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  1. just turned on. nice hit to gap to make it 4 to 2.
  2. cowhampshirevol

    Just checking in - you guys alive?

    I second that motion.
  3. cowhampshirevol

    Just checking in - you guys alive?

    Get me a lawn sign VolNick to upset the apple cart here please.
  4. cowhampshirevol

    Just checking in - you guys alive?

    Rob all good in north country. working and supporting local breweries with my stimulus $. Finally loosening here. We need a DeSantis clone to move north.
  5. cowhampshirevol

    Holy Cow..!

    Glad I still have my Taxslayer bowl swag. Ridiculous to predict this early.
  6. cowhampshirevol

    Is checker neyland returning?

    As long as they don't bring the brick by brick or stupid bucket I'm good for maybe one game but in all honesty right the ship or checkerboard will be an after thought.
  7. cowhampshirevol

    Shamburger is in the Portal.

    Agree Rob. I love you I don't love you. I'm homesick. Bunch of sheep. Don't they vet and look at some of these ass clowns before they sign???
  8. cowhampshirevol

    Tennessee is moving the football opener

    Good Intel. Thx for headsup.
  9. cowhampshirevol

    Tight Ends

    True that. Thought Tenn eliminated that position like winning SEC championships and beating the Vandys, SC and Kentuckys. Oh wait that was a given 15 years ago. Team has become a turnstile like an amusement park.
  10. cowhampshirevol

    Trey Smith goes to the chiefs

    I saw this coming unfortunately. It's risk vs reward. He could pan out or go out on a medical or what I've seen they eat themselves out of the NFL and balloon close to 400 bills
  11. cowhampshirevol

    Anyone watching the draft?

    People up here have a rise in their shorts getting Mac Jones. If he ends up like AJ McCarron Pat's Nation won't be happy. Kid better pan out.
  12. cowhampshirevol

    How Tennessee recruits QBs

  13. cowhampshirevol

    Former 4* Michigan QB Joe Milton is transferring

    I second that motion. Need some positivity coming out of Knoxville
  14. cowhampshirevol

    Former 4* Michigan QB Joe Milton is transferring

    Breaking news from RobVol. Did this kid get ahold of this site and get cold feet?? Ha ha