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Pick Ems Updated. Redwood still leads. Added week 13 


Get your picks in for week 13 here


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  1. VolNick

    Welcome to new mods

    Congrats! Make sure you wear your mod shirt at the group Christmas party at Rob's house.
  2. VolNick

    Week 13 pick em ALMOST ADDED

    I would take a loss in the pick ems if FU would take another loss on the field.
  3. I saw that and looked at ESPN.com and all they could talk about was Jay Zee's nephew, who I guess plays for Washington. Didn't help against the Vols!
  4. I am invoking Price is right rules, we all went over so no one won! Just kidding, congrats LAVol.
  5. Hoping for multiple OT to get the score up. LOL
  6. VolNick

    Latest College Polls - 11/10/2019

    If you had designed the jail in Gainesville maybe Rob could have seen some of your work
  7. VolNick

    Latest College Polls - 11/10/2019

    Yes, I have wanted a 16 team playoff for a long time and the only way it can happen is if there is chaos in the current system. The old excuse was "It will ruin the bowls", well the current playoff has already done that.
  8. VolNick

    Latest College Polls - 11/10/2019

    Basically every year bama is getting in the playoffs with 0 or 1 loss. To get left out they have to lose 2. I think the only thing that would keep them out is if a 1 loss UGA beats LSU.
  9. VolNick

    Week 12 added for the Pick Ems contest

    I am glad you changed the name because "win Rob's cup" is not a contest that would get many entries.
  10. VolNick

    So with this being an off week

    Nice of her to have a birthday on an off week! So this year it isn't a date at the local sports bar.
  11. If I tailgate like last time I still won't see the game. I know we were in the end zone somewhere.
  12. VolNick

    The "stable genius"

    Well, I mean the dirt is right here on Biden: I see nothing wrong with the president wanting to see if a former government official broke any laws. Anybody read the transcript of the call? Here it is: https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Unclassified09.2019.pdf The Dems know they can't beat him at the ballot box but they thought the Muller report would. Nope. That didn't work so now they are trying Ukraine. I mean, who they got? Warren? Too liberal. Creepy Joe? He can't form complete sentences. Their most electable candidate is a "Russian Asset" according to Clinton.
  13. VolNick

    Got me another one of these

    Me too if I could ever win a week
  14. How long are they holding Maurer out? Saving him for conference games?