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  1. Skyking

    Welcome to the new voltalk

    Awesome Job!
  2. Skyking

    Board update

    Yeah Rob! Nice job!
  3. Skyking

    Board update

    Thanks Rob! I opened the site on my iMac and found where I am logged in. It just doesn’t show on my iPhone. Thanks for the schedule! Well done my friend!
  4. Skyking

    Board update

    Man I must be blind because I do not see a “logged-in” status anywhere. Regarding the schedule, I should’ve been more clear. I was referring to a 2018 football schedule. Will there be a link of some sort taking us to the annual football schedule or will it be visible on the home page?
  5. Skyking

    Board update

    Hey Rob! Is there gonna be a schedule on this thing? And, how do we know if we’re logged in or not?
  6. Skyking

    Media Days - Pruitt

    Gotta love Redwoods optimism.
  7. Skyking

    Board update

  8. Skyking

    Heads up - Upgrades coming

    Yeah. It’s been way too quiet around here.
  9. Skyking

    Heads up - Upgrades coming

    Welcome back Rob!
  10. Skyking

    John Ward has passed away

    R.I.P. Mr. Ward.
  11. Skyking

    Heads up - Upgrades coming

  12. Skyking


    Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there!
  13. Skyking

    Happy Birthday RobVol

    Happy Birthday Rob!
  14. Skyking

    From the suggestion box

    Shoulda changed it about 2 minutes after that f’d up Vandy game. Just sayin’. 😉
  15. Skyking

    NCAA Approves 2018 Kickoff Rule Change

    My two cents. Delay the coverage team for about 3-5 secs after the ball is kicked. Gives the returner time to catch the ball and assess which direction he wants to run. He doesn’t get blown up right after the catch and still gives the coverage team an opportunity to pin him deep.