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  1. I'll bet Kirby is livid. This is a distraction you don't need going into the playoffs. Jayson Stanley arrested on DUI, marijuana charges
  2. To Hell with the fact the Cuban people are still under the crushing oppression of the Castro regime. I have a Cuban friend who is flipping out. She can't believe he has stooped to this level. My own personal opinion? A lot of people swear Castro killed Kennedy. Cross your fingers this time.
  3. SavageOrangeJug

    Pick 'em Contest Bowl Week Ready to Go!

    GO CLEMSON! I wouldn't pull for Bammer if they were playing the Taliban. GO OKLAHOMA! I honestly NEVER thought I would say that in a game against UGA. The Bulldawgs were my second favorite team in the SEC forever. Until this year. UGA fans have been more arrogant and obnoxious than Bammers. After they beat us it was like we had not beat them in 10 years. I got tired of reminding them we won the past 2 years. I hope the Sooners embarrass them.
  4. SavageOrangeJug

    Gaulden calls out Herby

    Other then the part about Pruitt being an inferior coach. Do strongly disagree there. I agree with every single word of what he said about Fulmer. Edited for civility. Problem on ignore.
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    Why is it when the NCAA uncovers this type of filth. The Crimson Turds are always the first name on the list? The Crimson Filth doing what they do best. REPORT: Members of 2009 Alabama Championship Team Allegedly Committed Big NCAA Violation
  6. SavageOrangeJug

    �Recruiting Updates�

    :Looks like Pruitt is not impressed with some of Butch's 3* recruits. Going after 4 and 5*
  7. SavageOrangeJug

    �Recruiting Updates�

    AC, you know I place a lot of weight on the opinions of the old-timers here (even Rob ). We have been bouncing off each other since you and I had all of our hair. Went from the top, to rock bottom, and halfway back again. Whether it works or not we're still all in it together again. Let's hope for the best.
  8. SavageOrangeJug

    �Recruiting Updates�

    Phillip Fulmer's Latest Quote About Recruiting Isn't Good News for Jeremy Pruitt LET THE MAN DO HIS JOB, PHIL!!!!! The young man who wrote that article graduates from University of Maryland Class of 2021, so he's obviously well versed on the SEC...LOL, additionally, I'd listen to an 18-19 year old all day long....WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!! Tell Phillips to back up, listen to this kids from Maryland who has an impressive curriculum vitae in the field of football and recruiting... and ask Pruitt what he knows about recruiting, if he thinks Fulmer would remotely be of benefit to him, the kids, their parents and the coaches...LOL ! I am 58 years old and I am well versed on the SEC, especially the University of Tennessee I know and know of Phillip Fulmer as well as or better as anyone in this forum. I stand by my statements. Let the AD do his job and the football coach do his. Okay, blast away, people. I'm done with comments on the subject.
  9. SavageOrangeJug

    �Recruiting Updates�

    Phillip needs to play AD. He needs to let the football coach do his job.
  10. SavageOrangeJug

    �Recruiting Updates�

    Phil needs to stay in the AD office...PERIOD! Yes, this is meddling.
  11. SavageOrangeJug

    �Recruiting Updates�

    Sports sites have even picked up on it. Phillip Fulmer's Latest Quote About Recruiting Isn't Good News for Jeremy Pruitt LET THE MAN DO HIS JOB, PHIL!!!!!
  12. SavageOrangeJug

    �Recruiting Updates�

    How about your fat ass hits the road back to your AD office and quit meddling in the coach's job. Well, that didn't take long.
  13. SavageOrangeJug

    �Recruiting Updates�

    I think he was told to look elsewhere. Sounds that way by his announcement. <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=https://mobile.twitter.com/i/nojs_router?path=%2Fiambcross%2Fstatus%2F940242510609346560%2Fphoto%2F1&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2F247sports.com%2Fcollege%2Ftennessee%2FBolt%2FFlorida-CB-Brandon-Cross-decommits-from-Tennessee-Vols-after-official-visit-112114063&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">https://twitter.com/iambcross/status/940242510609346560
  14. SavageOrangeJug

    Sorry Piddlin ...

  15. SavageOrangeJug

    Gaulden calls out Herby

    Kirk Herbstreit issues apology to Tennessee DB Rashaan Gaulden
  16. SavageOrangeJug

    Gaulden calls out Herby

    ....and he apologizes.
  17. SavageOrangeJug

    Gaulden calls out Herby

    This was Yahoo's front page, lead headline story earlier Tennessee's Rashaan Gaulden calls out Kirk Herbstreit for conduct double standard
  18. SavageOrangeJug

    A few names recruited by Coach Pruitt at FSU, UGA, and UA

    Thank you. It was shamelessly stolen from a friend's Facebook profile.
  19. RB Derrick Henry RB T.J. Yeldon DB Jalen Ramsey LB Dylan Moses DE Lorenzo Carter LB Mack Wilson LB Reggie Ragland LB Roquan Smith LB Ryan Anderson LB C.J. Mosley OL Alphonse Taylor
  20. SavageOrangeJug

    Pruitt: Season 1 Record ?

    8-4 + a bowl win 9-4 overall
  21. SavageOrangeJug

    You must read this....

    I wonder if this is true??? Can anyone confirm?
  22. SavageOrangeJug

    Do you think Pruitt let's Jennings back?

    I guess I'm kicked off as a fan. That boy didn't curse the coaching staff near as bad as I have this season. I have no remorse for it.
  23. SavageOrangeJug

    What did I say?

    That beat my day. Spent 4 hours in the ER after slicing a large piece off the side of my finger. Did some arterial damage so it would not quit bleeding. They had to cauterize the wound and blood vessels since there was no flap of skin to suture closed. The doctors call it an avulsion. It hurt. I said bad words.
  24. SavageOrangeJug

    What did I say?

    The other day I was told. My answer was... What was the very first thing Coach Pruitt said? First paragraph out of his mouth? "When I was growing up in North Alabama. Tennessee was feared. I want to return Tennessee to being feared." Damn straight.That's all I needed to hear. I'm sold. I want people to look at their schedule and say, "oh shit...we have Tennessee next week."
  25. SavageOrangeJug

    What did I say?

    He repeated it in his first interview with Bob Kesling. We will be feared again. Jeremy Pruitt's first interview as head coach of Tennessee