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  1. UTVol2001

    Ethan Wolf Signs with Carolina

    I always thought he was like Alvin Kamara. He was never utilized as much as he should have been, Just another Butch Jones mess up. I hope he gets some playing time.
  2. That man just says it like it is.... I love it
  3. UTVol2001

    Vols land JUCO CB

    Love these bigger and taller types to be physical in the SEC.
  4. You just know it's gonna be good..... I'll check it out definitely
  5. https://247sports.com/college/tennessee/Article/Tennessee-Vols-football-Jarrett-Guarantano-named-SEC-Offensive-Player-of-the-Week-123365211/
  6. UTVol2001

    Is JG the guy?

    You may be right. It might not make a difference.
  7. UTVol2001

    Move Trey Smith to guard?

    I am not thinking this is a good idea. Keep him protecting the back side
  8. five of the top paid coaches are fro the SEC. Nick Saban of Alabama Crimson Tide tops annual pay list at $8.3 million WWW.ESPN.COM Alabama's Nick Saban, who has led the Tide to five national titles in 10 years, is again tops on USA Today's annual database of coaches pay at $8.3 million. Ohio State's Urban Meyer comes in at No.2 with $7.6 million in compensation. Read more
  9. Yeah I was listening to talk sports radio here and they had an executive from Bowl committees and they are saying even guarantee allotment of tickets for schools will start to be scaled back. People just aren't traveling like before. You can get a good HDTV even 4K like 75" for 2 grand. They aren't so expensive anymore. So why travel and deal with all the headaches when you can just sit at home and see it in all it's HD goodness?
  10. Yeah Kentucky had been known to nose dive in October
  11. UTVol2001

    What do you do on the off week this year?

    I am gonna have a steak and margaritas and watch LSU kick the crap out of Florida
  12. Thoughts? Tennessee football: 10 encouraging signs for Vols heading into bye week ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Tennessee football has a lot of issues at 2-3 heading into its bye week. But there are also encouraging signs. Here are 10 positives for the Volunteers. Ag...
  13. UTVol2001

    Is JG the guy?

    I say JG has had time to get experience. There is no reason not to open the competition up for the best QB after practice this off week