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  1. Every AD is in this "gotta give them a contract extention" for recruiting. And so it goes right up till the year they have to fire them. Insane, but hey, it is not THEIR money, is it?
  2. The excitement builds. On pins and needles here.
  3. Ready, willing and able. Can't wait.
  4. Redwood

    The NCAA is ridiculous

    Just as stupid as the rule about announcers can't show partiality. C'mon ESPN & their kind, do we really believe Herbstreet is not an Ohio State fan? Duh. Herbie can't even pick a winner in the game involving Ohio State (if he is broadcasting the game) because he GASP might be for his alma mater.
  5. Redwood

    SEC Media Day Coaches Speaking schedule

    Chad Morris sounded like a high school cheerleader at last media days. I wonder if he will tone it down a bit this time since they fell on their collective faces. C'mon Chad, you don't have to act like Arkansas is going to win the Super Bowl -- do you?
  6. Most preseason picks I have seen have Tennessee going 6-6. A few have them losing 7 or 8 games but I can't see that happening. It seems to me still a lot of unknowns on the team so I think I would say 6 or 7 wins.
  7. I really missed pick 'ems last season. I love all college football and even keep up with the G5 teams. I must be a fanatic!
  8. I wish he would worry about the defense instead of the students.
  9. Redwood

    Pick Em Question - Update

    Count me in too. Better late than never. After we upset W Va we will be too high to care anyway. This is a rare occasion for me, getting to yell Roll Tide, War Eagle and Go Vols all on the same day. I look for Tennessee to redeem last years let down. Go Vols.
  10. Really like the new look. Are we having a pick 'em this year?
  11. Redwood

    Are we having a pick 'em this year?

    Thanks for the update.
  12. Redwood

    Media Days - Pruitt

    According to the five year recruiting national ranking Vols should win eight, losing to Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Auburn. I am a firm believer in recruiting rankings and I expect at least 6-6 at minimum. W Virginia has a five year recruiting average of 40.6 ad Tennessee has 12.4. That is a huge talent gap. Now, of course, the Vols floundered last year with that talent and my do so this time but I think they will be much imporved over last season.
  13. Redwood

    Media Days - Pruitt

    We all know the Vols were a lot better than their record last season and I am expecting 7-5 or maybe 8-4 with a lucky bounce or two. I thought Pruitt did very well.
  14. I do not understand how institutions of this size can be managed by Keystone Kops. I swear, here at Alabama we have been through Three Stooges and more than one Keystone Kop administrations. Bob Bockrath and Hootie Ingram are two examples. How can this keep happening? OMG, look at LSU with MIles fired, retained, then refired -- all within 9 months. Are you ready for this ...... then the same AD hired Ogre to replace Miles. Ogre is a KNOWN LOSER. Maybe we should give AD's an I.Q. test before hiring them?
  15. Redwood

    Who would you want?

    I would be after Peterson at Washington. He moved up from Boise and has the Huskies in the national picture. I think he has proven he can win big in Power Five play.
  16. Redwood

    No, we can't afford a big name coach

    One of the things that blows my mind is the upper echelon of teams who go for the "blue light" special head coaches. I need to look no further than my own doorstep: Mike Dubose, Coach Fran, Mike Price, Mike Shula. What AD in their right mind thought three of those could rule the SEC? On-the-job-training for two of those four. Our AD said "he was starting a nationwide search for the best coach available." He came up Mike Dubose -- who had never been a HC. Hmmmm. If you want to be a contender, shouldn't you hire the best HC you can find? It is difficult to make mediocre HC hires and finish at the top. That is what I don't understand about the HC hires.
  17. Redwood

    Butch's Hot Seat

    I voted no because it would coast a ton of $$$ to hire a really good HC. I am basing this on reports from a few years ago that UT was in financial difficulty. If that has been corrected then I figure 50/50.
  18. Redwood

    Week 1 Pick 'ems..Let's Get it on!

    Thanks for allowing me to play. I love pick 'ems. My goal is to stay off the bottom.
  19. Redwood


    That is cute.