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  1. volcamp

    Auburn Game

    I think over the Thanksgiving weekend I will watch Decade if Dominance several times for medicinal purposes...
  2. Indeed, there is not enough alcohol to endure this without pain!

  3. volcamp


    Same as it ever was...
  4. volcamp

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    I’ll continue to wear my colors, cheer for the team and love my Vols. But my expectations are minimal. We do not have the management, coaching, personnel or perseverance to win. This season is already tanked. Once again, our battle cry is we’ll be back.
  5. volcamp

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    This has reached the point of no return I fear. This dumpster fire is zero percent contained. I’m sick of it. There is no one in the chain of command that seems to give a rip. There is no coaching these lazy 2-1/2 star heroes. God I love Tennessee but this is beyond bearable. Why do we continue to waste our time?