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  1. OMG he is funny as hell. I will start following him.
  2. UTVol2001

    Prayers for one of our members

    Prayers and god speed
  3. UTVol2001

    Guess who UCF hired as coach?

    So UCF gets Gus and we get Josh? Hmmmmmm And UT paid for most of his contract with the buyouts for Danny White and Josh Huepel. Man this has become a great place to be in the market, Tennessee just hires middle tier coaches and then fires them when they suck and then sends the pay outs to the other schools so they can hire better coaches than what Tennessee gets. Man this has played out for over a decade and I am sick of it.
  4. UTVol2001

    Well there is basketball .......

    I will watch tonight. my god we need SOMETHING to cheer on.
  5. UTVol2001


    that's the name that I keep hearing about
  6. UTVol2001


    Man oh man this is bad. I think Dan just through Witten out there. Seems like click bating to me on that.
  7. I guess we have something to look at. They aren't bad. Moved up to #6 in the country Tennessee basketball is up to No. 6 in the Associated Press Top 25, jumping up four spots from last week's poll. The Vols (10-1, 4-1 SEC), after winning three straight games, play at Florida (6-4, 3-3) on Tuesday (7 p.m. Eastern Time; TV: ESPN) in Gainesville, before three straight home games against Missouri, Mississippi State and Kansas.
  8. This is as bad as making Jenner a courage award winner for becoming a women, This crap pisses me off, Just stupid
  9. Anyone who can establish a consistent 8-9 win team with a few 10+ seasons sprinkled in. I am not needing a national title team every year but damn can we at least get back to being competitive? I am so sick and tired of the past 10 years. Even the somewhat decent teams weren't good coaching. Take out the astronaut playing QB and what do you have? Crap! I don't have a wish list per say. It could be Gomer Pyle or the waterboy from Prairie View A&M, I don't care but if things don't change soon this school is really going to lose it's fanbase. It is teetering on apathy now.
  10. I would suggest the coach at Cincinnati. I know that is where Butch dumb ass came from but that coach they have now is really good.
  11. Texas actually finished strong. I think this was a knee jerk reaction and stupid. Texas is like Tennessee, Nebraska and the old UCLA teams. Trying to recapture that 80s and 90s magic and keep selling out or going cheap and expecting the same results. Tennessee was actually lucky to only pay Fulmer what they did when they were winning games at a 9 to 10 win season clip each year. Tennessee pays cheap but expects national titles. That is not the new model. If Tennessee wants to compete, quit paying cheap ass money. Get in the game and hire the best of the best. I still like Pruitt and I am not sure what is going on. I will say I think this COVID season is not the barometer for your team's status. I will wait like Rob said until next season with a full developmental off season and see what happens next year. This whole "I didn't get what I wanted in 3 years so fire they guy" is stupid. You need more time than that. Especially with how bad Butch Jones left this team. And no I don't agree Fulmer left the team this bad. He left Kiffin Crompton, Hardesty, Berry among others still on the team. What Butch Jones left Pruitt was CRAP!
  12. I cannot view this season as a measuring stick on Pruitt. I need to see a full season without all the COVID BS. I frankly don't care what Finebaum says, I have honestly decided to wait until this season is over. I am giving Pruitt a year off. I will wait to see what we have next year,.
  13. Maybe not yet. there seems to be some things afoot