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  1. Good thread. Hooker can be worked with but team too undisclipined and penalties and getting off field on third etc. That starts with coaching. SEC is big boy football and grown up Bobby Hill is overwhelmed.
  2. cowhampshirevol

    ...and we suck AGAIN!!!!

    It's like the movie Groundhog day. Every year by October 1 the people on this site are clamoring for hoop season to start. We have burned thru so many ridiculous coaches that it is now laughable. Not relevant in SEC anymore
  3. cowhampshirevol

    You wanna see good coaching?

    haven't some wise men on this site mention it all starts with coaching hmmmm?
  4. Sailor Jerry on hand. Always a few giggles to chat with like minded individuals.
  5. We used to walk over the Kentuckys and Vandy and rock fights with GA and Bama and we can't even beat Pitt Give me an effing break. Tenn should get out of SEC since they surely don't belong in football.
  6. OK solid post and I applaud you with some zest in your step but I still think team is too far away and lose by 2 TDs. I hope your wrong and moon the site and give us crap.
  7. his face is holding acorns for wintah that's why
  8. Pickle when u shop at Walmart and thrift stores u get the likes of Dooley and Dadbod Heupel.
  9. Ha ha. Rotating QBs, gadget plays and Dave Blaine magic isn't going to help. Team going to get trucked. Hate to be negative but let's be real folks.
  10. I'm scared of liberals and twisters that's about it.
  11. Pretty generous Rob. Most won't let u flip flop once picks are made. Kudos to you and your computer program.
  12. cowhampshirevol


    This isn't your parents Vols.I haven't seen one thing that makes me say Vols win. Wishful thinking
  13. cowhampshirevol

    Juaun Jennings caught first NFL TD today

    good for him. Vols have zero warriors on team like him currently
  14. Let's see some photos of Tenn getting a W against a SEC team and that may put a rise in my Dockers
  15. They played a high school team. Thx for box score Rob.