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  1. UTVol2001


    I will be honest. I don't like it and don't agree with the stage he uses to do this. My biggest thing is people are saying it his freedom of speech. Honestly, if I go and post I love hate groups and I love nazis, I am gonna get a pink slip from my job. Because you cannot do what you want when it comes to your job and what you do when you are on the job. He WORKS for his team and gets paid. Keep this crap out the NFL and do it on his time. I do agree with his RIGHT to have an opinion though and want to fight injustice.
  2. UTVol2001

    Anyone watching Cuts Duke team?

    Duke is looking good. They have a good QB it looks like
  3. I am so glad. I am so sick of the "Spread". Time to get back to Tennessee football and not what's hip or in vogue
  4. UTVol2001

    Welcome to the new voltalk

    The site looks great! Love it
  5. Urban sold out. We all knew that. Punk ass. Did he have another heart attack? Sheesh
  6. UTVol2001

    Board update

    I love this! Great look. I love the colors on the board. Nice job Rob
  7. UTVol2001

    Trey Smith to miss most of Spring Practice

    Awwwwwww CRAP! This guy was a great backbone to build on for what Tennessee needs to do to get back to old Style Tennessee football. This guy being out is frigging HUGE!
  8. UTVol2001

    Butch Jones to Alabama

    I read this about Jones and I have to say this is something that would really irritate me. I mean I don't want to see his face on any SEC sideline. Period. Just seeing his face makes my stomach turn.
  9. UTVol2001

    Vols beat Vandy in a close one 67-62

    A win is a win but the way that game was played and at home should leave some wondering about this team. They came out of the gates looking good but man this Vandy team is terrible this year. They had a lead up by 20 and let them come back in their own home arena? IT is nice to be in contention for the Tourney and at 14-5 there is a good chance but this team is still missing something...
  10. UTVol2001

    This is what I love about this hire

    I am loving this hire! Keep up the momentum CJP
  11. UTVol2001

    The VolTalk Show - Palace Coup

    Great stuff guys. Great call on Currie. I think you guys were way ahead on this more than anyone....
  12. UTVol2001

    Being Reported: NEW COACH ANNOUNCED

    Great! I can go from: To this:
  13. Now it has come out he basically lied to recruits out west about not even meeting with FSU on this job. Great way to build that trust relationship