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  1. A2K

    Vols - Bama week

    Agreed....don't not schedule Bama...make your program competitive again...We don't duck at Tennessee.
  2. I just smiled at the puppy nipping...@feed the dog ya'll
  3. A2K

    Got my new cup today

    I refuse to say thats a nice cup Rob....lol
  4. A2K

    Do the Vols pull out a win tomorrow?

    After watching the season so far...mine aren't big enough to predict a score....however, vols win.....I think the wars these freshmen have been in will pay off this week...#GoVols
  5. A2K

    Pruitt's Wednesday Conference

    Kid will get his first win........
  6. Total agreement. Go with maurer...and in my pick em...I have us beating miss st...
  7. You can teach a lion when to growl but you cant teach a lion to be a lion.....youngen's got heart...we been missing that here for awhile now
  8. I am not exactly doing cartwheels but yes, tons of hope for the future. Total re-build happening here. Pruitt is having to re-build a culture not just a team.....Takes time. I think a bowl game is possible while not likely, It would speak volumes for our young kids though and leave them a nice confidence for next year. I think Jones used the word re-build so often when he should have been using the word incompetence that half of our fans don't know what a re-build looks like or is suppose to look like, leaving a frustrated fan base. Only problem that I have with our fan base is booing Guarantano ........That was pure classless and border line mentally ill. Kid has gave his all for this team, school and fan base. Not to mention how much that helped our recruiting ..... GoVols
  9. I was pretty torn down myself.....I was proud of them and really proud of the fans. From TV it sounded like Neyland use too...
  10. That night that you gave your tickets to children and now u want them back....thats 2 nite
  11. off & runnin in Neyland ya'll.....#GoVols
  12. I shall participate...I gave my tickets to a kids basketball team. Im over sitting in that traffic after getn my ass handed to me....#GoVols
  13. Haven't seen that, must b new...cmon folks...hes just a kid making bad decesions...LOL...Have a good life..c ya on cops
  14. A2K

    Jeremy Banks

    Nods.....not to mention that his colors are full of shit too........He is from Cordova which is a nice little city about 30 minutes OUTSIDE of Memphis.......lol
  15. A2K

    Jeremy Banks

    After watching the tape in full, I agree totally....C ya Bye Jeremy. With statements like - you all are pussies and bitches, Ill slap the shit out of them when I get there, I'm a straight up street N!@#$% , I just play football for the University of Tennessee , we shoot cops where I'm from............among others, I don't buy at all that he's a kid bullshit. He's a thug is what he is. I have worn some kind of badge for the last 20 years and I can tell you, Jeremy Banks had better be glad that he is Jeremy Banks. Cops were completely patient and reserved. Anyone else would have gotten handled much differently, with that attitude.