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  1. Va Vol Fan

    Vols loss painful. Refs impacts yet again

    I agree with a lot of what every one has said so far, one of the reasons I don't post much. I just don't see the need to repeat what has already been said. However, I'm really tired of a bad call costing a team a game it's something I'm seeing way to much these days.
  2. Va Vol Fan

    Jim Chaney coming back to Knoxville

    I'd really like to see that! I wish him well wherever he decides to go.
  3. Va Vol Fan

    Jim Chaney coming back to Knoxville

    Count me in as really liking this hire. Welcome back CJC! I read that about the possibility of Tee joining the staff. I read somewhere else, don't remember where that he was also in the running for the Miami OC job.
  4. Va Vol Fan

    Early signing period commitments(Updated12-21-18)

    Nice, Thanks for the updates I really like the O line help.
  5. Va Vol Fan

    Interesting Jalen Hurd article.

    Wow just wow, that explains a lot. Changed my opinion about Hurd.
  6. Va Vol Fan

    Very Telling......

    I'd say that pretty much sums it up.
  7. I just want to see a clean game on both sides of the ball.
  8. Yeah, I hate that this young man is going through this. Thoughts and prayers for him.
  9. Va Vol Fan

    Is JG the guy?

    Don't have a problem with opening things up. Not to sure CK However, I don't think JG is entirely at fault here I also think the OL and the offensive staff should share in this as well. I do think that JG has improved quite a bit this season. The thing I've noticed most ,and this is just my take, it looks like the game hasn't slowed down for him yet. I don't know if it will happen for him if it ever does.
  10. Va Vol Fan


    Looks like GH6 and I are one the same page!
  11. Va Vol Fan


    I see what you have to say and you have the right to say so! I have defended that right! And will continue to do so! However, Kapernick is painting with a really broadbrush when it comes to police brutality! As does most of the media on this issue! I'll grant the fact that there are some bad cops out there. That said the MAJORITY are folks that are just doing a really dirty job and really deserve our support! As far as athletes that were vilified in the 60's take a long hard look at John Carlos and Tommie Smith. I'll give you a hint , Mexico City 1968. Granted Ali took his fair share of crap and I'll concede that point. In so far as Serena Williams is concerned I don't much care.I do admire what she and Venus have done with their lives. They have worked hard to do so. As far as Nike goes I could care less what Phill Knight does I haven't bought or worn Nike in a really long time. If you are dying to know I'd say 20 plus years at this point I equate it to Levis and their stupid support for gun control! Sorry son, at this point I can't say much good for Nike or any of the others that support ONLY social justice without seeing BOTH sides!
  12. Easy is a complete understatement. Didn't Jim Trestle get fired for something less!
  13. Va Vol Fan

    Being Reported: NEW COACH ANNOUNCED

    The more I read about our new coach the more I like this hire.
  14. Va Vol Fan

    �Recruiting Updates�

    Thinking the same thing.