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  1. mjolly06

    Who would you want?

    i'm not sure who would be the best fit, but we need a big name so like everyone else im assuming C. Kelly L. Miles or JBC we need a change that is clear CBJ got us as far as he could and we should thank him for what he has done.
  2. mjolly06

    who should start?

    yes that's true for him to run that offense it takes him longer to do the read. and I agree we have a power back and we should be able to run a classic offense. I remember when butch came in he said he would run the offense to our QB's abilities and he has yet to do that except for Dobbs.
  3. mjolly06

    who should start?

    if Butch does what he said he is going to do and change the offense so it better fits our QB why hasn't he done it yet? and I love Dormady his arm strength is crazy, but we are still trying to run a option offense.
  4. mjolly06

    who should start?

    I'm wondering what everyone else is thinking I know our offense has be blah, but I'm wondering who y'all think should start? I believe that we need to start JG over Dormady only reason behind that is if we are still trying to run the same offense that we did with Dobbs we need a DT QB. I know Dormady is more mature, but its impossible to run an option play with him cause the defense always knows he is going to hand it off which is the same problem we had when Worley was our QB and that is not a bad thing, but it is not want our offense is trying to be.
  5. mjolly06

    To Fire? or not to Fire?

    Think Butch needs to be fired he has gotten the vols as far as he can get them, but we need a new coach and the only names that come to mind for me are Chip Kelly or Les Miles. What do you guys think or who else do you think?