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  1. ShamVol1998

    Dave Hooker is an idiot

    this guy is a copenhagen can full of cow turds cause he is a dip shit
  2. its not like he threatened to shoot up the school, right? smh..................
  3. ShamVol1998

    Gator Week is here - Discussion

    jg throws a pic second play from scrimmage, fla scores and the gayturds keep piling on from there. fla 42 tn 23
  4. oh hell yes. i went to bed early and didnt hear. dislocated ankle, sucks for him but screw it ill take every little advantage we can get against the gayturds. maybe nick satan will have a heart attack next
  5. anyone see that td run by maurer? he looked good on that drive, shrout in my opinion didnt do so good. maybe it was jitters but i wasnt very impressed. its so crazy how jg can go from hot to cold then back to hot so quickly. its like when he does screw up its sure to be big like a pick on the first play, we dodged that one. id say the gameball goes to the defense, especially special teams defense.been a while since ive heard that distinctive thump of a blocked punt in that place, and the presence of mind to scoop and score is good heads up football. kicking game was good except for one kickoff out of bounds, that wont work. overall i say i did see quite a bit of improvement but have to keep in mind just who the vols were playing.
  6. ShamVol1998

    Just remember 1988

    for what its worth i came home from a friends after indulging in some of tennesses finest, couldnt read clear enough and dropped the laptop on the bridge of my nose trying to read it like a book. blood everywhere so yall win lol. broken nose number 5
  7. ShamVol1998

    Just remember 1988

    im just bickering for the sake of it. i mean what else can we do hahaha
  8. ShamVol1998

    Just remember 1988

    football has changed alot since then. ky and vandy are totally different. maybe we get utc beat then who?
  9. ShamVol1998

    Watch Pruitt's press conference

    where can i get one of those shirts?
  10. ShamVol1998

    Just remember 1988

    what was the schedule in 88?
  11. ShamVol1998

    Watch Pruitt's press conference

    why does he just come across like he is lying. keeps saying right, like he is reaffirming the lie to us, shifty eyes and i bet when his momma used to catch him watching naughty movies he would say"i swear it wasnt me mama,aight,right?"
  12. ShamVol1998

    yall think im playin......

  13. ShamVol1998

    Just remember 1988

    what am i missing?
  14. ShamVol1998

    yall think im playin......

    brian maurer will be the next great tennessee quarterback. put me on record. you all heard it first from shamvol1998
  15. ShamVol1998

    Nice to meet yall considering.........

    brian maurer will save this team and lead them in the future. quote me now, cough, andy kelly