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  1. grevehallvol

    NIL...aTm showing everyone how to use it.

    WOW! I knew about Haslam but not the others..............
  2. grevehallvol

    NIL...aTm showing everyone how to use it.

    Nobody is gonna be able to spend with Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma and all of that oil money except maybe Notre Dame with their Catholic money............
  3. This defense reminded me of the infamous Sal Sensuri "Buddy Hackett" defense under Dooley. No matter how many points we score the defense always manages to give up more. I sure hope the transfer portal is full of linebackers, corners, D lineman and a stud tailback.......
  4. Now lets fill in a few blanks via transfer portal especially defense and coach em up!
  5. grevehallvol

    Kaleb Webb Commits 4* WR

    No doubt!
  6. https://n.rivals.com/news/commitment-breakdown-four-star-wr-kaleb-webb-to-tennessee How about some defense next!
  7. grevehallvol


    It is painfully obvious to me that we need a GANG of linebacker help, Offensive lineman help, and in light of impending attrition, Defensive lineman help as well. It is also painfully obvious that help is NOT coming via the normal recruiting route primarily because of the damn NCAA overlords dragging their F'ing feet concerning the Pruitt MESS. In addition, this generation of kids simply don't know the glorious tradition of Tennessee football. All they know is what they have seen with their eyes in THEIR lifetime.: Clemson, Bammers, Georgia, Ohio State..................... Hopefully the damn NCAA pulls their thumb out of their proverbial a$$ and makes a decision one way or the other concerning the Pruitt mess and hopefully Coach Huepel can pull off some more miracles via the JUCO route and/or the infamous transfer portal.... Regardless of how well we scheme, the talent level gap between us and the Georgia/Bammers and our lack of depth is simply too hard to overcome. Given what Coach Heupel has had to work with, I think that he is doing a great job and I am convinced that with an improvement in talent level in terms of team speed and depth, we will be able to return to who we are: TENNESSEE. Has anyone heard of any studs that can provide immediate help out there that are considering Tennessee via the transfer portal/JUCO process
  8. grevehallvol

    UT lost qbs.

    Hendon Hooker is the 2nd rated quarterback in college football. ZIP IT!
  9. grevehallvol

    Tennessee Georgia game thread

    That Georgia defensive line looked DAMN good..... Got admit it. Our O-line is good but they have to Ramp it up a notch when going against an elite D-line like that. I think they should be much improved latter down the road when they have more time to gel as a unit.............. Just my thoughts
  10. grevehallvol

    Tennessee Georgia game thread

    This one was on the O-line guys. JG was running for his life the minute the ball reached his hand. Not even the great Peyton Manning could have survived that kind of pressure in my opinion. Is it just me or is Cade Mays a bit over rated?
  11. This kid looks very impressive. Strong accurate arm. GREAT get.
  12. I was secretly hoping a Kentucky loss would show Butch Jones the door................. This season is toast anyway for the most part...........
  13. grevehallvol

    NEXT UP: Tennessee vs Georgia

    If Mark Richt was still there I guarantee you that scumbags photo would not be on the UT-Georgia game ticket. They lost a lot of class when they lost Richt. :4 2 5 2:
  14. Sorry guys.... Not buying the defense getting better in the second half idea. They couldnt even stop APP State from marching down field at the end of the 4th quarter and allowed them to get a good look at a field goal attempt that they missed. Also in OT App State moved the ball with ease on them. Perhaps the new system is not second nature to the defense but had this been a quality SEC team we would have gotten stomped. We really need to "Study film and work like heck"!