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Pick Ems Week 8 has been added. Week 7 final updated

Make your picks by kickoff of the games.

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  1. They are running more because they can’t protect the quarterback.
  2. KingsportVol

    Urban Cryer

    Urban Meyer of Ohio State Buckeyes details brain cysts that cause headaches WWW.ESPN.COM Urban Meyer said he was fully committed Ohio State and coaching after revealing a cyst in his brain causes severe headaches. We all knew it was just a matter of time till some kind of health issue came up.
  3. KingsportVol

    Good, or Bad?

    I liked how Chryst energized the offense when he came in. He was accurate with his passes for the most part and got rid of the ball much faster that JG.
  4. KingsportVol

    Helton seems to be in over his head so far

    I don’t think it matters who the qb is that offensive line is going to get them hurt.
  5. KingsportVol

    Pick Em Question - Update

    I’m in whenever it starts.
  6. KingsportVol

    Congratulations KingsportVol

    Thank you.
  7. KingsportVol

    Why is butch not fired yet?

    Clay Travis hit the nail on the head, our AD is a Pussy.
  8. KingsportVol

    Harris opening his recruitment

    the AD better get something done quick!
  9. KingsportVol

    Red Zone woes

    Anybody have score predictions? My heart says go with the vols but my brain says dawgs 31-10
  10. KingsportVol

    58 yards total offense in the 2nd half

    After watching the last two games and the first half of the Kentucky Florida game the only thing that would shock me is us getting bowl eligible.
  11. KingsportVol

    Week 3 Pick 'em are UP! (PRIZE AWARDED)

    Thanks, I didn't think I had a chance missing 4 games.
  12. KingsportVol

    "I'm glad I was here, but never again"

    I would go back every year but that's probably because I live about 10 miles from the track and can take back roads to get in and out faster.
  13. KingsportVol

    Bristol Roll CALL!

    I'm not
  14. KingsportVol

    Bristol Roll CALL!

    I'll be there, I'm going to be in the red barn parking lot. It's beside the all american.