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  1. RockyTopTN

    Pruitt Post Game Conf

    In case any of you missed it
  2. Someone needs to have their backside painted red
  3. RockyTopTN

    Vols-MildCats score predictions?

    This game always surprises me on how I think it will go. I am cautiously optimistic that Pruitt has turned this thing around but then BAM! Something always seemed to happen under the Jones coached years. So I will be watching intently on how they respond Saturday. This game could either be a sloppy low scoring one or a wide open one. I am thinking cold and night game and this could be a one of those weird games. I expect something weird to happen in this game. I will say Tennessee with the improving defense and O line starting to get push that they should win. Still who would have thought a Third String WR playing QB could beat Tennessee back 2012? So I will be cautious and say I think the Vols can win but close Vols 24 KY 21
  4. RockyTopTN

    Top 20 rankings are out - 11/3/19

    Obviously there will be a change at the top next week. I know everyone is pushing the LSU trend but honestly even though I hate Bama I think they win if Tua plays and is healthy
  5. RockyTopTN

    Vols win in Tennessee fashion

    Terrific game. Nuff said. Really enjoyed it
  6. Yeah yeah I know but still fun to imagine this lol When Tennessee football faces South Carolina, the Volunteers and Gamecocks will still be in contention to win the Southeastern Conference Eastern division. One team is 2-5. The other team is 3-4. Both have three losses in the SEC. We already know what’s at stake when it comes to making a bowl game for Tennessee football and the South Carolina Gamecocks as the two get set to face off Saturday. But thanks to an upset by South Carolina over the Georgia Bulldogs and then an upset by the Vanderbilt Commodores over the Missouri Tigers last weekend, there’s even more at stake than people realize. Both teams are still technically in the East race. And the winner Saturday will still be in the race regardless of what happens the rest of the day, while the loser will be eliminated. Okay, so with Tennessee football at 1-3 in the SEC and South Carolina at 2-3, this is incredibly unlikely. But it’s fun to think about, and that’s what we’re going to do here. Let’s look at the scenarios for each team. Starting with the Vols, should they win on Saturday, they will move to 2-3 in the league. After that, their final SEC slate includes the Kentucky Wildcats and Missouri Tigers on the road and then Vanderbilt at home. Given what Vandy just did to Mizzou, all three games look winnable. Should they win out, they would be 5-3 in the SEC. Kentucky, South Carolina and Vanderbilt would all be behind the Vols, each having at least four losses and UK having at least five. Meanwhile, that’s a second loss for Mizzou. The Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators are still at one loss each. Sticking with Missouri, if they lost to the Vols, they would have two conference losses. Now, they still have Kentucky on the road that same day, and they later have Florida and Georgia before closing out the year at the Arkansas Razorbacks. For this to work, UT needs Missouri to upset both Florida and UGA. hat means they need UK or Arkansas to upset them, but since Missouri plays both on the road and just lost to Vanderbilt on the road, that’s possible. That would give the Tigers three losses, the same as the Vols, while the Vols have the head to head advantage for beating them. Now, Florida and Georgia really complicate things. But given our scenario, they at least both have an extra loss since Missouri would need to beat them. Before either plays Mizzou, though, they play each other. Georgia, with a loss already, needs to beat Florida. That gives the Gators two losses. Missouri would be their third. In between, though, is the most unrealistic part of this scenario. Tennessee football needs Vanderbilt to beat the Gators in Gainesville on Nov. 9. At 4-1, Florida has to lose out for this to be a possibility, and with Vandy on the schedule, that will be hard. But if the upset of upsets happens, Florida falls to 4-4. Finally, there’s Georgia, who we said needs to beat Florida and lose to Mizzou. They still visit the Auburn Tigers, a game in which they would be the underdog right now in. And then they host the Texas A&M Aggies. Should they lost to Auburn and Missouri, they would be just deflated enough to lose to a Jimbo Fisher team that happens to have some talent. And then they would be 4-4. Tennessee football: Technically, Vols and Gamecocks can still win SEC East ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM When Tennessee football faces South Carolina, the Volunteers and Gamecocks will still be in contention to win the Southeastern Conference Eastern division....
  7. Barnes has done an incredible job, I cannot fathom why Tennessee isn't in the top 25 poll for this upcoming season. I get they lost Williams and Admiral but still talent there. Doesn't really matter though, pre-season polls don't mean crap. I just found it strange
  8. Found this on social media: The last QB to be benched twice because a freshman was better was Matt Simms. Simms was benched in 2010 for Tyler Bray who went on to finish out the regular season undefeated. Bray would get injured the next year and Simms would assume QB duties until his performance was so bad that Justin Worley would take over until the return of Bray. Jarrett Guarantano has already been benched for a freshman once this season with Brian Maurer bringing a new energy to this team. Now that Maurer is out and Guarantano went rogue against Alabama, JT Shrout could potentially end up being Tennessee’s starting QB for the remainder of the year. Coincidentally both Simms and Guarantano wear/wore #2. ***Simms would switch to #12 in 2011*** The only differences in this situation are that Simms had the job for less than a year whereas Guarantano had the job for over two years. Also Simms got passed up for two consecutive seasons as opposed to Guarantano potentially being benched twice in less than one month.
  9. RockyTopTN

    Vols let one get away. Lose to Bama 35-13

    Tennessee football: Analyst proves Guarantano went rogue on Vols fumble ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM SEC Network's Jordan Rodgers broke down Tennessee football's goal-line fumble at Alabama. He proved Volunteers quarterback Jarrett Guarantano went rogue. O...
  10. Thought I would add in case you haven't seen it yet.
  11. RockyTopTN

    Vols let one get away. Lose to Bama 35-13

    Even in a loss this was the BEST game I have seen the Vols play this season. I am not counting the UTC game. Yes Miss State was a win as well but I am talking about looking at the competition and then looking at the game within the game and take away the stupid penalty on Taylor and then JG's stupid sneak play and this is an 8 point game with momentum falling the Vols ways. I truly see some improvement now. Now what do they do with that? Come out and kick the hell our SC. That will spring board the team.
  12. RockyTopTN

    Top 25 rankings updated

    Heck yeah that should be a good one. Not to mentioned now with FL and GA having a loss imagine the world's largest outdoor cocktail party implications coming up?
  13. Thoughts? Tennessee football Smokey Points: Top five Vols performers vs. Mississippi State ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM It took a team effort for Tennessee football to beat the Mississippi State Bulldogs 20-10. Here are the UT Volunteers who earned Smokey Points against MSU.... This one I agreed with: 2 Darrell Taylor Linebacker Redshirt Senior We go from a defensive lineman to a former defensive lineman. But in addition to saying the line needs to get a push, we have been saying for a while that Darrell Taylor needs to play like the Darrell Taylor of last year. And that Taylor finally showed up in this game for Tennessee football in a big way. For the game, Taylor had five tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble. His stat line was all over the place. While Daniel Bituli was the leader of the unit, as he led the team with seven tackles, Taylor was the star of the linebackers. Not only is Taylor coming up big why he’s on this list, but when he came up big means a lot too. He set the tone for the Vols’ defense early, sacking Tommy Stevens on 3rd and 5 on the Mississippi State Bulldogs’ opening drive. Make no mistake, even after Brian Maurer’s interception on the next drive, that sack stopped MSU’s offense and gave UT the necessary confidence. Then, after Tyler Byrd’s touchdown put the Vols up 20-10, the Bulldogs still had a chance to score quickly and perhaps get the ball back. But Taylor again set the tone with a strip-sack that MSU recovered but forced them to take a timeout with under two minutes to go. So Taylor was a star and came through in crucial moments, and for that, he makes the list.
  14. Hell yes. Basketball needs to start so Vol fans have SOMETHING to cheer about
  15. Tennessee quarterback Brian Maurer took to social media on Sunday to send a message to Vol fans. Mauere said in a tweet on Sunday "Vol Nation, Thank you for always showing up and supporting us. You guys have no idea how much you mean to us, I promise that as a team we are working to get back on the right track. Please continue to show up and support us, Thank you." Tennessee freshman quarterback Brian Maurer made his first career start on Saturday and sparked an offense that had stumbled and staggered through the first month of the season. After gaining just 239 yards in a 34-3 loss to No. 10 Florida two weeks ago, Tennessee matched that total by halftime Saturday. Maurer electrified the crowd on Tennessee's second series as he executed a play-action pass to a wide-open Marquez Callaway, who made the catch around the Georgia 30 and raced to the end zone for a 73-yard touchdown. The touchdown marked Tennessee's longest pass completion since Joshua Dobbs connected with Josh Malone on a 75-yarder against Kentucky in 2015.