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  1. XLVol

    Who's the sexiest woman alive?

    Is the "alive" clarification really needed? I hope we don't have any necrophiliacs on our board.
  2. XLVol

    Gator Week is here - Discussion

    If you look at how many times Florida has stolen a win from us in the last seconds, I keep thinking it will be our turn to break their hearts (and faces) one of these days.
  3. Gaytors are bound to point fingers, pretending we’re thugs like them.
  4. In an article yesterday on the Saturday Down South website, "Rapid Reaction:...", Hooker made this comment: "The Vols decided to play freshmen J.T. Shrout and Brian Mauer in the first half on Saturday when the game was still somewhat in question. Perhaps Pruitt knew that UT would pull ahead late. Nevertheless, it was a sign of indecision, which has been a common theme for the Vols lately." A sign of indecision? Did this jackass watch the game? The outcome was known by the 2nd quarter.
  5. If you can fix the 2 missing games, I'll take that 2 extra points. I'm surprised I took the lead considering how many I missed.
  6. XLVol

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    BYU just beat ranked USC, so maybe that was a pretty good team that beat us. Georgia State still sucks, and there's no changing the fact that we lost to a terribly shitty team. Work will be a little more fun tomorrow morning after Georgia Tech had one of their worst losses in history and the Mississippi State fan that gives me crap won't be running his mouth after their upset loss.
  7. Franks is done for the year. I'm not sad. Let's go shock the gaytors.
  8. Damn skippy, we all deserve free tuition. And I still have eligibility left. I think I might have a shot at defensive end.
  9. My 15-year-old son wears his Tennessee gear to school every day in NE Atlanta, surrounded by several thousand kids who are georgia fans. He gets picked on all the time. Can he have a scholarship too? It shouldn't matter that he's bigger than a lot of the seniors and can kick the crap out of most of them.
  10. XLVol

    Bryce Thompson back at practice

    Of course UT is not going to let Pruitt turn into Bobby Bowden. The sports media is as bad as the news media when it comes to fake news these days. They're not going to pass up an opportunity to trash UT and Pruitt, regardless of the truth.
  11. XLVol

    Bryce Thompson back at practice

    Must be innocent.
  12. XLVol

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    Speaking of Henry T, did you guys catch how the announcers were pronouncing his name? At times it sounded like they were referring to Dorothy's dog.
  13. XLVol

    The hat in the crap.....STORY

    If all we need is a coach with a shitty hat, here's our guy.
  14. XLVol

    Breaking: Dobbs Traded to the Jags

    So who's the backup in PA now?
  15. XLVol

    Just remember 1988

    I get that a lot.