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  1. It is really surreal. WKU has around 17,000 students and they have all been sent home for the most part..All our restaurants are closed for dine in, and Governor Beshear has now closed all non-essential businesses (thank G-d liquor stores are open). He implored all Kentuckians to not go to Tennessee to dine in open restaurants because it defeats the purpose of quarantine. At night, the town is like The Walking Dead, but without zombies We are hunkered down here at my place. My wife works from home for Med Center Health, so we are really not leaving the house. I ordered $100 of frozen steaks from Omaha Steaks, scored a 10# bag of taters and got toilet paper and shrimp from the local oriental market (where everyone was wearing masks).. We are going to be okay for a bit Thank you for asking Rob
  2. Very nice to be chosen over this group
  3. TecVol

    Voltalk check in

    My son-in-law was laid off indefinitely because of the Ford Assembly Plant in Louisville shutting down. (He works at Magna, welding F-150 frames and they shut down).. Hopefully it will only last a couple of weeks, otherwise it will affect the stock of The Bank of Daddy.. The Corvette factory here in BG is closed, as well as the Toyota factory in Georgetown
  4. This is very good news. We will see how it plays out
  5. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were just diagnosed with Corona Virus. Now this is getting to be be some serious shit
  6. The NCAA made the unprecedented decision Wednesday to hold the men's and women's basketball tournaments without fans because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis. "The NCAA continues to assess the impact of COVID-19 in consultation with public health officials and our COVID-19 advisory panel," NCAA president Mark Emmert said in a statement. "Based on their advice and my discussions with the NCAA Board of Governors, I have made the decision to conduct our upcoming championship events, including the Division I men's and women's basketball tournaments, with only essential staff and limited family attendance. "While I understand how disappointing this is for all fans of our sports, my decision is based on the current understanding of how COVID-19 is progressing in the United States. This decision is in the best interest of public health, including that of coaches, administrators, fans and, most importantly, our student-athletes. We recognize the opportunity to compete in an NCAA national championship is an experience of a lifetime for the students and their families. Today, we will move forward and conduct championships consistent with the current information and will continue to monitor and make adjustments as needed." NCAA tournament will be played without fans WWW.ESPN.COM The NCAA announced Wednesday that its men's and women's basketball tournaments will be played in arenas without fans because of the coronavirus crisis.
  7. Yeah you can lead a horse to water, but sometimes you have to salt his oats
  8. I'm in.. We have inquiries from FaceBook wanting to know what our plans are
  9. To paraphrase Phil Fulmer from years ago, I don't know what "it" is, but this team does not have "it"
  10. Report: Student banned from Auburn Arena for xenophobic remark An Auburn student has been banned from Auburn Arena after shouting a xenophobic comment at Tennessee freshman Santiago Vescovi on Saturday during the Tigers' 73-66 win over the Volunteers, according to AL.com. The now-banned student was identified and escorted out of the arena by officials shortly after the incident took place, per the report. “Go back to Uruguay; this is America,” the student could be heard shouting toward Vescovi during the CBS television broadcast of the game. The Volunteers guard is a native of Montevideo, Uruguay. The student did not have his identity disclosed, per the report. Vescovi had 10 points and three assists in the loss to the No. 13 Tigers. He entered Saturday averaging 11.4 points, 3.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game for the Volunteers. Tennessee led by as much as 15 in the second half on Saturday, but was unable to close the deal. Auburn used an 18-0 run in the second half en route to recording a seven-point win in comeback fashion. As a recruit, Vescovi had a three-star rating, per the 247Sports Composite. The 6-foot-3 Uruguayan has established himself as one of the SEC’s best freshmen, and the hope from Tennessee’s end is that he’ll be an even more dynamic player after spending a full offseason with strength coach Garrett Medenwald — who has spent the past few years completely transforming the bodies of several players. Barnes wants Vescovi to play faster on both ends of the floor, and being in better shape is the first step in that process. Tennessee coach Rick Barnes has said several times that Vescovi’s story this season has been a “remarkable” one, and he’s got a point there. The January enrollee has helped keep the Vols afloat in the aftermath of Lamonte Turner’s season-ending shoulder surgery. Barnes’ system is a demanding one for point guards on both ends of the floor, but Vescovi — who should be a high school senior — has exceeded any reasonable expectation in that role, especially considering how freely he still admits he’s not in ideal (SEC-level) shape. Report: Student banned from Auburn Arena for xenophobic remark 247SPORTS.COM ...
  11. On January 25th, three-star defensive lineman Isaac Washington announced his commitment to Tennessee after visiting campus. Less than a month later, Washington has decided to reopen his recruitment, citing a coaching change at Tennessee as to why. Washington took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to announce that his recruitment is “back open” and that he was decommitting from the Vols. He thanked Tennessee for offering him a scholarship, adding that he is still “extremely interested in being a Tennessee Volunteer.” But with former defensive line coach Tracy Rocker moving on to South Carolina and UT reportedly hiring Colorado defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh to replace him, Washington has decided to “visit other programs to look into my other offers.” Complete story here: https://www.rockytopinsider.com/2020/02/19/defensive-lineman-decommits-from-vols/?fbclid=IwAR0vBAGOMkA0kZDa4aGbBkgZBBO5x7BJXEGoa7bjYphjE0VhkBHd9Fot-9c