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  1. Fitting name if Peyton is going to have a restaurant there. The Volunteer Hotel - formerly Hilton Garden Inn Knoxville/University - Hotel 1706 Cumberland Ave Knoxville, TN 37916 Downtown hotel with a Southern-style restaurant featuring locally grown produce & a casual bar.
  2. I looked it up on google earth and it is behind Krystal...or what used to be Krystal. What the heck, its a cell phone store now. When did that happen? Guess I have been gone too long.
  3. VolNick

    Big Orange Caravan

    I like to think of it as Smokey killing other team's championship dreams! or at least their winning streaks over the Vols.
  4. I knew you shouldn't have wore that hat out! Man accused of pulling gun on couple wearing MAGA hats at Sam's Club WWW.WTSP.COM The "Make American Great Again" hats are associated with President Donald Trump's campaign.
  5. VolNick

    Tec, you OK?

    Yikes, be careful up there! Never been to Bowling Green but I have been to Chicago and its a rough place. I mean just about a month ago 2 guys in MAGA hats beat up some B list actor!
  6. VolNick

    VolTalk Shindig

    I don't know if I can handle the alcohol poisoning again, I am about 5 years older.
  7. VolNick

    New ESPN Tournament Challenge 2019

    Congrats, GH6!
  8. VolNick

    Never listen to social media

    In their defense I would have to be drunk to call Finebaum.
  9. VolNick

    New ESPN Tournament Challenge 2019

    All I got left is Auburn and I have Tennessee beating them.
  10. VolNick

    Pay attention Vols!

    Always watch those 12-5 matchups.
  11. VolNick

    New ESPN Tournament Challenge 2019

    I am a homer but I couldn't pick UT to go all the way.
  12. VolNick

    Goodness will Penny just quit crying?

    Penny was a great player with the Magic back when I watched the NBA. Always seemed a little weird though. Not sure if he had Shaq envy or he was just mad that everyone knew we should have taken Weber over him in the draft.
  13. VolNick

    This is why I want alumni to run things.

    Its getting where if you make a bad hire it will set you back even further to make a change
  14. VolNick

    You a vol fan?

    Now that's spending a little too much time down under.
  15. VolNick

    Just curious ...

  16. VolNick

    Merry Christmas to our Voltalk family

    Merry Christmas fellow Vol Talkers!
  17. Kind of makes you wonder "what if" Butch had played him more.
  18. VolNick

    Holiday plans?

    Just at the gift shop.
  19. VolNick

    Holiday plans?

    We just got back from a trip to Denver to visit our daughter. She moved there this summer to take a job teaching high school English. Went 13 of the 19 miles up Pikes Peak (the rest was closed) and got to see some snow. Merry Christmas!
  20. VolNick

    College Playoff thoughts

    I still say UCF should have got in. You have got to play your conference schedule and right now the power conferences are not letting anyone in. Don't know why, Orlando is a big TV market and last I heard UCF is the second largest college in the US. Their non conference did include a couple of gimmes, FAU and SCSU, but they did schedule UNC and Pitt. They beat Pitt (ACC division champ) by a LOT more than Notre Dame did. Heck, Clemson only beat Pitt by 1 more point than UCF did. The hurricane took out the UNC game. And Cincy was ranked when they played and finished 10-2. Just my 2 cents.
  21. VolNick

    College Playoff thoughts

    Speaking of comeback wins.......Let them in!
  22. VolNick

    College Playoff thoughts

    That was their closest game this year, a 31-30 comeback win.
  23. VolNick

    College Playoff thoughts

    The committee will use th fact that Milton (QB) is out as an excuse to keep them out. Not that they were letting them in anyways, just now they have an excuse.
  24. VolNick

    College Playoff thoughts

    I wonder how many games in a row UCF has to win ? They beat Pitt and a ranked Cincinnati. Not their fault the hurricane canceled the NC game. The rest are conference games that they had to play/ I know,not exactly murderers row but its hard to get into a power 5 conference and a lot of the big teams do not want to play them. Are they the best team? Probably not but they should at least get a chance to prove it.
  25. Looks great Rob! I had to manually change mine but that was easy too.