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  1. Please dont tell me this is what all the hubbub is about! No wonder we're not winning. Other schools pay with cars and cash, and we're paying with paintball games.
  2. Bigarnj1

    Ending season "Due to Covid"

    Why no, that's not fishy at all!
  3. Bigarnj1

    Liberty Bowl

    The best thing that will come from this is the extra practice time, which is obviously needed desperately...
  4. To my knowledge, we've never had any major infractions in football, but things change every day. With 2020 being 2020, there aint no tellin'....
  5. Bigarnj1

    Guarantano Enters The Portal..

    Im calling it now...Arkansas State...reunited with the former champion of life and bricklayer...
  6. Report: Jarrett Guarantano enters the transfer portal WWW.ROCKYTOPTALK.COM Jarrett Guarantano didn’t waste any time. Just moments after Tennessee walked off the field against Texas A&M, Matt Zenitz of AL.com reported that the senior quarterback had entered the transfer...
  7. Bigarnj1

    Auburn Game

    We completed a drive with a TD finally. Baby steps...
  8. I'll say the D looked decent late, but I dont know if AR was playing their lesser experienced O linemen, or if they were just gassed from scoring TDs for a whole quarter lol..
  9. And why do we ALWAYS look so flat in the 3rd qtr ? Are they passing joints around in the locker room during halftime??
  10. Will our D EVER defend a slant pass?? Teams have been eating our lunch with that play all season long...
  11. Bigarnj1

    QB for Alabama game

    It would be awesome to see HB get the start and torch their D for several hundred yards and multiple TDs...a guy can dream, cant he?
  12. Our D Line coach has been ousted....... REPORT: Pruitt relieves Vols defensive line coach of duties | RTI WWW.ROCKYTOPINSIDER.COM Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt has relieved Jimmy Brumbaugh of his duties just four games into the season.
  13. Bigarnj1

    Tennessee Georgia game thread

    CJP is gonna ride him straight to a 5-5 season, apparently...