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  1. I agree 100% volnick  we're going to lose to Alabama obviously.  What better way to train a new qb.  I have always liked shrout form the first time I saw him play in the o & w game

    I say let him start & bring bailey in later.  Maurer seems to fragile - unless he had really good success with the weight program this off season.




    PS  I agree on chopping the qb coach coach also.  We've been wasting 5 years of the program's time trying to develop jg & it aint happening 

    1. VolNick


      "Chop" the QB coach.  I see what you did there!



      it seems we have a bigger problem than what we're talking about.  I gathered from last year

      that the team has a "representative".  Last year Juan walked into Prujitt's off ice & boldly

      told him that their best chance to win was with Geronimo. He told that story in a broadcast interview.  He gave in & we ended up with only 3 wins. Seems as if this rep is still in tact & the team is telling Heupel that they don't want Bailey.  Does he have any "b###s?  


    3. VolNick


      Coach should never let the players call the shots.  If this did happen then that means they picked Milton who is easily the worst of the 3.