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  1. grevehallvol

    Vols notch an SEC win against Auburn

    He read it all the way..... Looks like he was starting to show some potential...........
  2. SPECIAL TEAMS. Seriously need a more aggressive punt returner. Really miss Evan Berry and Cam Sutton. Marquez Calloway is very tentative back there for some reason and it has hurt us on occasion.
  3. grevehallvol


    I will be 59 years old in December Sir.
  4. grevehallvol


    When has Kaepernick EVER painted ALL police with a broadbrush? When has Kaepernick EVER said he does not support the military? He actually has said repeatedly that he DOES support the military but nobody wants to listen to him. It actually was an Iraqi vet that met with him and they had meaningful dialogue and through this meaningful dialogue he decided to stop sitting on the bench as had been his routine during the anthem and instead decided to kneel because the Veteran told him that is how they respect their fallen comrades. When has Kaepernick EVER said he was protesting the flag or the anthem? He actually has said repeatedly that it ISN'T about the flag but nobody will listen to HIS words. I am well aware of these two men in Mexico City as I pointed out earlier in my reply to GH6. I see what you say and you have the right to say so.....
  5. grevehallvol


    Ummmmmmmmmm..... You have that here Rob.
  6. grevehallvol


    That was quite a stir wasn't. I'm old enough to remember too unfortunately. 1968 Olympic games Mexico City. They chose the biggest stage in the world to express themselves and paid dearly for it. I agree with Abby Hoffman.
  7. grevehallvol


    I respect Colin Kaepernick and everything he stands for. He put his money where his mouth was long before Nike ever had anything to do with him. I think that he is a wonderful young man. I also think that Serena Williams is a wonderful woman. She rose from the streets of Compton California and ascended to the top of her craft despite having to rely on a novice father to teach her the basics of tennis on crumbling tennis courts in the middle of a "war zone" during the height of the "crack" era. I commend her accomplishments as well as those of her sister. As for Nike and whether or not they give a flip about the REAL reason Kaepernick took a knee is open for debate. I believe that they are rolling the dice here and banking on the "Ali" effect paying off dividends in the long run but I have been wrong before. Ali went from being the most reviled athlete on earth in the 60's to becoming one of the most beloved, culminating in his memorable lighting of the torch in the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta. Personally, I am going to support Nike and continue to purchase their products because I like them and despite the ambiguity of their motives, Nike certainly has enabled more dialogue to be brought forth that could possibly lead to a meeting of the minds of all that actually desire understanding and perhaps Nike's stance; however ambiguous at the moment, could possibly unearth some common ground and healing............ Just my thoughts.................
  8. grevehallvol

    JT Stroudt

    I agree Cowhampshirevol. We will have to wait and see how he pans out. the SEC is tough no doubt.
  9. grevehallvol

    JT Stroudt

    Just watched a little film of this kid. He looks damn good. Strong accurate arm, focused vision, good footwork and even a little get up and go when he needs to pull it down and run with it. Should be an interesting kid to watch.
  10. grevehallvol

    John Currie has been fired

    We still have three 4* defensive lineman committed and a 4* quarterback. Something tells me that with the right coach in place Cade Mays comes back. All is not lost but Fulmer needs to get to work immediately!
  11. grevehallvol

    Jimbo to A&M: $75,000,000...richest deal in CFB history

    http://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/ Kiffin doesn't even make a million dollars............. But he has a $10,000,000 mouth...
  12. grevehallvol

    Jimbo to A&M: $75,000,000...richest deal in CFB history

    Forget it................... 30.6 Million dollar buyout..............
  13. grevehallvol

    Jimbo to A&M: $75,000,000...richest deal in CFB history

    I wonder if that kind of money will get Peterson onboard? Looks like the stakes have gone up boys..........
  14. grevehallvol

    Don't you guys realize what happened? There was a coup..

    Currie needs to be taken out back and slapped around some.............
  15. grevehallvol

    Tee Martin or Kevin Steele as coach?

    Tee Martin can recruit with the best of him and he does it without all of the damn cliches.............