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  1. I just hope we have a season. If fans can be in the stands I’ll take it as a bonus.
  2. KingsportVol

    Gator Bowl - Who's coming?

    Thanks for the info. I booked at the holiday inn & suites town center.
  3. KingsportVol

    Gator Bowl - Who's coming?

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites Jacksonville - Blount Island 10148 New Berlin Rd , Jacksonville, Florida 32226 Is this a decent area and how hard will it be to get to the stadium?
  4. I got my tickets in section 102 for $60 each and parking in lot J for $35.
  5. You also you would make a final post when other games were added and did not make any such post.
  6. I never received anything and other people had made picks before me. Again I never received anything and have been in the top three all season.
  7. Where was the reminder. I went from 3rd to 10th. I still don’t see a reminder anywhere.
  8. They are running more because they can’t protect the quarterback.
  9. KingsportVol

    Urban Cryer

    Urban Meyer of Ohio State Buckeyes details brain cysts that cause headaches WWW.ESPN.COM Urban Meyer said he was fully committed Ohio State and coaching after revealing a cyst in his brain causes severe headaches. We all knew it was just a matter of time till some kind of health issue came up.
  10. KingsportVol

    Good, or Bad?

    I liked how Chryst energized the offense when he came in. He was accurate with his passes for the most part and got rid of the ball much faster that JG.
  11. KingsportVol

    Helton seems to be in over his head so far

    I don’t think it matters who the qb is that offensive line is going to get them hurt.