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  1. I think the whole wait-and-see mentality is something everyone does with a new head coach. A better title would be 6 things that set him apart from Butch Jones or the last three coaches. @okfloray that's a good point, especially the Bama fans. They can't stand it! It eats them up to know that Phillip Fulmer stole a piece of Alabama pie, and now they get Butch Jones, the same coach they made fun of, haha! But most people have nothing but good things to say about Jeremy Pruitt.
  2. Six things about Jeremy Pruitt I find impressive. Here are six things I find impressive and valuable about Pruitt. #1 His mentality is “if it ain't broke don't fix it†and that starts with the practice schedule. Everyone gets the same amount of reps and his practices are the same as the previous places he's worked, like Alabama, Georgia and Florida State. It's a system that works so why do anything different? #2 His abilities at studying and evaluating players are on par with other successful coaches in the SEC. Pruitt recently moved Tyler Byrd from wide receiver, to a defensive safety position because Byrd has the skills necessary to be more successful in that position. Pruitt understands what it takes to be successful in arguably the best conference in the country, the SEC. #3 Pruitt plans to have an actual scrimmage game, rather than a glorified practice drill. This is just common sense coaching. #4 Pruitt has assembled a stellar coaching staff with tons of SEC experience. Between the Vols staff, they have a combined 7 national championships, 21 conference championships, over 50 NFL Draft Selections, over 75 All-Americans and over 50 years of experience in the SEC. And that doesn't include his recent addition to the staff, assistant coach John Lilly, who is a former SEC and ACC assistant with a stellar recruiting background. Lilly's list of Georgia recruits is highlighted by wide receiver Terry Godwin, defensive end Jordan Jenkins, linebacker Roquan Smith, safety Tray Matthews and tight ends Orson Charles, Jeb Blazevich and Arthur Lynch. #5 Pruitt was able to take a recruiting class that was ranked 50th in the nation, all the way up to 20th, in just a few short weeks. That's very impressive for a first year head coach, especially considering he was hired only two weeks before the early signing period. #6 Pruitt is a straightforward guy. He tells it like it is and he speaks with confidence and knowledge. There's no time for silly catchphrases are gimmicks. His hard-nosed attitude is just what this team needs. As a former two-time National Recruiter of the year, he knows how to relate to the parents of these young men by building that trust, when it comes to developing players on and off the field. What do you guys think? Thanks for reading!
  3. JustPruitt

    Fan day/spring game April 21st

    Awesome! Thanks for the info!
  4. JustPruitt

    Fan day/spring game April 21st

    Thanks for the info! As far as standing in line, I was actually talking about the line that forms outside of the stadium, at the gate. Sorry I should have been more specific, my mistake.
  5. Hello fellow volunteer fans! Has anyone here been to fan day before? I've never attended fan day so I'm hoping someone can answer my questions and give me some tips or suggestions. I want to get an autograph from Jeremy Pruitt. People have told me to get there early, around 5:00am, and get in line at the gate. Any more suggestions or tips? #1 Can I bring a small camping chair to sit on while waiting in line? If yes, can I bring it inside the stadium or do I have to leave it at the gate? #2 I have booked a room at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown Knoxville for the 20th, which is Friday night before fan day. I plan to check out Saturday morning around 4:30 and get in line at the stadium. I will ask the hotel if I can leave my car parked at the hotel and walk to the stadium. Does anyone have any more parking tips or suggestions? THANKS for any help guys! GO VOLS!