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  1. smokysbark

    MullUT...what would y'all think

    I think Gundy is basically his own agent. If you have the balls to walk around in 2017 with a mullet then I guess you're more than qualified to negotiate your own contracts.
  2. smokysbark

    MullUT...what would y'all think

    After the shit show that has consumed this search the last few days getting Gundy would be the best comeback in UT football for over a decade. The $8.4M number being thrown around is crazy though. I'll believe that when I see it...expect it will more along the lines of $6.5M which is still a lot for Gundy.
  3. smokysbark


    If we do end up with Gruden, Currie's next gig needs to be CIA Director. This misinformation campaign is epic!
  4. smokysbark


    Agree completely. If fans have to google the next coach then it is beyond repair. That said, I do think Currie understands that this will be his legacy and will back up the truck to land the whale.
  5. smokysbark


    Twitter will shut down once/if this announcement is made. The carpet bombing campaign will be epic against the "he ain't coming, you fools" crowd.
  6. smokysbark

    Welcome To Voltalk: smokysbark

    Thanks. Just found the board after scouring the interwebz for news. Exciting times.