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  1. volcamp

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    I’ll continue to wear my colors, cheer for the team and love my Vols. But my expectations are minimal. We do not have the management, coaching, personnel or perseverance to win. This season is already tanked. Once again, our battle cry is we’ll be back.
  2. volcamp

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    This has reached the point of no return I fear. This dumpster fire is zero percent contained. I’m sick of it. There is no one in the chain of command that seems to give a rip. There is no coaching these lazy 2-1/2 star heroes. God I love Tennessee but this is beyond bearable. Why do we continue to waste our time?
  3. volcamp

    We have a Derek Dooley that can recruit

    There are no words
  4. volcamp

    End of days

    This is a train wreck. I got nothin' else. Sick of this.
  5. volcamp

    Official Sochi Thread

    And from some previous Olympics, a little dumplin' that has always been one of my favorites, Shawn Johnson.
  6. volcamp

    Official Sochi Thread

    OH, you said LEBANESE...You really had my attention there for a minute.
  7. volcamp

    Official Sochi Thread

    What about an Olympics babe thread? Been watching the snowboarding and there are some purebred babes in that competition...Australian Torah Bright.
  8. volcamp

    Hitler and the Cowboys

    C'mon Man!! Almost two weeks and nobody's even looked at this. That's some funny stuff...
  9. volcamp

    Hitler and the Cowboys

    A guy walks into a bar in Argentina. He sees a familiar character, albeit much older now, sitting at the bar. He approaches, examines his face, and asks: "Excuse me, but aren't you Adolf Hitler?" "Vy yes, I am Adolf Hitler." "But I thought you were dead!" "Ach. I get a lot of dat. But in fact, I am chust biding my time, planning a scheme to kill fifty million Jews and eight of der Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders." "What?" the guy exclaims. "Why would you want to kill eight of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?" Hitler turns to another fellow sitting at the bar next to him. "You see vat I mean? Nobody gives a damn about da Jews!!!" Now that right there's funny!!
  10. volcamp

    Worst pick up lines

    40. Does this smell like chloroform? I love it!!
  11. volcamp

    Taking applications for a secretary

    Can she take dicktation?
  12. volcamp

    Politically Incorrect

    Our garden hose only reaches the driveway....LMFAO
  13. volcamp

    Tee Martin

    Solid dose of reality CV.