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    Vols - GameCocks week discussion

    Pruitt seemed to lean towards JG if Maurer cannot go. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO!
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    Vols let one get away. Lose to Bama 35-13

    I am so sick of reading about JG. I wish he would just move on. This stuff is getting old. Time to sink or swim with the new guys,
  3. Thoughts on these? 1. Inadvertent whistle with Vols in wildcat on 1st and goal from the five-yard line We wrote a whole post about this one. It was embarrassing. Down 14-7, Tennessee football had driven down to the Alabama five-yard line and made it 1st and goal two minutes into the second quarter. They did it despite the fact that Brian Maurer was injured and had to be replaced by Jarrett Guarantano earlier on that drive. Guarantano then moved to receiver formation and the Vols had a trick play on. There was clearly a direct snap about to happen. But the refs then blew the whistle and were about to give the timeout signal. However, neither team called a timeout, so they re-spotted the Vols the ball on the five-yard line. The whistle made no sense. Our only explanation is they assumed that somebody either on UT or Alabama called a timeout and then blew the whistle before realizing that nobody had called it. That wouldn’t be a big deal, but Jeremy Pruitt and Jim Chaney had Alabama’s defense completely off-guard with that wildcat play. So the refs blowing the whistle by accident blew their chance at a trick play. Now, this is where the Vols self-destructed, as Darnell Wright then committed a false start and picked up a holding penalty. But that whistle was brutal. On that drive, after the penalties, UT Had to settle for a field goal and cut the score only to 14-10 instead of tying it up at 14. 2. Daniel Bituli ejected for targeting penalty Not sure what Daniel Bituli could have done here. Sure, he appeared to lead with his helmet. But a closer look shows there was no helmet-to-helmet, as he appeared to hit Jerry Jeudy in the back. And you have to wonder how the officials were able to overturn that upon review. It made absolutely no sense. Anyway, after that field goal, Alabama drove into Tennessee football territory. A Tua Tagovailoa pass to Jeudy got the Tide to the one-yard line. As he was going down, Bituli inadvisably came in late and landed a hit on Jeudy. He was hit for a personal foul, But there was no targeting penalty on the field. It took a review, and that’s where the ejection came. The ejection made absolutely no sense. Seriously. Upon review, it looked even less likely that he hit Jeudy in a helmet-to-helmet play. Here is a look at the penalty. Now, this isn’t the worst call the officials made. And the Tide would have scored a touchdown on this drive anyway. But to eject Bituli because of a move like that was ridiculous, and it was devastating for a UT defense whose other starter at the time was suspended for that half due to his own targeting penalty from last week. As a result, this has to be on our list of one of the worst calls made by the officials in the game. Fortunately for Rocky Top, it came in the first half, so Bituli won’t be suspended next week. But it was still excessive. 3. Holding penalty on Wanya Morris on 1st and goal from the seven-yard line After the inadvertent whistle hurt a potential Tennessee football touchdown on the Vols’ first field goal drive, an inexplicable holding penalty killed a probable touchdown for them on another field goal drive in the second half. It was a disastrous call against the Vols at the time and one that made things even more embarrassing for SEC officials. Down 21-10 with about 10 minutes left in the third, the Vols had the ball and brought up another 1st and goal. This time, they were inside the seven-yard line. Jauan Jennings lined up in the wildcat, took the snap, and ran it down to the one-yard line. However, a flag came out. Everybody assumed Tim Jordan would be called for a holding penalty on a ticky tack play on the outside. However, the call was on Wanya Morris for a completely clean block. Even the announcers were confused by the fact that Morris was called for the penalty. Again, it shouldn’t have been called on Jordan, but that could have gone either way. Calling it on Morris, whose No. 64 looks nothing like Jordan’s No. 9, was ridiculous. After that, the Vols were pushed back to the 17-yard line, and they couldn’t make up ground. So they had to settle for another field goal to make it 21-13. It made absolutely no sense, and it was the second time a quick whistle by the officials on a wildcat play by the Vols inside the Alabama 10-yard line forced them to settle for a field goal. 4. Darrell Taylor unnecessary roughness penalty after third down stop This was the penalty that made everybody mad. In spite of the two whistles that killed touchdowns, forcing Tennessee football to be trailing 21-13 instead of tied at 21, the Vols came through defensively again. They flrced three straight incomplete passes, and the third one was called by a brilliant rush dialed up by Derrick Ansley. Darrell Taylor came around the edge and hit Mac Jones as he was throwing the ball. All of a sudden, over halfway through the third quarter, the Vols were about to get the ball back down by only a touchdown. They had made it a game and could potentially make things extremely interesting in Tuscaloosa. Then the worst call of the game came. After hitting Jones as ha passed the ball, Taylor pushed down on him to get up. You could say it was a bit of a cheap shot, but you could also say he was trying to maintain his balance. But the refs decided to say it was a cheap shot with no evidence and called him for unnecessary roughness. That kept Alabama’s drive alive as they were about to punt, and they went down the field and scored another touchdown to go up 28-13. It was an atrocious call, the one that had Joel Klatt of Fox Sports calling for the officials to be ejected. You can see his tweet and the video of the play all right here. It’s also the play that drew the ire of Dan Wolken on Twitter, the person who has been at odds with Vol Nation for a while. Simply put, everybody knew it was an awful call, and it was an embarrassing one for SEC officials to make. 5. No unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after Terrell Lewis’s first sack This play by itself would not be a big deal. But in the context of the inconsistency of the officials, particularly with the unnecessary roughness penalty on the previous drive, it was bad for them not to call it. They could have at least given off the aura of objectivity, calling ticky tack penalties both ways, by making this call. Anyway, after the horrendous penalty on Darrell Taylor that resulted in Tennessee football falling behind 28-13, the Vols got the ball back. On 3rd and 5, Jarrett Guarantano was sacked by Terrell Lewis for an eight-yard loss. It was a great play by Lewis on a blitz and showed the youth of the offensive line on the outside. However, after the second, Lewis twirled his hands around his head in what was clearly a dance on the field. That should have been an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that kept the Vols’ drive alive, giving them a first down. Instead, they were forced to punt, which made them more desperate as they entered the fourth quarter. We would never have advocated for this call to be made if all things were equal. In fact, we would have slammed the idea of calling it. But the unnecessary roughness penalty on Taylor the previous drive mandated the refs call this one. That they didn’t was a bad look. It made Tennessee football appear to be a victim of bad SEC officiating, and that’s embarrassing for the league. Tennessee football: Five worst calls refs made against Vols at Alabama ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM SEC officiating looked bad Saturday as Tennessee football lost to the Alabama Crimson Tide. Here are the officials' five worst calls against the Volunteers...
  4. The Southeastern Conference officiating crew assigned to Saturday's game between Tennessee and South Carolina may have an interesting afternoon at Neyland Stadium. Both Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt and South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp left losses on Saturday answering questions about officiating after frustrations boiled over for both sides. Tennessee was penalized 13 times for 93 yards -- a pair of season-high numbers --- in a 35-13 loss to No. 1 Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Pruitt talked publicly about the penalties during a halftime interview, his postgame press conference and his postgame radio interview. Muschamp, meanwhile, was flagged himself for unsportsmanlike conduct after going off on the sideline after calls that weren't made against Florida as the Gators won 38-27 at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia. read more: Everything Pruitt, Muschamp said about officiating frustrations 247SPORTS.COM The Southeastern Conference officiating crew assigned to Saturday's game between Tennessee and South Carolina may have an interesting afternoon at Neyland Stadium. Both
  5. They kicked our butt so cannot say much but this was funny
  6. Congrats to Trey! So glad he has been able to come back from the Clots issues.
  7. UTVol2001

    Vols - Bama week

    I hope they kick the crap out of them but I agree though. They are improving but there is no way I see a win against Bama. Sure we all can cheer our asses off and hope for the best. If they can keep it within 10-12 points that is a win in my book. Pruitt is kind of old school so not sure how risky they will get but they have nothing to lose. Maybe run a no back 5 wide with JJ, Callaway, Palmer and Byrd and Anderson and sling it all over the place? Maybe throw in some misdirection plays? If they try to run a basic offense with their limitations this game could get ugly.
  8. I know most of hate the noon kickoff games and the Vols seem to not play well in them over the past few years but then again they haven't played well at any kickoff time ... jeezz Still what do you all think about the game? I think they can score on Miss State and I think they can get a win. Vols - 27 Miss State - -17
  9. By taking a redshirt, Brandon Johnson helps Tennessee football’s future at wide receiver. The Volunteers can reload at the position in 2020. This was always a concern. We keep hearing about how young Tennessee football is and how much they need to rebuild under Jeremy Pruitt, but the Vols would have to replace all of their top receivers next year as they got better everywhere else. Such a drop-off at one unit can be devastating. Just look at what the defensive line has been going through this year. That would have happened at receiver next year were it not for one genius move that Jeremy Pruitt made this week. Pruitt said Wednesday that senior wide receiver Brandon Johnson, who has only played in four games this year, will take a redshirt. Johnson is stuck behind Callaway, Jennings and Josh Palmer. For the year, he has two catches for 31 yards. In 2018, he had 14 receptions for 132 yards. His only touchdown the past two years is a blocked punt that he returned. So it makes sense to redshirt Johnson. And the good news for Tennessee football is we know what Johnson can do. Amidst a disastrous 2017 season that saw the Vols go 4-8, Johnson still managed to lead the team in receiving with 37 receptions for 482 yards. At 6’2″ 195 pounds, he’s a proven wideout who can play. By taking a redshirt, he and Palmer will be able to once again make up an experienced cast of wideouts next year, as Palmer certainly isn’t leaving early for the NFL given his numbers so far. That’s a drop-off from Jennings and Callaway, but it’s not as major of a drop-off as the defensive line was this year.
  10. UTVol2001

    Hope he’s got plenty of sunscreen

    yeah I saw this. Now if he said no beer until the Vols win I would say THAT would be a a killer for me
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    Vol Quarterback Maurer thanks fans

    Class move.
  12. I am disappointed in this season but I still don't blame Pruitt of his staff. I think this more indicative of how bad Butch Jones really left this team. The more I think about that guy and how bad he stocked this team with non SEC type players the more pissed I get. I am not giving up on the season though either. I think we will know more after Saturday
  13. I am all about some controlled aggression!
  14. JG had the same problem. Actually he seems to have stare down the receiver issues as well. I would think a QB as a Junior would have improved on that a little more by now
  15. So just wondering what people thought about the score tomorrow for the game? I think with all the negativity Tennessee comes out tough and hangs with UGA. Still, UGA is to good this season. I am thinking around half it is like 14-17 kind of game. Then depth becomes and issue along with talent. I think at the end it is too much. Georgia - 34 Tennessee - 17 Thoughts?
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    Jeremy Banks

    Pruitt has showed his lack of coaching experience as a head coach. Look, he can think whatever he wants. He can think this is BS on his player. You DONT though open your mouth and say stupid crap when there's a camera running. You don't even say something that can be brought back on you. You saying something like "I understand you officers are doing your jobs and let me know what we can do to get this cleaned up" That is it! Nothing more. Even IF he thought this was BS he gets his player out and speaks to him privately about thinking this is BS. NOT WHERE THE WHOLE WORLD CAN HEAR IT! Not in this social media everything gets recorded world we live in. Whether we like it or not PERCEPTION is everything. Pruitt should know this. This looks really bad.
  17. I think with all that has gone and an open week, the Vols will have a US against them mentality and keep this game close and really put a scare into UGA
  18. UTVol2001

    Jeremy Banks

    Totally agree.
  19. UTVol2001

    Jeremy Banks

    This is why I come here. I cannot stand these facebook folks. I just dropped out of Vol For Life. That is the biggest soap opera I have ever seen. I just want Vol news with some folks that like Vols and want to see them do good. I love the objectivity here. Everyone can have an opinion and not get beat up for it. That facebook group has 30K members and 20K idiots. I dont know how people put up with it.
  20. ARK - Still wish there was a Southwest Conference
  21. UTVol2001

    You all hear me on Finebaum?

    Good stuff Rob!
  22. UTVol2001

    Talk about opening a can of issues

    This is a bad precedent. Who will audit these agreements? Who will ensure there isn't any abuse to this? Who will ensure Boosters don't use their companies for commercialism and funneling money? This will not be a good direction. But then again everything else is getting screwed up. Did we really think college sports wouldn't eventually get screwed up?
  23. I have to give UGA credit for RBs. I mean they have had so many good ones but they can be really obnoxious. But they have to be. I mean think about the way UGA was owned by Tennessee. They were completed owned through the entire decade of 90s. Then the Vols broke their streaks in 2004 at home. Then broke their hearts with that DobbsNailMary play in 2016. Enough to cause them Dawgs from serious heartburn.
  24. UTVol2001

    VolTalk Podcast

    Well I was wondering what happened to those I listened to them on youtube. You guys did an excellent job on those. I would love to have those back again. Better than a lot of that Social Media crap I have to read. Entertaining.