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  1. Chandler was a beast! Our backfield is the lone bright spot this year. And G-Man was throwing some darts. He still made some major mistakes but that’s attributed to inexperience. Is it wrong to want the Vols to win but secretly hope for a loss just to get rid of the staff? That’s kinda where I’m at. I figure swallow a little pride now in the hopes that it accelerates positive changes in the future.
  2. Skyking

    Don't Focus on Firing Butch!

    I’m in.
  3. But he can use the F$&@ out of quotation marks.
  4. Go ahead Dawgs. Throw more fuel on the fire.
  5. Georgia got flat out embarrassed by Ole Miss. They're at home and they're gonna come out swinging for the fences. On the other hand, the Vols found the swagger they were looking for. And it seemed they inadvertantly learned a big lesson from the Gators regarding humility. Vols finally come out firing on all cylinders for this one. Vols 45, Dawgs 17.
  6. I love MV's optimism and firmly believe that we did indeed keep the playbook close to our hip. But, while not showing the rest of the country what we CAN accomplish with a full playbook, we showed the opposition exactly how to stop Hurd, Kamara, and Dobbs.
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    Vols at Dawgs - Sep 27, 2014

  8. Skyking

    Vol;s at Dawgs - Sep 27, 2014