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  1. Jamie Newman just announced he will not play and try for the NFL.
  2. XLVol

    Voltalk check in

    Speaking of Alabama...
  3. XLVol

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    Just read that 344 structures were destroyed, over 800 damaged, over 1600 affected. Report said the tornado was 0.8 miles wide and 9 miles long. Hit the ground about 7 miles from here. Tornado is getting all the press coverage. They haven't said much about the fire department rescuing people from their homes in boats. But hey, look on the bright side. At least we have the pandemic for a distraction.
  4. XLVol

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    Chattanooga was hit hard by the storm. My house is fine, and this time I didn't lose any trees. I came up Monday and was without power until late last night. Lots of homes and businesses were torn apart by the tornado. Nobody I know. We're all still working and schooling from home. Doesn't matter which home, so I am back in God's country. Stay safe, my friends.
  5. XLVol

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    We're all fine in Atlanta. All working / schooling at home.
  6. My wife hates Trump. She's going to vote for anyone except him. The other night she was ranting on him, and I asked her what problem do you have with his job performance? Do you dislike how the economy is, how he's trying to fix immigration, or anything else? She quit talking. I reminded her that she's not required to be friends with him.
  7. I watched part of the Democratic argument last night. They don't seem to agree on anything except that Trump is evil and must be stopped from continuing to rebuild our economy. But apparently Crazy Bernie has the solution to everyone's health care. He won't tell us what it is until he gets elected.
  8. This train is off the tracks. btw, Sirius radio is playing nothing but Rush 24/7 on the Deep Tracks channel 27, through January 22.
  9. Terry Bozzio. Karen Carpenter's drum solo on Close to You is awesome.
  10. No, greatest of all time is Rick Allen.
  11. This one shook me up bad. I can't even talk about it. Typing about it makes my fingers want to cry.
  12. If they want to get Trump out of office so badly, maybe they should get Hillary to come up with more bogus documents. Or maybe she already had them and they got erased with those other classified illegal emails. Lesser of 2 evils? They don't get more corrupt than that family.