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  1. Bigarnj1

    Let it Rip...

    Im totally fine with this thought as long as the defense can stop the opponent from doing the same...
  2. Bigarnj1

    Prayers for one of our members

    RobVol, thank you for making this post. LAD (widowmaker) was 95% blocked, RCA was 90% blocked. No warning. Woke up Tuesday morning sweating profusely with left shoulder pain. 45 minutes later I was having emergency angioplasty, during which I told the cardiologist (who happened to be a UT Med School grad) that if he saw any orange blood in there, please save it, it's quite rare these days lol. After 3 days and 3 angioplasty procedures, Im at home doing my best to mend. Thank you all so much for your prayers and positive vibes. GO VOLS!!
  3. I dont know much about this particular coach, but his resume shows moderate success, and by moderate success I mean much more better than the Vol's sub par performance in recent seasons. Plus he has SEC experience. Not that my 2 cents matters at all, but Im ok with this hire.
  4. Finally a little good news. I like this pick up .
  5. This was a buddy hire, plain and simple. Highly disappointing.
  6. Here's my wishlist. Even though I dont like the idea of a coordinator getting his first HC job at my school again, I wish that for now they'd go ahead make Kevin Steele the coach. Im thinking we'll have at least a 3 year bowl ban so sign him for 3 years. It gives the program an immediate resemblance of stability, and right now it would be very difficult to get a real "name" coach to come here anyway,
  7. Bigarnj1

    More transfer portal players

    ALL of the "talent" will be leaving because the bank has dried up. The way I see it, the trash is taking itself out.
  8. Bigarnj1

    Now the Guz rumors will start

    I cant see any decent coach coming here knowing full well that there is NCAA punishment coming. I think we'll end up with Kevin Steele simply because no one else will take the job.
  9. ...and possibly CPF too. Source: Pete Thamel, Yahoo Sports...
  10. Please dont tell me this is what all the hubbub is about! No wonder we're not winning. Other schools pay with cars and cash, and we're paying with paintball games.
  11. Bigarnj1

    Ending season "Due to Covid"

    Why no, that's not fishy at all!
  12. Bigarnj1

    Liberty Bowl

    The best thing that will come from this is the extra practice time, which is obviously needed desperately...
  13. To my knowledge, we've never had any major infractions in football, but things change every day. With 2020 being 2020, there aint no tellin'....