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  1. The "sugar vols" 1985, I was 14 after we beat them at home. I ran down on the field in the middle if the celebration. Ended up on our locker room side and climbed the fence to get in. Charles Davis laughed at me but held the door open and let me in....They were all smoking cigars...Then the coaches kicked me out....lol...I think I learned a few new words that day, turns out I wasn't allowed to use them
  2. I hope so..kids gt a cannon he just has no idea where its goin...lol....hes gonna b GOOD....I hope it starts today
  3. allright...every game is a winable game from here on out...Im not as worried about a bowl game as wanting to see improvement again. I think we win @ home and Shrout starts but jg has to come in to pull it out ugly..
  4. Maybe I'm just stubborn but we beat Muschamp last year making us bowl eligible....That was a fumble damn it! After what we all had to endure this past weekend, I'm not going to get into refs that "blow goats". I don't know about winning out but I think that we win this weekend. I was completely impressed with our kids @Alabama. We are slowly improving and getting there. I think more than likely that we load the box, shut down the run, make them throw the football and Bryce Thompson eats dinner all day long. Not to mention that they have to come to our house and Neyland will be rocking......#GoVols
  5. wow..first time seeing the play from that view point...everybody knows a qb can not go over the top from under center, I dont care who the qb is....but damn that kid said F@#$ the play and did what he wanted to do...Im sure the players will deal with him! BTW...Bama returning to their roots again...cheatin bastards
  6. allright...I have to wrk tomo and this was the plan...Im off to bed....rest assure that if God himelf moves tonight...I wont watch another game all year...lol
  7. same idea...lol...I took a buck this morning off the creekbank..he was walking around when I got up hes in the freezer and at the taxidermist now...6 pts..now Im gonna drink and be jealous of your patio....its less stressful...lol
  8. Im only drinking this early because tonight is really gonna suck....@dont judge me...lol
  9. I was 12 years old in Neyland when Terry intercepted that pass in '82' ......... I wanted me some goal post but dad wouldn't let me go on the field....lol......Some good football played through the years in this rivalry. The General and the Bear did it right.
  10. A2K

    Vols - Bama week

    Bama lover ???????? Shit, I thought it was a deer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. A2K

    Vols - Bama week

    Agreed....don't not schedule Bama...make your program competitive again...We don't duck at Tennessee.
  12. I just smiled at the puppy nipping...@feed the dog ya'll
  13. I refuse to say thats a nice cup Rob....lol
  14. After watching the season so far...mine aren't big enough to predict a score....however, vols win.....I think the wars these freshmen have been in will pay off this week...#GoVols
  15. Kid will get his first win........