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  1. 9 + bowl game They pick up one of these games OU UF UGA UA If they can pick up two of those games they have a 10 win + bowl season.
  2. I agree with him. I think this is going to hurt a lot of teams. Filthy programs like Bammer will be buying players left and right. Anyone who thinks new cars and cash filled envelopes won't be the order of the day down there.. Has not been paying attention.
  3. So, you are collecting buttcracks by the bag full? That explains all of the assholes wandering aimlessly around this place.
  4. SavageOrangeJug

    5 Vols invited to NFL combine

    I do not understand Warrior not being invited. I thought he was a lock to be a drafted mid rounds.
  5. We should be okay with Palmer coming back and these guys coming in 4* Malachi Wideman 4* Jimmy Calloway 4* Jalin Hyatt 4* Dee Beckwith (WR/TE) Velus Jones who is the grad transfer from USC Plus former 4* DB Deangelo Gibbs who transferred from UGA in Jan 2019 is now eligible and is flipping to WR.
  6. Great minds think alike.
  7. Jauan Jennings was booted at one time. He turned it around and became the most valuable player on the team his last two years.
  8. That makes me think Pruitt either knows Evans is not coming, or wasn't going to risk losing Wideman on a maybe from Evans.
  9. What about this Evans kid? Do we get him? Some are saying we might not want the excessive drama that comes with him.
  10. They need to suspend or fire this SOB. He walks into Barnes then accuses Barnes of bumping him. Barnes goes right back at his sorry ass.