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  1. SavageOrangeJug

    Possible bowl matchup for the Vols

    Not a good match-up for us ar all. Oh well, maybe we can out point them. I know our defense certainly won't stop them.
  2. Michigan will beat UGA. UGA is overrated. Number of Top 20 teams UGA beat this year? One! They beat #19 Clemson 10-3. It's easy to look good when you are not playing top teams. We saw what happened yesterday when they played an actual good team. Bammer vs Michigan. The football Gods must hate me.
  3. About that old pedophile and prostitute they voted for?
  4. SavageOrangeJug

    Alontae Taylor

    Okay, f**k this guy. His teammates helped him get where he is at, and he cuts and runs. I have absolutely no use for these selfish assholes that pull this crap. "I might get hurt."
  5. SavageOrangeJug

    Brian Kelly to LSU?

    When you don't shop the clearance aisle. 10 for $100 million
  6. SavageOrangeJug

    Brian Kelly to LSU?

    This is what happens when you're school is serious about winning, not saving a buck.
  7. With the possibility of Josh Heupel going home to Mama. They all have a chance to win UT's Bargain Basement Coaching Search Lottery. $3.5 million per year with a huge buyout you can collect in 3-4 years. Step right up Small Coach U coaches. Your number could hit this time around. Other schools may lay out 8-10 million per year for a proven coach. Tennessee will quickly begin browsing the clearance aisle.
  8. SavageOrangeJug

    Pick Ems added for Conf Champ week

    Hanging pictures or moving furniture?
  9. We don't have a defense. The offense reminds me of Gus Malzhan. Once SEC DCs figure it out (next season), the fun is over. Oh, and there is that recruiting thing, or should I say. A lack of it. If Heupel leaves. Maybe White will hire Luke Fickell. Of course you're assuming that Heupel has shown his entire hand. I don't think CJH is going anywhere.
  10. SavageOrangeJug

    Pick Ems added for Conf Champ week

    They just aren't building Vol fans as tough as they used to.
  11. SavageOrangeJug

    Every Dollar Store coach in America is excited tonight

    If Heupel leaves for OU, and UT does not throw money at Luke Fickell until he says yes or gets a restraining order. We need to break out the pitchforks and torches and head to Knoxville..
  12. They would fire him before we had a chance to beat their ass. Some are already predicting that UF will go after Lane Kiffin.
  13. SavageOrangeJug

    The Lizards have fired Dan Mullen

    Well, some things never change. From the time of Spurrier absolutely owning Fulmer's ass until now. UF just hired an excellent recruiter and (IMHO) a better coach than UT. Florida hires Billy Napier
  14. Well, damn! Our leading rusher is hitting the road. Tennessee RB Tiyon Evans enters NCAA transfer portal
  15. SavageOrangeJug

    2 free tickets to tomorrow's game

    "Free" usually gets stuff gone pretty quick.
  16. It has went from "done deal" to "he might be staying at OU". This time he would be in charge. He would go. It is home. However, we don't have to worry. OU won't call Heupel. They can do better. OU is unlike UT. They don't shop at the Dollar Store for coaches.
  17. If the LSU boards are to be believed. Lincoln Riley to LSU is all but a done deal. I personally think that is a downgrade for Riley. Rumors are, Heupel will be OU's first call if Riley leaves. When mama calls you home. You go. Just a rumor, folks.
  18. SavageOrangeJug

    Saban rips fans

    "They're not getting paid to play..." I call BS!
  19. I would like to thank my co-stars. My producer. The director....oh wait. That's my Oscar speech. I had a VolTalk acceptance speech around here somewhere. Anyone seen my speech? It's written on a Mouse's Ear napkin.
  20. SavageOrangeJug

    Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.

    Throwback Thursday... General Robert R. Neyland and the Tennessee Vols vs Kentucky on Thanksgiving Day 1930.
  21. SavageOrangeJug

    Alontae Taylor

    We're going to miss him next year.
  22. SavageOrangeJug

    The Lizards have fired Dan Mullen

    That is good enough. Okay, bring his ass back.
  23. SavageOrangeJug

    The Lizards have fired Dan Mullen

    That is what I have told everyone. Pruitt didn't just start cheating when he came to UT.
  24. SavageOrangeJug

    The Lizards have fired Dan Mullen

    We are snake bit against UF. I had hopes for Dooley. I knew the first time I heard Pruitt speak publicly that we were in trouble. I held out hope, but deep down. I knew he was way too stupid to be in charge of a major program. He was probably the most incompetent of all our terrible hires.
  25. SavageOrangeJug

    The Lizards have fired Dan Mullen

    Didn't Zook's teams beat us too?