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  1. Piddlin

    VolTube Video added: Jus'PiddlinBBQ

    I'm ready! Bring the drinks!
  2. Piddlin's BBQ YouTube Channel. www.youtube.com/c/juspiddlinbbq View full video
  3. Piddlin

    Dormady is leaving

    I wish him the best. He very well could be all conference in the AAC. I didn't think he was impressive as an SEC qb.....even given the very poor scheme he was working in.
  4. Piddlin

    �Recruiting Updates�

    I tend to agree Skyking!!
  5. Piddlin

    Sorry Piddlin ...

    LOL...don't be sorry, it was a great game. One of the best I've seen all year given the conditions. Those last two penalties Navy got killed em. Great job on both sides, and great men as well.
  6. Piddlin

    You must read this....

    He's gone. Can't we just look ahead....
  7. Piddlin

    Do you think Pruitt let's Jennings back?

    It is difficult for a leopard to change his spots. I don't see it happening here with Jennings. I think if he gets another shot, he ruins it eventually. I think Pruitt should start fresh, no baggage from last year, and don't look back, but look forward. If he gets another shot, gets reps, and ruins his shot, then those reps could have been taken by another player who is all in. Move on.
  8. Piddlin

    What did I say?

    Most importantly, I'm a fan of his hair do!!!
  9. Piddlin

    Nice tidbit

    And that is why CPF needs to be where he is!!!
  10. Piddlin

    The date of December 7th..

  11. Piddlin

    Being Reported: NEW COACH ANNOUNCED

    Pretty dang happy considering where we were a week or so ago. No doubt in my mind that this hire would not have happened with Currie at the helm.
  12. Piddlin

    Top Four?

    Clemson, Georgia (I can't believe I'm saying that), Oklahoma, Ohio ST.
  13. Piddlin

    Am I the only one fed up with UT's admins, boosters,

    Fulmer bleeds ORANGE. I believe he truly wants what is best for the University of Tennessee. There is a big difference in being invested because of a contract and money, or being invested because you CARE about the University. I would rather have Fulmer as AD and in control of this hire instead of an outsider. That is the bottom line for me.