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  1. cowhampshirevol

    Lane Kiffin to ole miss?

    Good luck Rebels. He's like a hot girlfriend stroking your ego before she dumps your ass
  2. cowhampshirevol

    Eric Gray named sec freshmen of the week

    Second the motion
  3. cowhampshirevol

    TENNESSEE kicked Vandy in the butt

    They zipped to Fla/FSU game locally here so didn't see it
  4. cowhampshirevol

    TENNESSEE kicked Vandy in the butt

    JG or whomever at QB will need to play better in bowl or they will get Flat Stanleyed.
  5. cowhampshirevol

    Ole Miss pi$$es game away

    Cant teach stupid
  6. cowhampshirevol

    Matt Ryan meet shy Tuttle

    Putting Matt Ryan on his ass was highlight of Turkey day.
  7. cowhampshirevol

    Tennessee Vandy game score predictions

    Vols 40. Vandy 10. Beat down game
  8. cowhampshirevol

    Looks like Kennedy is going to request a 6th year

    I hope so Rob. No more losing to second rate teams would be a start.
  9. cowhampshirevol

    People have asked when the pick ems ends

    Great idea Rob. Picking bowl games is a crap shoot. You don't know if these kids partied the night before or the lag time upsets the apple cart. I expect a shake up in the standings. Should be interesting
  10. cowhampshirevol

    Tennessee Missouri Game

    I was earlier in season. I've always been a big fan of Bryant but he has regressed the past few weeks. As long as defense plays to their potential and no turnovers we roll.
  11. cowhampshirevol

    Welcome to new mods

    Like the promotions. Next one goes to Atomic as Capo. That guy always has good Intel
  12. cowhampshirevol

    So with this being an off week

  13. cowhampshirevol

    So with this being an off week

    Wife's bday so treating her to a weekend of my undivided attention. I may be on some shopping trip like RobVol
  14. I thought RobVol dug this up and planted it near his new patio. How did they find his pad????