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  1. XLVol

    Broderick Jones

    I'm still pissed at that kid from McCallie that didn't tell anybody he had already signed with Auburn. We've got to land another 2 or 3 good ones.
  2. XLVol

    Look who got his 5th star

    I hope he's a 12 star.
  3. XLVol

    Look who got his 5th star

    Joe Burrow is still a 2 star.
  4. How can you guys criticize Butch for not having a clue how to use talent? Just look at what he did with Alvin Kamara - he was the best 2nd string running back in the SEC.
  5. Hey, I'm not privileged.
  6. So he's in the pre-op phase?
  7. No, they banned me after I stabbed a smartass in the eye with a spoon.
  8. What would have happened if she had won?
  9. XLVol

    Raised him right!

    Seriously, GH6. Great job on being a great Dad. It's the most important thing we will ever do.
  10. XLVol

    Raised him right!

    Congratulations on doing well the most important thing a man can ever do. I’m proud of my son as well. He’s up for parole next month. Surely they won’t deny it for the 9th time.
  11. XLVol

    RIP Neil Peart

    This train is off the tracks. btw, Sirius radio is playing nothing but Rush 24/7 on the Deep Tracks channel 27, through January 22.
  12. Nice not to be mentioned in the ESPN Bottom 10 since September.
  13. XLVol

    UGA got them a new OC - WHO?

    Let's hope Georgia becomes the Cleveland browns of the SEC.
  14. XLVol

    UGA got them a new OC - WHO?

    Uh oh, they're going to be running that awesome Browns offense.