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  1. TitanicVol

    TitanicVol's Family

  2. TitanicVol

    My oldest at age 5 before game at SC - 2003

    Hey 37601, teach them this one... walk up to one of your boys out of the blue and ask him if he "has his tickets?" When he says "tickets to what?" pull up your sleeve and make a muscle (yours probably isn't as HUGE as mine of course) and say "TO THE GGGUUUNNN SHOW, BABY!!!" I do that to my girls all the time. They lov....umm, well they're actually kind of tired of it LOL. But I keep doing it anyway. Your kid looks like he might appreciate it.
  3. TitanicVol

    Arian and me.jpg

    Awesome pic, Ms. F!!! I have 2 daughters, and we've been to a few Lady Vols b-ball games together (you can see them in my gallery) .... just the thrill of being there together, I can hardly imagine the joy you must feel to see your son playing for the U of T!! Thanks again for the pics!!
  4. TitanicVol

    before dark, grave next to front steps

    Luv the hand... that sets it off.
  5. TitanicVol

    christmas tree zoomed.jpg

    Great pics, Tas... Looks like she's as lovely as her Mother!! From one parent to another - LOCK HER UP NOW!!!!!! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!!! LOL.
  6. TitanicVol

    Behr & Chey

    Thanks...enquiring minds need to know!!
  7. TitanicVol

    They clean up real nice. LOL

  8. TitanicVol

    Behr & Chey

    Adorable kids, yall...... Congrats :12: Is Behr short for something? What about Chey... is that her full name or is it Cheyenne? Also, yall had a pic called "oldest and youngest," with an older kid. Is he yall's too, or like the oldest cousin or something? Is this too many questions?
  9. TitanicVol

    chey's 3rd bday

    So bry.... how DO they get us wrapped around such TINY little fingers, anyway? Oh I remember now....by being so dadgummed CUTE!!!!
  10. TitanicVol

    Pic 2

    Buoy Crackie, Mate!! EEs 'avin a go at that big beauty, eh?