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  1. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    She needs to go period. This is a disgrace to a once proud program with new 1st ever negative records being broken. I don't care if she make $600,000 or $6 million, she cannot get the effort out of her players that is required for success. She is exasperated and I don't think she knows what to do to correct it. Just watch her during time outs. Either the players have quit on her or she doesn't have their confidence in her.
  2. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    Logic says we just lost 6 in a row for the 1st time ever and 4 in a row at home for the 1st time ever. We are tied for last in the conference with Vandy and Florida. Great accomplishments she has managed so far this year. Well deserving of the $25,000 raise and 3 year extension. Maybe she should be paid a million a year to get better results.
  3. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    Well, well, well, what say you now? 5 in a row! Probably be 6 after Notre Dame comes calling later this week.
  4. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    And losing 4 conference games in a row should be a redline for any coach that inherited an awesome program like she did. Bottom line is she can't coach. I'm just sick and tired of the mediocrity that is accepted at Tennessee.
  5. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    She makes $690,000 but you could pay her $2 million a year and she would deliver the same results. Great pay doesn't always mean great results.
  6. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    Yes extension. Her contract was set to expire and the end of the 2018-2019 season. She got a $25,000 raise and contract extension through 2021-2022. I don't think we will ever see the next "Pat." But hire a coach that has a clue about how to prepare a team and get the best effort out of them. I don't believe that she knows what to do to fix it. Don't you think she knew who she was following and the expectations when she took the job?
  7. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    I don't believe that she will voluntarily step down. She should have already done that after the last couple of seasons. Then fat Phil gives her a contract extension (for what reason) in the off season. She has not taken responsibility for this team's lack of performance.
  8. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    I have been saying for over a year that she has got to go. I am sure that Coach Summitt never lost 4 in a row especially conference games. If she is not fired soon, our program will be like the football program.
  9. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    Mickie DeMoss would be much better just to name one.
  10. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    Coach Summitt was a much better coach the Holly. Holly has no clue why they have lost 3 in a row much less what to do to correct it. Coach Summitt could get the best out of her players, Holly has no clue.
  11. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    Dude I told you, she is terrible! She is running our program into the ground. That is 3 conference losses in a row. I will bet Coach Summitt never lost 3 conference games in a row. She rarely lost 3 conference games in a season.
  12. bobo18

    fire holly warlick

    2 home conference losses in a row. she has to go!