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  1. AnthonyLee1

    Pruitt: Season 1 Record ?

    Yea if he goes to a 3-4 defense it usually takes about a season to install. So I'm gonna say we go at least 6-6 probably better but I would be ok with 6-6 first season. Depends on how good the players adapt to the 3-4
  2. Who is Todd Watson? And what does he do and what is he going to do on pruitts staff?
  3. I actually think Gillespie got promoted on his bio it says associate head coach offense. So I'm gonna say maybe him and Helton will be kind of like 2 coordinators in a way Gillespie running coordinator and Helton passing. But idk I'm just guessing
  4. AnthonyLee1

    Do you think Pruitt let's Jennings back?

    Jeremy Pruitt seems like a guy that's not going to put up with that Shit. So I don't think so. But that's just my opinion. But I wouldn't worry man I think he's going to recruit some bad ass receivers
  5. I actually believe Helton runs a hybrid pro style out of shotgun. But my worry is can he run the ball. That's what really matters.
  6. I pumped this staff is sick. He's wanting smash mouth under center hit them in the mouth football it looks like to me. I love it
  7. AnthonyLee1

    Within 24-48 hours ....

    Hugh freeze wouldn't be able to recruit worth a damn after that. Hell no
  8. AnthonyLee1

    Within 24-48 hours ....

    I don't like not knowing rob of course I try and squeeze it out! Lol
  9. AnthonyLee1

    Within 24-48 hours ....

    Sounds to me like your saying you've heard Pruitt head coach and tee OC. That would be killer but so would chip Lindsey as OC if that's rumored to be true I like both
  10. AnthonyLee1

    Within 24-48 hours ....

    I hope it's Pruitt. A nice dark horse would be nice but I'm not so sure Phil has one I think he's really set on those 3 it sounds like to me
  11. AnthonyLee1

    Within 24-48 hours ....

    Unless there is some secret candidate
  12. AnthonyLee1

    Within 24-48 hours ....

    Why will be happy. Out of the 3 if it ain't Pruitt I ain't happy
  13. AnthonyLee1

    2nd interviews coming up

    If he wants tee to come in great. But if not don't make him. Give him what he needs to succeed and if it's a different OC then so be it. But your not going to bring tee in as a coach in waiting under Pruitt. He's young and I would say if he comes here and has success then he's not going to go anywhere.
  14. AnthonyLee1

    2nd interviews coming up

    Look he doesn't need to make this hire on Tennessee ties. If Pruitt is the man you think will succeed then get him. And if he doesn't want tee as OC then don't make him. If he is the guy let him make his own staff. I get it we all love tee but make the smart hire and from what I see Pruitt is the smart hire
  15. AnthonyLee1

    2nd interviews coming up

    Brice said Jeremy Pruitt killed it. Why ain't he getting a second interview?