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  1. cowhampshirevol

    Darnell Wright is the newest Vol

    Love road graders!
  2. cowhampshirevol

    Early signing period commitments(Updated12-21-18)

    Thanks Atomic.
  3. cowhampshirevol

    Urban retiring after bowl game

    Guy is a fraud.
  4. cowhampshirevol

    Vols land big time QB

    big pickup
  5. cowhampshirevol

    Added a new Holiday theme for Christmas

    Happy festivus
  6. I like this idea but let's see what Pruitt brings in for players to see if this will work or not. Get their butt handed to Vandy shows me high school mentality not D1.
  7. cowhampshirevol

    North Carolina is hiring Mack Brown

  8. Oh how the mighty has fallen. This was a gimme W and now we aren't even favored against Vandy. Sad state of affairs.
  9. cowhampshirevol

    Darrell Taylor-Defensive Player of the Week

    Concur with Commish. BEAST.
  10. cowhampshirevol

    Vols win 24-7 against Kentucky

    I have been extremely critical of JG on this board but the kid had some time in the pocket and delivered. It was refreshing. I see them split against next two opponents. Vols are a odd bunch. It is feast or famine week in and week out. Glad I dont put $ on these games.
  11. cowhampshirevol

    Tennessee - Kentucky (Who wins?) Discussion

    Based at what I saw in Charlotte game I have mixed feelings that Vols have any heart left. Cats 28. Vols 15. Cermaglia has 5 fgs
  12. Agree on recruiting. I have seen 4 stars flame out and 2 stars become a stud. I put an asterisk on the W. Fake win
  13. cowhampshirevol

    Anyone giving LSU a shot Saturday?

    After watching the Inept Buffalo Bill's put up 9 points against a weak defense Who the heck knows.
  14. cowhampshirevol

    Anyone giving LSU a shot Saturday?

    LSU may hang with Bama for a half or 3 quarters but this Bama team could beat 4 to 6 teams in the NFL they are that talented