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Countdown To Christmas!


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  1. Skyking

    Anyone heard from Sky?

    Ha! Yeah. He WAS gone for awhile! Seriously though. Thanks for thinking of me. That’s why I love this small group so much. Everybody looks after one another.
  2. Skyking

    Anyone heard from Sky?

    Hey guys. Yeah. Still here. Doing a lot of lurking lately. Just hard finding my motivation to join in on any discussion. I’m so friggin’ disappointed. Going to the Tenn / Miss St game. Any of y’all gonna be there? Would love to say hi and introduce myself.
  3. Skyking

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    My high school ride. RIP Bandit!
  4. Skyking

    Friday the 13th

    11 more years before I “officially” retire. Who knows, I may just pull the top cord sooner! Congrats you two!
  5. Skyking

    Decoration Day 2019

    Love it Tec! Not just because it’s Tennessee decorations. But because of hearing how his life impacted y’all.
  6. Skyking

    Happy Birthday RobVol!!

    Happy Birthday Rob!
  7. Skyking

    VolTalk Shindig

    Oh hell yeah! Bring it bitches! I’m in!
  8. Skyking

    New ESPN Tournament Challenge 2019

    Congrats to GH6! Man, I thought I had ya till that silly ass foul. Regardless, great bracket my friend.
  9. Skyking

    New ESPN Tournament Challenge 2019

    Go Auburn! Beat Virginia! (That’s for GH3);)
  10. Skyking

    New ESPN Tournament Challenge 2019

    You know what they say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.
  11. Skyking

    New ESPN Tournament Challenge 2019

    I'm in! Let the games begin!
  12. Skyking

    Merry Christmas to our Voltalk family

    Merry Christmas friends!
  13. Skyking

    Alright Rob...

    Thanks Rob! Hopefully the B-Ball boys will be a little easier to watch than our beloved football team.
  14. Skyking

    Alright Rob...

    Throw the basketball schedule up here. At least it’ll help me forget about football.