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  1. KingsportVol

    Tennessee Georgia game thread

    I would not be surprised if JG comes back next year because of the eligibility waiver from the NCAA.
  2. I just hope we have a season. If fans can be in the stands I’ll take it as a bonus.
  3. KingsportVol

    Gator Bowl - Who's coming?

    Thanks for the info. I booked at the holiday inn & suites town center.
  4. KingsportVol

    Gator Bowl - Who's coming?

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites Jacksonville - Blount Island 10148 New Berlin Rd , Jacksonville, Florida 32226 Is this a decent area and how hard will it be to get to the stadium?
  5. I got my tickets in section 102 for $60 each and parking in lot J for $35.
  6. You also you would make a final post when other games were added and did not make any such post.
  7. I never received anything and other people had made picks before me. Again I never received anything and have been in the top three all season.
  8. Where was the reminder. I went from 3rd to 10th. I still don’t see a reminder anywhere.