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  1. VolNick

    Brighter days ahead

    DeSantis is the man! I also like how he said cities cannot impose a fine for not wearing a mask. Like Daytona Beach. DB mayor is up for replacement this November, I just hope the people of Daytona have enough sense to vote him out but I doubt it.
  2. VolNick

    Game thread

    Lucky bounce. The way SC was moving the ball I would not have been surprised if they moved it right down the field again given the chance.
  3. VolNick

    Game thread

    JG plays just like he has since his freshman year.
  4. VolNick

    Game thread

    You know it! I may have to retract my previous comment on the defense.
  5. VolNick

    Game thread

    You would thinkTo'oto'o would have number 22.
  6. VolNick

    Game thread

    I did not get a good look at the int return but Pruitt nd the ref were right there.
  7. VolNick

    Game thread

    JG still inaccurate on his throws.
  8. VolNick

    Game thread

    Both long snaps were bad.
  9. VolNick

    Game thread

    Looks like the defense didn't make the trip. I counted at least 3 times where the D did not try to hit and wrap up. Just try to push them down.
  10. VolNick


    4 of the 5 "socially distanced " announcers picked Tennessee. This is ridiculous. They go on location but show no people in the background. Is there no tailgaiting? They show people at home cheering on their teams. FL and MS "taking a knee" before kickoff. Don't drop the ball Vols
  11. VolNick

    Season opener

    I see someone with a mask on and I assume they are sick and stay away from them.
  12. VolNick

    Brighter days ahead

    I am glad all of my Vol Talk friends are the 1/3 of America that is still alive.
  13. VolNick

    Brighter days ahead

    Be glad you don't live in a swing state. I get Biden ads all day on radio and TV. Now he says Trump is going to take away your......wait for it......social security.
  14. 5 days and some hours until kickoff. A little bummed that it is a night game and we have to wait all day but we should get to see some other SEC teams play. Is SC allowing fans in? I have only watched 1 game this year, FSU vs GT and they limited attendance. Didn't help, most people crowded down to the bottom where the better seats were.