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  1. Pretty Funny article Tennessee football: Former Vols QB Josh Dobbs educates Jacoby Brissett on space ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Former Tennessee football Volunteers quarterback Joshua Dobbs of the Pittsburgh Steelers taught outer space and the sun to Indianapolis's Jacoby Brissett. ... Read more
  2. UTVol2001

    Players announced for SEC media days

    I think Bituli and Taylor are perfect choices. I know JG is a duh one as a QB but I love the other two choices. They should have big years this season
  3. UTVol2001

    The NCAA is ridiculous

    This is the dumbest violation I have heard about. I watching Finebaum yesterday and he was totally baffled and thought this was totally stupid. I for once agree with him.
  4. Good news to hear. I kind of missed that last year.
  5. NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Peyton Manning, the former quarterback with a record five NFL MVPs among the string of awards and honors to his credit, calls his decision to attend the University of Tennessee one of the best he has ever made. That makes being inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday night along with a handful of fellow Volunteers and David Cutcliffe, his former quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator, even more memorable. "It's very special," Manning said. "I was proud to have played at the University of Tennessee for four years, and you go into the NFL, you kind of carry your alma mater with you and have wonderful support from friends, teammates, coaches throughout my career. ... So to be honored and have a chance to reflect on my time in college and all the relationships and memories, it's been very special." Read More: State of Tenn. honors Peyton, Cutcliffe, Lawson WWW.ESPN.COM Peyton Manning, David Cutcliffe and Kara Lawson were among a slate of accomplished individuals inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday night.
  6. Terrible for Kirkland. he has such promise
  7. UTVol2001

    Ethan Wolf Signs with Carolina

    I always thought he was like Alvin Kamara. He was never utilized as much as he should have been, Just another Butch Jones mess up. I hope he gets some playing time.
  8. That man just says it like it is.... I love it
  9. UTVol2001

    Vols land JUCO CB

    Love these bigger and taller types to be physical in the SEC.
  10. You just know it's gonna be good..... I'll check it out definitely
  11. https://247sports.com/college/tennessee/Article/Tennessee-Vols-football-Jarrett-Guarantano-named-SEC-Offensive-Player-of-the-Week-123365211/
  12. UTVol2001

    Is JG the guy?

    You may be right. It might not make a difference.
  13. UTVol2001

    Move Trey Smith to guard?

    I am not thinking this is a good idea. Keep him protecting the back side