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  1. Possible Tennessee coronavirus case is being tested at CDC
  2. I'll take it. Top 25 Most-Talented Rosters (with Total Team Talent Rating in parentheses) 1. Alabama (345) 2. Ohio State (335) 3. Georgia (333) 4. Penn State (323) 5. Oregon (310) 6. Oklahoma (309) 7. Michigan (305) 8. Clemson (301) 9. Notre Dame (299) 10. Florida (297) 11. Auburn (292) 12. Tennessee (291) 13. Texas A&M (290) 14. Texas (288) 15. tie, Kentucky, Virginia Tech (285) 17. Purdue (284) 18. Indiana (283) 19. Minnesota (280) 20. tie, LSU, South Carolina (279) 22. tie, North Carolina, Washington (278) 24. tie, Mississippi State, Nebraska (275) Roster Talent 2020
  3. SavageOrangeJug

    Lady vols beat Bama on last second shot

    They used dead man parts to rebuild my knee. Now I'm like Frankenstein. You can't even kill me off.
  4. The most insufferable fan base on Earth. The SEC boards are ridiculous. Thankfully, they are the next Auburn. Like when Can Newton left Auburn. LSU will collapse without Burrow. Chizik is one of the best analyst out there. Ed O will be selling used cars 4 years from now.
  5. SavageOrangeJug

    It's official: LSU fans have replaced Bammers as...

    Ogre, Dabo, Nick and Texas Tom in a Goodfellas fark
  6. SavageOrangeJug

    Look who got his 5th star

    I like his size. 6'4" 220. All these schools signing 6' tall dual threat QBs, and schools with the tall pro style still winning the championships.
  7. SavageOrangeJug

    Broderick Jones

    I don't understand the thought process of Hardy and his Mom. Pruitt is thought of as a top notch defensive coach. Why would a DL sign with a head coach best know for a gimmicky offense? Pruitt has coached a ton of guys that now play on Sunday. I want to see what kind of car Hardy is driving these days.
  8. I wonder how many guys he actually cost a shot at the NFL? I know his BS cost Tennessee a few players that were playing in the national championship game. Including Lawrence, Higgins, and possibly Etienne .
  9. SavageOrangeJug

    Looks like Franks jumped to Arkansas

    He's better than anyone they have on the current roster. Some guys thrive with a change of schools. Burrow transferred to LSU to get off the bench at OSU.
  10. SavageOrangeJug

    Lady vols beat Bama on last second shot

    I didn't know they made lift chairs that fast. I'll be here all week, folks. Don't forget to tip your server, and try the veal.
  11. It's almost not fair they go to the Super Bowl his first year out of the league.
  12. SavageOrangeJug

    What a difference a president makes...

    Don't act like you didn't receive and cash your Privilege check this month.
  13. Obviously not a VolTalk member. One thing we don't have around here....smartasses.
  14. Did you have this experience in the prison library?
  15. SavageOrangeJug

    Looks like JG is coming back

    You could not ask for a better teammate than JG. The guy has been loyal. Even when benched he held his head high and never complained. He would come off the bench an do his best. That being said, he still must perform at the level of a SEC QB or he has to sit.
  16. SavageOrangeJug

    RIP Neil Peart

    But I look good for old...
  17. SavageOrangeJug

    What a difference a president makes...

    Evil and privileged White males like you would have been punished severely.
  18. SavageOrangeJug

    It's official: LSU fans have replaced Bammers as...

    I told you they were weird... Former LSU punter Brad Wing transitioning EDIT: There is debate on the SEC Board as to what he means by "transitioning".
  19. SavageOrangeJug

    Break out players for next season top 25

    It's nice to be mentioned in the top 25.
  20. SavageOrangeJug

    UGA got them a new OC - WHO?

    His offense was 22nd in the NFL. HC record at Southern Miss 13-25. Only bright spot on the resume is when he was OC at Okla. St. in 2011-12. The Cowboys had a good offense. Put up some big numbers. EDIT: ‘That’s not happening.’ Freddie Kitchens to keep play-calling duties for Cleveland Browns
  21. SavageOrangeJug

    Joe Brady to leave LSU for the NFL

    So much for the 'dynasty'. Burrow is gone, and Brady has cut a trail. LSU offensive genius Joe Brady lands with Carolina Panthers
  22. SavageOrangeJug

    Break out players for next season top 25

    I know I am biased, but Gray should be in the top 10. Well, I guess if we ever make it back to the top 10...
  23. SavageOrangeJug

    Joe Brady to leave LSU for the NFL

    Nah...they rode Burrow and Brady the way Auburn rode Cam and Gus. Same thing will happen with them gone. I'm calling it right here. Ogre will be fired in 3 years or less.
  24. SavageOrangeJug

    RIP Neil Peart

    Let me throw Vinnie Colaiuta out there. He has played with...well...everybody. Shout out to Tal Wilkenfeld on the bass.