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  1. Welcome to Voltalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  2. If you can’t say anything good about someone...... just flip them the bird and walk the hell out of the room! I’m sorry to say this but I am not going to give this program any more of my attention, time, and especially money. They simply don’t deserve it at all. I wish I wasn’t as old as I am, that way I would not have any memories of what this great program used to be. Hope all of you guys have a great fall. I’m out. See you all next year (MAYBE)
  3. That's why social media needs to go away! It's been "guilty until proven innocent" for too long now.
  4. LakeVol

    Aah hell...

    Again, is there not some sort of supervisor or chaperone for these kids? I mean if you’re going to put together a winning program, then dammit act like one.
  5. I’m not going to call a score since this team has drastically played down to their opponents level. Pruitt can show me a lot by having one of the so called “give me” games actually be a blowout.
  6. I agree with GiveHim6. I know we got playmakers and talent but do we have the “unit” up front to keep JG off his ass for most of the game?
  7. Can I just go ahead and claim my prize now? I mean you bitches don’t stand a chance.......
  8. Worked seamlessly for me! Let’s kick this pig! LOL
  9. I hate to say this, but drunk fans at any game ruin it for the rest of us. Now other Universities will follow and take away from a great experience. For all the money I spend, if I attend a game, I don't want to spend the entire time being pissed off at some a$$hole who can't control themselves sitting right next to me and my family.
  10. I'm surprised Syracuse didn't get ranked higher!!! They play in such a tough a$$ conference!
  11. Talking will always eventually get you in trouble, unless you talk about nothing relevant. We had a “talker” once for about 8 months and look how he’s done!