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  1. UTVol2001

    Vols Moving on up #2 now

  2. Tennessee Football: Recap of the Vols transfer portal pickups, more ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Tennessee football has had some notable pickups off of the transfer portal. Let's break down each new transfer and discuss the impacts they will have on th...
  3. UTVol2001

    Tennessee vs Kentucky basketball.

    Terrible game. Right when you think Tennessee basketball turns the corner they do stuff like this. At least we got see Chris Loften again
  4. UTVol2001

    Updated the rankings page

    We all hate Bama but this is not even about that. They both had the same final record and Tennessee beat them head on. So how the hell are they ranked higher?
  5. Portal giveth and the Portal taketh away
  6. WOW No. 1 Tennessee vs. No. 3 Georgia Most Expensive Regular-Season CFB Ticket Ever BLEACHERREPORT.COM Tennessee and Georgia
  7. Everything is crap crap crap. You cannot believe anyone. The lie to us and take no accountability and when citizens fight back it is called an insurgence. BS! Lets hope the mid terms will help. This country is hemorrhaging. Tax payers are suffering and all the idiots on the left care about is getting all the illegals in they can, who is a woman and teaching drag queen sex toys. I never thought I would see this country fall like Rome from within. At least not in my lifetime but here we are. We better get this in shape. Because it will only get worse.
  8. The real key to this game and I don't see a lot of mention of this is not whether Tennessee will score points. That is a given, but the tempo of the game. If anyone can take control of this from Tennessee it is Georgia. They have Witten 2.0 in Brock Bowers and that massive 6'5" guy Washington. If they get rolling and get catches and open up lanes for the runs they can cause some headaches for Tennessee. When Bennett and Bowers are on the same page watch out. That is a tough match up. I think Georgia will use them a lot to keep Tennessee off balance on defense. Still, if Tennessee can jump out quick it wont matter if Georgia becomes one dimensional. I would definitely pay attention to Bowers and Washington if I was Tennessee though.
  9. If Tennessee wins Saturday the hype train will go off the rails. I am not feeling Tennessee is ready to beat an Alabama. YET...... but I would be proud to see a hard fought game that represent where Tennessee is going in the future and will help recruiting. I mean if Florida was crazy imagine an undefeated match up in Knoxville between Bama and the Vols. Just dont lay an egg.
  10. UTVol2001

    Game score predictions

    VOLS 38 Ball State - 10
  11. UTVol2001

    Bru McCoy is eligible

    bout damned time!