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  1. WestKyCat

    Appearantly Obvious

    Glad you have, but I don't believe it. Never in my dealings with him has ever been so juvenile.
  2. WestKyCat

    Appearantly Obvious

    Later, asshole. Whoever you are...
  3. WestKyCat

    Appearantly Obvious

    KY jelly is such an old saying. I really thought I would get better than that from from you. I now realize you are not XL.
  4. WestKyCat

    Appearantly Obvious

    i don't know as an engineer that you claim to be please let me know. Fat ass.
  5. WestKyCat

    Appearantly Obvious

    Your past traditions are just that, past... I may have been to more games at Neyland than you. It's an old stadium that seems to be crumbling apart. We on the other hand have a Stadium (Commonwealth) that has just had a renovation with Skyboxes. Let me ask you a question. What outside business is willing to pay for your program? None.
  6. WestKyCat

    Appearantly Obvious

    Equally amazing is the fact that I used my horse as a reference, yet your dumb-ass comes back with a term "porcine" that references pigs. Also interesting is the overlooked fact that Kentucky went 10-3 last year finishing 2nd in the east. When was the last time UT did that, in fact when was the last time UT beat Vanderbilt? My pissant of a garden provides organic corn for Tennessee Whisky and Kentucky Bourbon, so you got me there. Most don't consider that food. I do assume you are over weight and out of shape, you are correct. I think you're another fat ass large mouth that sits behind a keyboard and never goes to games. When was the last time you went? Who did you meet up with? My guess is no one. No one would want to sit with you. Keyboard courage... Hahahahahaha. Coming to UK this year? It also amazes me that as stupid of a UT fan as you appear to be, that you don't realize that this is an open forum. We have our boards and radio shows that UT fans are on regularly, known by name. Do your self a favor fat ass, stop typing and making yourself look like such a keyboard bully.
  7. WestKyCat

    Appearantly Obvious

    Yes, UT had a fine basketball team last year. I watched several of the games and wished we had Grant Williams. As far as the football teams go, our most embarrising loss last year was to UT. What does that say for your program? Now I have sat back and taken your insults long enough. Yes, I'm a tractor jockey as you put it. I put food on on your oversized ass. I'm surprised that you can can get out out of your oversized office chair and make it to your vehicle without back spasms stopping you. The "pen" you said about my girlfriend was said incorrectly. Up here we call it a stable, and the last horse I have here is a beautiful Palomino Gelding. If you don't know what that is, it is a nutless mammal just like you and your team.
  8. WestKyCat

    Appearantly Obvious

    OK, I was giving y'all something else to be mad at other than the game. But food for thought, in the last ten years UT has gone 57 and 57 (.500) and the kids that you are trying to recruit were 7 or 8 years old. They don't know UT football tradition, especially when the state of Tennessee is like Kentucky and doesn't have home grown talent and you have to recruit out of state kids. I didn't really mean to do a troll, so I will apologize for that. Oh, and XL, it's a working farm with barns, tractor sheds, and various equipment with a brick house.
  9. WestKyCat

    Appearantly Obvious

    1.5 million to the new OC. 1 million to the new DC. I still wonder how long it will take for UT fans to realize that they will never be relevant in the SEC again.
  10. WestKyCat

    BasketVols land a huge commitment

    Yes, y'all did. He is a damn good player that will be a point guard in college.
  11. WestKyCat

    Back for my annual week...

    I will be watching this game with interest. This game will be a good measuring stick for the east.