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    The VolTalk Show - Palace Coup

    I did...not sure, but i'd say 93,000 came because of my posts and brilliance
  2. BigOrangeFan

    Tennessee "Hold-Em"

    fyi...from an insider... Chris Landry†@LandryFootballFollowFollow @LandryFootball More SMU HC Chad Morris is in play at Arkansas along with Mike Norvell at this point, but Morris also being considered, among others, at Tennessee.... 10:20 AM - 4 Dec 2017
  3. BigOrangeFan

    Tennessee "Hold-Em"

    hehehe...I do not think anyone knows anything really... By the way I talked to Chris Landry, and I asked him to do a podcast about 'is Tee ready...groom him to be HC'...and if 'Fulmer asked Landry' what advice would he give him on a hire, staff and gameplan...Chris said unless you talk to the 'camp' on the other side, meaning people inside the coaching camps, which he said is key to understanding what is real or not. Who makes sense, who does not. Basically coaches talking to coaches (not outside press/media), like Landry...Example, Brohm, he called Brohm's camp and they said they never met with Tennessee...if you read the 'outside' media, it sounded like the deals was way down the road and almost done...LOL...he said to spread the word. Tomorrow, Tuesday podcast...by the way, wish I could have hoped on ya'll podcast last night...listening to it now, sounds great! Link to Landry... https://landryfootball.com/category/landry-football-podcast/
  4. BigOrangeFan

    Tennessee "Hold-Em"

    Getting an veteran HC would be 'head' smart IMO...if they go the coordinator route: Tee Venables, he's a bad ass violent beast...research his background and track record Venables predecessor, Chad Morris...he's a helluva coach if you look into him Pruitt ehh, Steele If you wanna follow anyone in the national media...Feldman's very connected, and does not put out unsubstantiated bullshit, unless he vets it best he can...FYI...this just in: Bruce Feldmanâ€Verified account @BruceFeldmanCFBFollowFollow @BruceFeldmanCFB More Two names to keep in mind as the #Tennessee coaching has re-set: #Clemson DC Brent Venables & #SMU head coach Chad Morris. Folks close to Phil Fulmer are big believers in them. 8:13 AM - 4 Dec 2017
  5. BigOrangeFan

    Tennessee "Hold-Em"

  6. indeed, he'll do the vetting, and bring his suggestion to the table
  7. I just don't know if he's Fulmer's 'guy', I guess I'd be shocked, but jjuussttt can't see it with Phil at the helm.
  8. I hate to ask...but, does anyone know if Fulmer is a fan of Gruden ? Or does anyone surrounding Fulmer appear to be a fan?
  9. might wanna start tracking the plane
  10. Could the Great Orange Whale be on the table again? I know I know, it's just fun playing, had to ask...haha
  11. Amen brother! I'm optimistic...Surely to God, Currie and active 'inside the game' counsel are doing the best they can to evaluate the coaching criteria that'll fits here and is required to win a championship in the SEC. Certainly they are not 'googling' or listening to podcasts on how to evaluate coaching criteria like myself who's never played, coached or recruited at an elite-level! ...But, I could be wrong, maybe they are 'googling'...haha! Seriously, it's way beyond my paygrade...we'll get a very good coach and supporting cast. Go Vols!!
  12. We are the #6 'overall' program in the SEC --- (just my opinion, which ain't worth much). That won't cut it. Who's got the best chance to get us back to #1-2 in the SEC? I respect the popularized Saban "process thinking" , but we've got to be long-sighted and map out what and who will give us the best odds to get to Atlanta, so we can control our destiny from a National perspective. I don't see a plan, nor anyone available (unless we pay up, big time). Guess the bright side, things couldn't get worse. Or could they?
  13. Yeah @RobVol , not sure what the administration qualifications and skill-sets are to assess the situation. By the way...we are now #52 in ESPN's FPI ranking, and what's even better is that the current line on the Southern Miss game at Neyland is EVEN...now if this program isn't headed in the right direction, then I must be punch-drunk.
  14. The facts don't lie, it's about getting "W's", that's the bottom line...to your points #1 and #8 in the blog post: Jones currently holds an overall record in the SEC of 14–21 (.400 winning %)... (Never won a game against anyone in the SEC West) Butch Jones is 3-12 (.200 winning %) against the Big Boys of SEC Alabama, Florida and Georgia. These 5-year losing statistics are unacceptable if we want to compete to win Championships. It would be hard to argue that things are fine, and to keep doing what we are doing. I respect Coach "Brick by Brick" in several facets...he's been given a fair shot, but this project is well behind schedule and a new builder needs to take over. Change is immanent, and a must in my view. Again, the stats don't lie...it's all about the "W's" and being in the race to 'consistently' compete and potentially win Championships. In regards to new coaches, my hunch is they are actively looking by hiring an outside 3rd party to perform due diligence on potential coaches, while providing anonymity and plausible deniability to the University. Thus, the rumorville's are a waste of energy, we'll never know (unless your possibly writing 7-8 figure check to the University) what's truly going on until they make an official announcement after the end of the season.