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  1. Glad you are on the mend!
  2. VolNick

    Tim Banks is the new DC

    A nod to the BJ era? Looks more like he brought along a guy that used to coach for him. "Martinez, who has been on Heupel’s staff with the UCF Knights since 2018". What is this Caleb guy smoking?
  3. Prayers fellow Vol fan.
  4. California handled Covid with lockdowns, mask mandates, business shutdowns, and all sorts of draconian measures. Florida handled it with freedom. Same results. Bet you won't see that on the national news. How California and Florida took different approaches and ended with the same result | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Historically, Florida has had 8,306 cases and 117 deaths per 100,000 residents and California has had about 8,499 cases per 100,000 residents and 130 deaths per 100,000.
  5. Yeah but traitor Joe will challenge you to a push up contest.
  6. I don't know if they release the vote tallies but I hope he got more votes than Woodson.
  7. That was cool, I hadn't seen that.
  8. The prize for winning Pick'ems. Thanks Rob! I will drink coffee from this every day and then the tears of gator, bulldog, and bama fans, in the fall. Or at least Vandy. I had to put up seat cushions to block company secrets on the wall. And yes, that is the Enterprise flying over Neyland.
  9. They also played each other in the 2001 Orange Bowl. Heupel got the better of him there too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_Orange_Bowl. In fact, we had 3 NC winning QBs on staff for a few days in Tee, Weinke, and Heupel.
  10. Yeah, I was going to games when old Danny boy was just a twinkle in his dad's eye so if I see something negative I will say it. But as always I will give his buddy, the new coach a chance to see what he can do. To me, its not about wins and losses at first, just put an entertaining product on the field. His offenses have scored a lot of points so we will see.
  11. I don't remember but I bet I have not bought any Vols merchandise in 5 or 6 years. I think the gator bowl vs Iowa was the last time. 2015? I will still watch on TV but no merch or trips to games until they put a good product on the field.
  12. Congrats buddy! May your grandson never see a UT losing season. We have all seen plenty to go around.
  13. VolNick

    See me in boardroom

    Can't say I am sad to see them leave. https://tennessee.rivals.com/news/heupel-parts-ways-with-chaney-and-weinke
  14. Any day traders out there? The wife and I just got into it a couple weeks ago. Small fish, we each opened an account with $200 and are having a bit of a competition. This was before all the craziness going on this week. She almost bought Gamestop when it was $50. Too late now but AMC at around $11 may be a good one.
  15. Not aa subscriber. Is he bringing a bunch of his UCF staff with him?
  16. I'll give him this, at least went right out and got another job unlike old BJ did.
  17. VolNick

    Sounds like it could be Josh Heupel

    I think most people will admit Pruitt was not getting the job done. Heupel has a reputation for running a clean program, has some HC experience, and was 28-8 at UCF and even if you want to bring up 6-4 this past season, that is better than our 3-7.
  18. VolNick

    I'm getting nervous

    After Scott Frost won the NC at UCF (hey, they were the only undefeated D1 school and did beat Auburn in the bowl. Auburn beat pretender to the title Alabama the same year). Then Frost went to Nebraska and Heupel led UCF to 12-1. Undefeated going into their bowl but in the conf. championship game the QB Milton got a gruesome knee injury. He has had some high scoring offenses which seems to be the way cfb is going and is certainly more entertaining to watch.
  19. VolNick

    Sounds like it could be Josh Heupel

    I think he will do all right. Not aight. I heard they were willing to spend between 5 and 8 million for a coach but this guy should not be making more than $4 mil per year. IMO.
  20. VolNick

    Team Meeting at 8 a.m.

    Dang, making college kids be up at 8 am.
  21. VolNick

    I'm getting nervous

    Hey it's not a google hire! Having lived in the Orlando area (UCF) for years, I have heard of this guy. Seems like a mediocre hire at best but we will have to wait and see.
  22. VolNick

    I'm getting nervous

    Yeah, I am starting to get the same vibe. If nothing else it will be a "google hire", someone I will have to google to find out who the heck he is.
  23. VolNick


    I am not sure how paying off players works but was this the way Pruitt did it at Alabama? From Dan Patrick:
  24. I know when he got to UCF they were playing at the Citrus Bowl (the old decrepit stadium, not the bowl game) and were a mediocre school within their conference. Scotty Frost is not doing to well in Nebraska but went undefeated in 2017, beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl. Good hire IMO. As UCF's director of athletics, White oversaw the hiring of a new head football coach, Scott Frost, and was given responsibility of directing over $70 million in athletic facility construction and upgrades.
  25. VolNick

    Happy Birthday Rob.

    Facebook is fake news! LOL