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  1. I am an independent but and there is assclowns on both sides. But the butthurt and petty childish behavior I have been seeing from the AOC squad and this bitch of a woman is beyond hyperbole. This is enough. I am sick of what politics has become. It is even worse than we all thought.
  2. UTVol2001

    What are you expecting tomorrow

    Hoping for some big surprises. I would like Evans to land with Tennessee. Not sure that will happen. Many have said he is more problems than he is worth with all the drama around his recruitment. If anyone can real that in and stop that crap it is Jeremy Pruitt. If Evans does sign he better know what is he is getting with Pruitt as coach.
  3. I agree. I think they end up a 6 or 7 seed. Maybe get to the 16... but that is as far as I see them getting
  4. Terrific Hire. I am so glad to see Jay back in the fold. He always liked Fulmer so I can see why he came back. They had a good relationship. I think he will buy into Pruitt's type of coaching.
  5. UTVol2001

    Vols fall to miss State

    Looking ahead they might be lucky to even get to the NIT. Tough stretch coming up
  6. Would have loved to beat Bama with that guy there but I get it. I mean I feel the same way about him than I feel about Trey Smith. You cannot risk it when an injury could ruin your chances in the NFL. Better to get going now.
  7. UTVol2001

    Down 13 with 5 minutes to go

    Impressive come back but wow I think JG needs to move on.
  8. Two former Tennessee football Volunteers, Peyton Manning and Reggie White, were the Vols legends honored by ESPN as all-time All-Americans. This isn’t a shock to anybody. Tennessee football has produced numerous legends in NFL and college football history, and the two most recognizable ones on both fronts earned more honors on Thursday. ESPN named Peyton Manning and Reggie White to its All-Time All-American team in honor of the 150-year anniversary of college football. The roster went two-deep at every position, and there was room for both. Honoring these guys has become a thing in recent months. They also were named to USA TODAY’s list of top 10 players in honor of the NFL’s 100-year anniversary back in October, making Tennessee football the only school to have two players in the top 10. White, who had 293 career tackles and 32 career sacks in college, was named as a first-team defensive end. He actually played defensive tackle for most of his time in college, but given the personnel on the teams, it made sense to line him up at end, where he spent his NFL career. Manning, meanwhile, was named a second-team All-American behind quarterback Roger Staubach. The Heisman Trophy runner-up in 1997 went 39-6 as a starter, threw for over 11,000 yards and nearly 90 touchdowns while winning an SEC Championship in 1997. One worthy thing to bring up is the fact that ESPN, which was blamed for Manning losing the Heisman in 1997, deserves credit for not using the stupid wins, never beat Florida or national championship argument. They solely focused on the individual performances of the athletes, and when you do that, it’s clear that Manning belongs on the list. In fact, naming Manning and Staubach both on the list shows that ESPN was willing to go beyond the cliche argument of wins and rings when it comes to quarterbacks. Anybody who saw Manning play in college knew how elite he was.
  9. UTVol2001

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all and thanks for keeping this place around. I enjoy coming here
  10. The first day of the early signing period worked out amazingly for Tennessee football. Here are five reasons the Volunteers had a great outcome. Wednesday assured that Tennessee football would have an amazing early signing period. The Vols signed all but two of their commitments and then picked up five new recruits, which made for an incredible day. Rocky Top entered the day with 18 commitments and a class that was barely in the top 20. By the end of the day, they had 23 commitments and shot up to No. 9 nationally on Rivals. So it’s safe to say Jeremy Pruitt hit a home run with his recruiting performance. What’s even better news is that Tennessee football is clearly not done. They have a few more elite prospects to target, but before looking ahead, it’s worth reflecting on how great things went for UT during this early signing period. In this post, we’re going to break down just why it was such a great day for the Vols. So many things went right that helped them shoot this class up the ranking, and beyond just what those rankings say, there is in-depth analysis we can provide to show why it was such a great day for the Vols. Now, to be fair, not everything was perfect for UT. They did miss out on one of their top commitments, even though that was expected. But by and large, things worked out in every way Pruitt could have hoped. After a 7-5 season and dramatic turnaround, the Vols have now turned that momentum into a great recruiting period. Now, if they can win their bowl game, they may be able to turn that into an elite National Signing Day as well. Before that happens, let’s go ahead and look back on the good things here. These are the five reasons Tennessee football had an awesome first day during the early signing period for their 2020 recruiting class. Read on about 5 reason why this was such a great early signing: Tennessee football: Five reasons Vols had awesome early signing day ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM The first day of the early signing period worked out amazingly for Tennessee football. Here are five reasons the Volunteers had a great outcome. Wednesday ...
  11. UTVol2001

    Vols early signing and updates

    Nice pickups. Thanks for the updates
  12. UTVol2001

    Tennessee - Memphis today

    Terrible shooting in that game. Obviously the Vols have some issues to work out. Losing by only that many with that bad of shooting though is a good sign actually. Imagine if they shoot well.
  13. UTVol2001

    Tennessee - Memphis today

    Terrible perimeter shooting. Hate to see Penny get this on the Vols.