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  1. cowhampshirevol

    Tillman drafted by browns

    Ugh mistake on the lake. Team of misfit toys
  2. cowhampshirevol

    Hooker goes to lions

    Best of luck
  3. hope Bobby Hill can keep momentum going or your going to have 70k pissed off fan base.
  4. cowhampshirevol

    Barnes Tournament failures at its best!

    Pickle we love you. Wear your heart on your big orange sleeve.
  5. cowhampshirevol

    Barnes Tournament failures at its best!

    I dont know if I would pin it fully on Barnes. He can't put the ball in the basket. Team is like hot chick in high school. One day she's grinning at you like a Cheshire cat and next day she doesn't know you exist.
  6. cowhampshirevol

    Vols fail again in the sweet 16

    very disappointing but they went farther than many of us initially thought. Too inconsistent.
  7. cowhampshirevol

    Tennessee advances to the sweet 16

    I didn't have them going this far. Playing with house $. Wish them the best
  8. cowhampshirevol

    Vols are a #4 seed in NCAA tourney

    I dont see them beating the Dukies either.
  9. cowhampshirevol

    Vols are a #4 seed in NCAA tourney

    Win first and then quick exit.
  10. Believe one and done in tournament. Not anticipating longevity
  11. cowhampshirevol

    Zeigler Rut Roh

    That doesn't look good. Dropped faster than bitcoin.
  12. cowhampshirevol

    Vols sloppy tonight

    They'll be lucky to get to sweet 16 tier after viewing lately.
  13. cowhampshirevol

    Vols sloppy tonight

    Team is getting out rebounded offensively and defensively and way too many turnovers.