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  1. BigOrangeFan

    Former Florida State DC joining Vols staff

    Know nothing, or can't recall much about Charles Kelly...read he's gonna handle special teams and safeties... Seen some disgruntled FSU fans with his DCoordinator performance. Can he recruit? Good hire?
  2. Hope everyone's having an awesome , yet freezing arse New Year! If you look at the recent modern era, say since 2000...interesting it's taken about 2-4 seasons to win a National Championship. A rarity was Coker did it in year 1 with Miami, and a couple of outliers were Mack Brown and Dabo both did it in 8 years. Mack did 9 wins his first 3 years (.750 shorter seasons), then it was three 11's and one 10 win season, before he got it his 8th. Dabo's first 3 years were a bit choppy, but Dabo started winning 10-11 games between his 4th-7th season before he got one his 8th. Not sure how relevant this data is, but it 'might' tell a story that correlates to Natty's? Interesting article written in the last year or so: Want a National Title? Hire a Coach, Wait Three Yearshttps://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/03/sports/ncaafootball/hire-a-coach-wait-three-years-huskies-chris-petersen.html
  3. BigOrangeFan

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas folks !
  4. BigOrangeFan

    Recruiting Class Rank: Major Factor

    By no means is recruiting ranks the only factor. Totally agree and get the point, Petersen is definitely good at pulling great talent from what he gets. Speaks volumes for sure. Never won a natty championship, but he’s one who could defy the odds that no one with worse than a 4-year average #15 class has ever won a natty. Additionally, claiming that recruiting matters doesn't instantly mean a program is going to win a national championship. LSU, Texas and USC are recent examples of underachieving programs in the star-system era. Conversely, one could look at programs like Baylor, Michigan State and Stanford as overachievers. These are outliers, though. And, for the record, the aforementioned overachievers have a whopping zero national championships in the star-system era among them. The point is if a program routinely recruits at a top-10 level, it puts itself in a better position to win a national title. In short, top-10 classes are as close as you're going to get to a sure thing when it comes to translating raw talent to national championships. Top-15 classes are probably the limit...based on history and facts. So the next time you hear someone say national signing day is overrated or that stars don't matter, tell them to look at the numbers, because they say something different entirely...but they of course can’t be a certainty, all we have is history to reference, and that’s what history has shared with us.
  5. Figured out who exactly he reminds me of, Aaron Rodgers...not saying he is, but he's got that kinda feel and mechanics for the game per se. Matter a fact, the guy (can't recall name) who runs the high school-pro QB camp JT was at last summer, said he's Aaron Rodger-esque style or potential, but did not say he's 'the next' Aaron Rodgers.
  6. Timeline tracker https://www.rockytoptalk.com/2017/12/20/16799402/college-football-recruiting-early-signing-period-tracker-tennessee-signings Three star OL Tanner Antonutti is the first to sign. Really like this Tanner Antonutti kid...he's wanted to be a Vol his whole life, dreamt about it, just really glad to be here. He's a 4 sport athlete (football, basketball, baseball 1B/pitcher 90 mph heater, track & field shot put etc) Has put on 10lbs...said he'll be 285 by the Spring Hope he has a great career.
  7. BigOrangeFan

    Recruiting Class Rank: Major Factor

    Now ain’t that the truth
  8. Right now, we are #17 in perspective to avg rating quality...but #31 overall, we can hopefully get that cut in half, but it’ll take stars aligning in our favor.
  9. Yes sir. I’d love to see them get a Top 15 ranked class this year, might be possible.
  10. JT’s a gun- slanger, he ain’t afraid to take risks, will need to learn how to temper that in the SEC. 51% completions and 1 Int per 17 passes...know there’s more to the story than stats, but that’s my only question about decision making and limiting big mistakes. Mechanics look great
  11. Do Top-10 recruiting classes mean Championships? It's interesting the 4 year (average college players career) correlation when you weigh the average recruiting class rank to Championships. You can run the #'s and beat the stats to death, but to win, the #'s say you gotta be averaging Top 5-10 minimum every year. If and when we get in that hunt consistently, we'll be giving the East a darn good run to win it. People don’t like the fact, but if you aren’t recruiting elite talent (& a lot of it) and thus signing top 10 classes, you aren’t winning Natty's...It's a hard pill to swallow, but remember heading into national signing day: If our classes are annually outside the top 15, there's NO Natty Championship in our future...and likely no SEC's either...if you go back a run some quick numbers, every national champion in the ESPN 300 era (since 2006) had a Top 10 recruiting class in the class immediately preceding its title. Is recruiting a perfect formula? Absolutely not. Nothing in sports is predicted with 100 percent accuracy. But the correlation is there. That's what matters. It's interesting I read a report where there's a 77% correlation to recruiting : record/championships...if you research, it appears that there is definitely a strong correlation between the average on-field results for a particular recruiting ranking. So, moral of the story: You don't win championships without five-star prospects and Top 10 classes. Data, and plenty of it, backs that up. Maybe we are a few years out? Thoughts Vol Talk'ers ?
  12. BigOrangeFan

    Anyone watching the game today?

    Good game. UT went on a bit too much of a drought to sustain the W. Of course, need to finish strong like great teams do. They'll win some games.
  13. BigOrangeFan

    Austin Thomas coming home

    Rob may have a point...Allegedly his ‘title’ and from an responsibility standpoint didn't work out for him w/ the Vols ...but rumored it was very amicable and that it was just not the right fit and timing...I’d say he’s an asset, but seems very replaceable if necessary.