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  1. I'm ready! Bring the drinks!
  2. Piddlin's BBQ YouTube Channel. www.youtube.com/c/juspiddlinbbq View full video
  3. I think I'm just gonna restrict myself to the free video games and weekly pickems! This shit has given me a headache, so I'm banning myself from the forum! Deuces!
  4. Listen. Get off the "mantra" BS! If anybody thinks a "mantra" or "gimmick" lost this game then you are delusional. Go in any locker room and every staff has a saying, a coaching point, a gimmick, a mantra, slogan, theme, t shirt, a sign, whatever you want to call it. I'm sick of hearing about it. And don't give me the "BUT BAMA DOESN'T HAVE EM BS" ......WE DON'T HAVE BAMA PLAYERS EITHER!!!!!! I'm as pissed as anybody trust me (although listening to some of the people on this forum pisses me off even worse), but let's be real about why we lost. Our QB and our offensive scheme are as polar opposite as you can get, and I can't fathom how a collegiate coaching staff doesn't get that! Nobody in their right mind could think that Dormady could do the same thing or better in the same offense as Dobbs. It's not even possible. Not a knock on Dormady, it is not his skill set. Again, we have to change the QB or change the offensive scheme. That is on the coaching staff. Period!!! As far as execution, there were holds, offsides, false starts (2 in a row by the OG), interceptions, 3 missed FG's, 2 dropped potential TD passes, poor reads and pass decisions, celebration penalties, and more! That is on the players...yes players, who hold some responsibility as well. I know, so aweful to say some of the blame falls on the players. I mean if we are gonna criticize then dammit lets be honest! Anybody who thinks that players always do what they have been coached to do, well, they've never coached before. Because guess what.........they don't! As far as the last play goes, I don't need a college level coach, a high school coach, or the mail man to tell me not to let anyone get over the top of me on a potential last play hail mary situation. I learned that in middle school football and I'm pretty sure so did our DB's. That is on the player. As I stated last year during a podcast in which most of Voltalk doesn't seem to listen to, I wish Tennessee fans would support the Vol Players as hard as they want the vol players to play. In other words, if you don't want them to quit, then YOU don't quit!!! Nothing pisses me off more than to see a fan of any team walk out, quit, call the game, change the channel, etc...when things don't go their way. Tough, suck it up, that's life. No I don't care about how long you've been a fan, what game you saw in 1960 or 1998, Hell it's easy to be a fan when your team is winniing! And I know, "But I've stuck through all the hard times, I've been a fan for 100 years and I'll quit if I want to quit" BS! Well then go ahead buddy, but I think It's pitiful. As far as blame: Let's be honest, the coaching staff is dropping the ball, we have gone backwards from last year and I think now alot of people see how important Dobbs was to us (maybe even some who were not Dobbs fans), One dimensional on offense, players have to execute, and after watching several games yesterday...........I feel like there were several teams playing yesterday (not even in the SEC) who have alot better athletes than we have. Offensive line has improved some. That's about it. Who are our playmakers?????? Crickets..........Kelly can only do so much. In summary: Stop with the gimmick/mantra BS, the staff is in denial at this point, there's enough blame to spread all over the staff and players, if you don't want the players to quit then don't quit on them when things dont go our way. I'm STILL bleeding orange! THE END!
  5. I've NEVER said CBJ can do no wrong. Please find where I said that on voltalk.com, quote it, and post it! So I'm going to ask you the same question that I did last year (and never got an answer)! Who do you want as our coach, do you think they will come, and can we get them? Give us a name! I say, let's keep CBJ forever!!!!! Remember, when he took the program it was a dumpster fire! Almost no program left, it was bad, real bad. Look what he's done!!!! As so many experts have pointed out, if we were to get a new coach, any coach, we'd be set-back 3 to 5 years, no body wants that!!!! If we could just get to pick any of teams we want to play- out of that large number of teams- we could have a perfect or one loss season every year!!!! So to answer your question, keep CBJ until his health keeps him from coaching-but at least 10 more years! Once again....no name. A year later, still no suggestion. Because you don't have one. Your posts are irrelevant. You are on Voltalk probably because this is the only Sports forum that will allow you to stay...........and that is only for your comedic value. Done.
  6. I've NEVER said CBJ can do no wrong. Please find where I said that on voltalk.com, quote it, and post it! So I'm going to ask you the same question that I did last year (and never got an answer)! Who do you want as our coach, do you think they will come, and can we get them? Give us a name!
  7. Ok with crap? Only 28 teams out of 128 teams in 10 conferences and the group of independents finished with a better record than 9 -4 (only one of those was in the SEC). So using your scale of success vs crap, 78% of all college football teams had a crap season?
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    Kentucky 2016

    Tennessee vs Kentucky 11/12/2016
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    Power T Gate

    From the album: Kentucky 2016

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    From the album: Kentucky 2016

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    The Piddlers at The Rock

    From the album: Kentucky 2016

  12. Evan Berry should get an opportunity for a couple of returns this weekend!
  13. Georgia has rearranged its secondary for this week. No Briscoe. Chubb did NOT practice Monday or Tuesday. We can expect several gadget plays on Saturday.
  14. GiveHim6, you are always on the spot brother!
  15. I expect to see us be highly favored in this game, but I fear it will be over inflated a bit.
  16. I think we will see a wounded dog trying to be angry...........but it won't last. At the same time, we have to play 4 solid quarters and Debord does not need to take his foot off the gas! We need to get healthy on D!
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    Vols back to #9 in Polls

    STOMP: tread heavily and noisily, typically in order to show anger. a SCORE is not needed to STOMP.
  18. We are not very good. Nobody in the SEC EAST has shown me yet that they are a good football team. Georgia is hit and miss barely beating Nicholls St. and escaping Mizz. Florida hasn't played anybody yet. We are so inconsistent we don't know if we are coming or going. The rest aren't even worth talking about. As far as the Vols go and what needs to change, I agree with VA Vol Fan...............the rest I'll leave for the Podcast.
  19. Three things have to happen for you to have a vertical passing game: 1: The QB must have time. We do not consistently have that right now. 2: There can be no vertical passing game when the gameplan dictates the QB throws 5 yard stops, 5 yard outs, RB screens. If you watch the game again as I did, you can see that most of the pass plays are designed quick passes. 3: You have to have open receivers on vertical opportunities. When you pause some of the vertical pass plays, many times there are no receivers beating coverages. Dobbs made two bad throws on vertical routes in the game. A QB can't improve his vertical passing game when he isn't given the opportunities in the game plan to do so, nor can he improve his vertical passing game without time to pass and open receivers down field. Also.....the same thing that I said last year.......for the last two years, .he takes absolutely NO drop steps when he does get an opportunity to go deep which hasn't been corrected, which would help with pressure from the DL. Just my thoughts.
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    Go Vols firepit

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