looked like another loser for our team. Standing in the pocket for sometimes as long as 6 seconds before he launched an errant pass. Here we go again. We have a really good active QB sitting on the bench. Harrison Bailey is a future star for somebody. If not; my donations to the athletic program will end as well;l as my support. I question if Coach Heupel is making the decisions on this selection or is the team? Or better yet - - the Liberal press!!!!! LETS GO VOLS. We are going to lose another great qb if something is not done about this. JOE WHITE 66 FRUSTRATED VOL
  12. I agree 100% volnick  we're going to lose to Alabama obviously.  What better way to train a new qb.  I have always liked shrout form the first time I saw him play in the o & w game

    I say let him start & bring bailey in later.  Maurer seems to fragile - unless he had really good success with the weight program this off season.




    PS  I agree on chopping the qb coach coach also.  We've been wasting 5 years of the program's time trying to develop jg & it aint happening 

    1. VolNick


      "Chop" the QB coach.  I see what you did there!



      it seems we have a bigger problem than what we're talking about.  I gathered from last year

      that the team has a "representative".  Last year Juan walked into Prujitt's off ice & boldly

      told him that their best chance to win was with Geronimo. He told that story in a broadcast interview.  He gave in & we ended up with only 3 wins. Seems as if this rep is still in tact & the team is telling Heupel that they don't want Bailey.  Does he have any "b###s?  


    3. VolNick


      Coach should never let the players call the shots.  If this did happen then that means they picked Milton who is easily the worst of the 3.

  13. For the last 5 -10 years, we have recruited several qbs that good potential & they left the school & landed at other programs and were very successful. I'm old and forget names; but the first one I remember went to Memphis State(U of M0 Another went to Pittsburgh , u of & was their starting qb - successful another went to I thin Baylor. I thought they were all capable & we opted for other qb's that were not successful at managing drives. The dmost recent left because the school opted for Jarrett Guarantano & he's not having such good luck. Are we saying that we can't recruit good qb's; can't develop them - or what. I understand we have a chance of losing Shrout now because our staff doesn't like him. I simply am asking the question....
  14. Welcome to Tennessee Vols Talk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.