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  1. UTVol2001

    Alontae Taylor

    He is just taking advantage of what these ass clowns allow them to do. I blame the NCAA and crap they are allowing with NIL and transfer portals and all this other garbage. I blame them more than Taylor. I will just wish him luck and watch him on Sundays if he makes it there.
  2. UTVol2001

    Bama - UGA champ game

    Bama wins and screws up the playoffs because that is how Saban rolls
  3. In case you want to see them Tennessee football: Video highlights from Vols’ 60-14 win vs. South Alabama ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Whenever you score 60 points in a game, you're going to generate a lot of highlights. Such was the case for Tennessee football as they dominated the South ...
  4. Justin Fuente out as Virginia Tech Hokies football coach WWW.ESPN.COM Justin Fuente, who had a 43-31 record in six seasons at Virginia Tech, is out as the Hokies' football coach. J.C. Price will take over on an interim basis.
  5. UTVol2001

    Home Game

    I may have to deal with it but no, I don't have to like it. As Rob said we have seen this coming for a while now. The entire self indulgence society has come full swing and now even affecting treasured things like traditions and pageantry which was so loved in college football. It is a shame... I will cheer on the Vols as well but I can tell you that life impactful loyalty and love I used to feel as a Vol fan has been replaced with commercialism and money driven sports.
  6. I am glad someone can be positive but it aint me. I am so tired of the half ass Tennessee football teams placed on the field for over a decade now. I will cheer them on and wait but still I am being honest now going forward period. I see nothing that tells me Tennessee can even keep this within 14 points.
  7. UTVol2001


    Hey I guess better to hope the best than the least. I sure don't see it though. Maybe if a strong rain event happened and is sloppy conditions and some luck. That is all I could see helping the Vols.
  8. They were so good on the Monday Night football thing, I bet they would make this game more interesting. I like it.
  9. UTVol2001

    Utah St vs Wazzou

    Never cared for JG. when he decided to leave I was thank goodness. That kid was so overrated. But it seems we are right back to using the wrong one again. We shall see though.
  10. I think the SEC will be conservative on this and will only do this as a last resort. I think the WOKE conferences may close it down and this will in turn affect everyone.
  11. UTVol2001


    The reason this guy started out looking good was every stinking throw was a safe one. Nothing to read defenses on or spread the zone or throw down field. They were all chuck and duck throws. He still sucked. I cannot believe they started this guy over Bailey...
  12. Hey Rob thanks for keeping this pick em going. This is one of my favorites
  13. Based on fanbase, facilities, tradition YES it is. Based on the past 15 years performance. No it is NOT.
  14. One of the few coaches outside of Tenn coaches I ever really liked. He was such a likeable guy.