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  1. utvolford

    Gameday experience

    The Brewery, The Last Lap, Longbranch, Old College Inn, The Torch, Sam & Andy's - definitely more interesting with the local places that used to be there.
  2. utvolford

    Gameday experience

    Just went to the UMASS game this past weekend. Went with my two older boys - started taking they to a game once a year when they were about 12 years old (so about 12-15 years ago). We still are going, hopefully we can keep it up for the foreseeable future. The gameday experience has definitely changed. We try to stay in Asheville to experience the Asheville beer scene - not sure what is going on in TN, but doesn't seem to be many breweries or even bottle shops around. As such, we usually arrive and try to do a few things before the game - Gus's Deli is always on the list, sometimes (depending on game time) we do the Vol Walk and/or the band playing to the fans on the hill. But - the actual game experience is definitely heading downhill. Besides the obvious (the on field product), there were several other things that make attending a game less than enjoyable: TV Timeouts - absolutely maddening to have the game go 30-60 minutes longer than it should due to the TV networks wanting to make more money on their commercials. Yes, I know it pays the bills, but it is a deterrent to actually go to a game Concession prices - a bottle of water was $4. I'm pretty sure I saw cases of water after the hurricane in Houston that were less than this and it was called "gouging". It was 90 degrees outside, they should be giving water away, not gouging people for it. I saw at least three cases of heat related medical issues, and I wasn't looking too hard. My biggest gripe - what came through the sound system. The announcements were way louder than they needed to be - we were walking down Neyland drive (or whatever it's called now) after the game and it was loud out there. It was unbearable in the stadium. But worse than that - after every play, they played music (and I'm being kind calling it that) at a very loud volume - couldn't even have a conversation between plays. The cynic in me suspects they are doing it on purpose to keep people from analyzing what is going on on the field - but a lot of it is actually commercials. Pay money to attend the game and still get commercials blasted at you at 100db. I'll still attend as long as I have the family to attend with me - but won't beyond that unless they stop treating the fans like people to fleece while they are in the stadium
  3. utvolford

    Butch's Hot Seat

    Good thing I'm not the AD - I would have fired him in the 3rd quarter after having a first and goal inside the 1 and 1) lining up in the shotgun and 2) no running play. Almost like he never anticipated a first and goal from the one and what he should do in that situation.
  4. utvolford

    Game Weekend in Knoxville

    Gus' Good Times Deli Downtown Grill and Brewery
  5. utvolford

    Not Much of a Michigan Fan, but ...

    I hate Michigan - Harbaugh's mug on the TV makes me cringe. But - was a fan of them today, hope FL loses every game this year and they hire Kiffin as their coach for next year.
  6. utvolford

    Welcome To Vol Talk Forums: utvolford

    Thanks - looks like it should be more enjoyable than the others I have followed in the past. I'll avoid mentioning them by name, don't want to disparage anyone....
  7. utvolford

    Welcome To Vol Talk Forums: utvolford

    Welcome to Voltalk utvolford!!! If savage recommends you, something must be wrong!! LOL Thanks for the welcomes - I hope that was sarcasm, I'll tread lightly to start off just in case :)