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  1. VolNick

    Vols, and the Rankings.

    True but if both are 10-2 then head to head should come into play. It really comes down to the selection committee but they will probably take into account that we are a different team without Hooker. I was really hoping Milton would put up some good numbers.
  2. Hooker made watching Tennessee football fun again. I hope he has a speedy recovery and does well in the NFL.
  3. VolNick

    Vandy beats Florida

    After yesterday let's hope they can't make it 3.
  4. So they can eject a player for "targeting" when the D is about to tackle the O and the O lowers his helmet but this "didn't mean that" is just a 15 yard penalty?
  5. Looks like Jimbo is also decommitting from A&M. I think the transfer portal will be full of A&M players this off season and they have some good players to poach.
  6. Good, I just can't get nuthin done with a noon game.
  7. VolNick

    Chins up. Vols control their destiny.

    I think TCU, Oregon, and one of the 2 Big 10 schools ahead of us all have a loss coming. Barring a melt down we will be in at #3 and only rematch Georgia in the championship game.
  8. VolNick

    Chins up. Vols control their destiny.

    Utah and Oregon state after that. Both ranked.
  9. VolNick

    Chins up. Vols control their destiny.

    Going to need to run up the score on the next 3 games. Oregon is just a few points behind us, even though they gave GA much less of a game than we did.The bias may be in to put w western team in and avoid a 2 SEC team playoff.
  10. VolNick

    CBS Bowl Projections

    I think like last year they will make some adjustments to make sure there is not a rematch until the championship game. So I would expect for Tennessee to be 3 and TCU 4. But Texas is taking down TCU this weekend.
  11. VolNick

    Tennessee Georgia game

    I was watching those games. As I see it now, top 4: 1. Georgia 2. OSU/MI winner 3. TCU 4. Tennessee or Oregon. Both lost to GA but ours was not as bad. Lots of football still to play though.
  12. So we had a bad game. Hooker probably lost the Heistman. We could still make the playoffs, just need a little help now. Somebody needs to beat bammer and GA needs to go undefeated and win the SECCG. Bammer beats GA and they both get in and UT is in the Sugar Bowl. OSU/Michigan, 1 will lose. TCU is not that good but will get in if undefeated so we need them to lose. Clemson has a loss coming, they have QB problems.
  13. Y'all remember those 1 way signs in the grocery store? I always ignored them and only got some mean looks. How about the canceled graduations for the class of 2020? Now the teacher's union wants "covid amnesty" to forgive everyone for all the stupid things they did while all the people with a brain knew they were overstepping all the time. Governor Ron don't need no amnesty because he made the right decisions.
  14. This was all from 2020. The former member was from another state. Florida was good.
  15. Whr you vote next Tuesday remember what big government tried to do to us. The mayor of Daytona Beach tried to fine people for not wearing a mask. Fortunately the governor made those fince null and void. Here is an old excerpt from a former member. Well he probably deserved it because I know he voted to put them in charge. Travel papers! The guv has issued a stay-at-home order for the state that just went into effect this evening. My wife got an email from her office to carry with her saying she had a need to travel for an essential job. A delivery driver I know said he's got a permission slip too. Driving anywhere in the state without a good reason is now a misdemeanor.