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Pick Ems Week 9 has been added. Week 8 final updated

Make your picks by kickoff of the games. XL and Redwood still in the lead

Get your picks in for next week,


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  1. They ran me out of Athens the last time I was there... I barely escaped with my life. They didn't appreciate me blasting Rocky Top on my Harley as I rode through that God forsaken town............
  2. grevehallvol


    Guys, What are the realistic expectations for this unit? I can see a 9 or 10 win season with some decent offensive line play. Any news on Trey Smith? That schedule does not look that daunting to me. Any thoughts?
  3. grevehallvol

    fire holly warlick

    Vandy won for the first time in 34 tries at TBA and the loss likely cost the Lady Vols a shot at the women's tournament for the first time ever. Sad.
  4. grevehallvol

    Vols momentum... Can you feel it?

    Looks good but Oregon has him tabbed to visit 2/1...... Hope Tosh has some bad things to say about Bammer land. Fingers crossed.
  5. grevehallvol

    fire holly warlick

    Kelly Jolie Harper is only making $230,000................ She sure does a lot with the little she has to work with and she is still young (41) and local (Cookeville)............. Intriguing at the least.
  6. grevehallvol

    Vols momentum... Can you feel it?

    Which recruits were you speaking of Atomic City?
  7. grevehallvol

    Lots Of In-State Talent for 2020!

    I sure look forward to it RobVol. Man I am salivating over here.
  8. There sure is a lot of talent in the state of Tennessee for next year. Hopefully we can keep Clemson, LSU, Arkansas, Carolina and them Bammers from stealing them. Hopefully the Butch Jones hangover has finally ended.............
  9. grevehallvol

    Any JUCO help out there? Dline, Oline.......

    Ok, I guess I have to be patient...... Just cannot wait to be TENNESSEE again. It has been a long time but things seem to really be looking up. I am glad Phil Fulmer is leading us. He knows exactly what to do. I have confidence in him and his choice as coach.
  10. Georgia has stolen three 4* defensive lineman from the state of Tennessee for this recruiting class (2019). This will be a major area of concern next year. This could have been a reload but the kids still think Butch Jones is here..........
  11. grevehallvol

    Crouch commits

    GREAT GET GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excited Big Time down here in this God forsaken Clemson/Gamecock country..................
  12. grevehallvol

    Early signing period commitments(Updated12-21-18)

    What are our chances at landing Wright and Crouch? Getting those two, especially Wright would go a long way towards us becoming Tennessee again.................
  13. Cuttcliff? Would love to see that happen............
  14. grevehallvol

    AP Top 25 is out

    Guys. Not making excuses but 3 of our 5 loses are against top 7 teams and 4 of 5 against top 15 teams. I suspect that we are a lot better than we think...................