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  1. I think Eric Gray will make a big splash this Spring and will be the starting running back going into the Charlotte game. I think the starting wide receivers will be Ramel Keyton and Josh Palmer. I think the starting tight end will be James Brown.
  2. This will be unique and pathetic at the same time
  3. Yeah the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament will be played in empty arenas and Conference Tournaments probably will also.
  4. With the spread of the Coronavirus do y'all think there will be an Orange & White Game or do y'all think it will be called off? I think it very well could be called off but I also think there's a chance that it could be played in an empty Neyland Stadium.
  5. I'm in but I'm not sure there will be an NCAA Men's or Women's Tournament with the way Coronavirus is spreading and with the fact that the CBI cancelled their Tournament and the NIT may not be far behind.
  6. TennesseeMike

    Vols upset the kitties. Great job!

    Huge win by the BasketVols I think Tennessee gets invited to the NCAA Tournament if they win two SEC Tournament games
  7. TennesseeMike

    Chomp Chomp Vols down gatorz 63-58

    Wins over Florida are always awesome!
  8. TennesseeMike

    Vols QB situation very interesting

    I think either Shrout or Maurer will transfer and it's possible that both could leave.
  9. TennesseeMike

    Vols QB situation very interesting

    I think by mid-season Tennessee could wind up with a two quarterback system with Jarrett Guarantano and Harrison Bailey.
  10. This is going to be a great season for the BaseVols
  11. TennesseeMike

    Vols lose a tough one to Auburn 73-66

    The BasketVols are NIT bound
  12. The BaseVols beat Stanford 7-2 sweeping the Round Rock Classic.The BaseVols are for real and are going to give the SEC absolute hell this season.
  13. The BaseVols win 8-4 over Houston in the Round Rock Classic. The 2020 Tennessee baseball team is for real!
  14. The new recruiting rules coming up are going to cause havoc in college football
  15. TennesseeMike

    Coaching schedule for SEC media days

    A lot of the media will be wanting to talk to Jeremy Pruitt with how Tennessee finished the 2019 season and with the Top 10 2020 recruiting class