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Pick Ems Week 9 has been added. Week 8 final updated

Make your picks by kickoff of the games. XL and Redwood still in the lead

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  1. Bigarnj1

    Vols - Bama week

    Every single team in the SEC should have to play Bama every single year..
  2. I gave up hope for having a winning season at the end of the first game, but Im not giving up on CJP. He is trying to put out a dumpster fire of epic proportions and that wont happen for at least 2-3 more recruiting cycles. GO VOLS!
  3. Bigarnj1

    Ignont leaving

    If these players were recruited by the previous regime, Im GLAD they're leaving! JJ is the only one worth keeping.
  4. This is a serious question: Has anyone bothered to have JGs vision checked?
  5. Bigarnj1

    Tennessee gets blasted by Florida again

    There are idiots on those pages who want to fire the entire staff, Fulmer included, and start over. That alone is enough to tell me they are absolutely clueless. Fulmer and Pruitt know this is a 3-4 year rebuild, and so do I. Patience is key.
  6. Bigarnj1

    Tennessee gets blasted by Florida again

    Not throwing Coach Pruitt under the bus yet. Its going to be like this until more of Butch's bricks graduate. Until then, play every youngster we have, and pray that Harrison Bailey doesnt change his commitment.
  7. I thought JG played a much better game today. Now Im hoping Chaney will throw in some very different looks next week.
  8. Bigarnj1

    Just remember 1988

    I remember that season quite well. I was in the USAF at the time and took quite a bit of ribbing from my fellow airmen. The first win came vs Memphis at Memphis, and I was there....
  9. Bigarnj1

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    At CJPs very first presser, he said it would likely get worse before it gets better. Its not a dumpster fire, he is EXTINGUISHING a dumpster fire, and the immediate aftermath of any fire is tons of smoke and foul odor. Once more of the "bricks" are gone, we will see improvement, but not until then. *EDIT* However, I did see a much more improved team (except JG) since last week, which gives me an oh-so-tiny sliver of hope for the future.
  10. Bigarnj1

    Appearantly Obvious

    Yes I said that. Still waiting on you to post KY's football championships...
  11. Bigarnj1

    Appearantly Obvious

    Im still waiting on KY football to be relevant at all or win a championship....
  12. Bigarnj1

    Among Other Things....

    Im wondering why in the world does the university still pour money into a football program that will obviously never improve...
  13. https://thespun.com/football/former-nfl-rb-longtime-scout-reggie-cobb-has-passed-away
  14. Bigarnj1

    Jim Chaney coming back to Knoxville

    This Vol is pleased with this hire and its a great chess move too! He's coached in the playoffs the last two years, and now the Bullfrogs have to hunt to a new OC at an important stage in recruiting.
  15. Bigarnj1

    Very Telling......

  16. Bigarnj1

    Very Telling......

    Agreed GH6....
  17. Bigarnj1

    Very Telling......

    And this is also why he didnt let the Seniors run through the T last week...
  18. Bigarnj1

    Very Telling......

    RobVol, since the link to the article no longer works, I'll give you a quick synopsis: For the last 2 weeks, many players (mostly upper classmen) were no shows at practice because they didnt want to practice an extra month to play in Memphis. It's time for the brick layers to go.
  19. Bigarnj1

    Very Telling......

    And now the story at the link has been removed...
  20. Bigarnj1

    Very Telling......

    I'll just be glad when all the brick layers graduate.
  21. Bigarnj1

    Something to stew on

    I've been saying this since about 2012. Firing Phil was a big boo-boo, and we've paid the price ever since, all under the premise of "the fans deserve more". Kiffen, Dooley, Jones...a parade of clowns who've done nothing but help the program to this horrible point, is certainly not the fans deserve...
  22. Bigarnj1

    Here's a thought...

    Yep it was me lol...The idea popped into my head at work. I googled the site on my phone and posted...
  23. Bigarnj1

    WIll the Vols win an SEC game this season?

    AYFKM? They'll be lucky to beat Charlotte in a couple months...I dont see us winning any more games this year regardless of the opponent. Not being negative, just being real.
  24. Bigarnj1

    Here's a thought...

    Yep. And neither will the act of paying players. The only thing left to brag about for this program is that we've never had any major NCAA infractions, and if we start doing that, then we are truly no better than any other team in the conference...