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  1. UTVol2001


  2. UTVol2001

    Game score predictions

    VOLS 38 Ball State - 10
  3. UTVol2001

    Bru McCoy is eligible

    bout damned time!
  4. UTVol2001

    More to this story.

    Tennessee football: Lyn-J Dixon leaving Vols sets up Dylan Sampson to shine ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM For the second straight year, all the chips are falling into place when it comes to a Tennessee football freshman all-purpose back becoming a breakout star...
  5. Tennessee football: USC approach to Bru McCoy eligibility is baffling ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM On the surface, something nefarious seems at play. Tennessee football wide receiver Bru McCoy, who transferred from the USC Trojans, is waiting on an eligi...
  6. The Vols will be back this season. ESPN predicts them as a 2 seed into the tourney next year. I could see that.
  7. Anyone who thinks Charles Woodson should have won that trophy over Manning is just a Michigan homer. There is no way he should have won that year. Great player no doubt but NOT a Heisman winner. This was about the time ESPN was starting to become a WOKE company. And look where it is now.
  8. The issue is Tennessee fans have been trained to accept mediocrity as success. So anything above sucking is looked upon as doing well. HEY! Lets pass out all those participation trophies.
  9. UTVol2001

    New jumbotron added to Neyland

    Well it is great to have a nice jumbotron on the other endzone but a 9 or 10 win season would be even better.
  10. Thanks Rob. Easy sign up. I am in for both!
  11. UTVol2001

    Updated the Hosting

    Oh wow. Yeah I notice it. I am only on a 100MBPS plan and this thing is flying around and loading within seconds. Thanks
  12. If this was in Gainesville I would tell you I would bet a 100 on that. Since in Knoxville, I will bet you a cold beer. But still until I see it I wont believe it. Napier will have them ready.
  13. I love they are putting this back up. It was iconic. You could see from a distance as you were coming up to the Stadium.
  14. UTVol2001

    Florida state to the SEC?

    I would love the see the Noles in the SEC. Especially if they can get back to who they used to be. I thought that new coach would turn them around. This will be year 3 so who knows. Maybe they will turn it back around.
  15. UTVol2001

    Alontae Taylor

    He is just taking advantage of what these ass clowns allow them to do. I blame the NCAA and crap they are allowing with NIL and transfer portals and all this other garbage. I blame them more than Taylor. I will just wish him luck and watch him on Sundays if he makes it there.