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  1. One of the most embarrassing things a person can do is make fun of the failures of an institution that person contributed to. Well, former Tennessee football running back and recently departed assistant coach Jay Graham did just that. Graham, who played for the Vols from 1993 to 1996, is currently the special teams coordinator and tight ends coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Tuesday evening, he touted the arrival of elite 2021 athlete Ga’Quincy “Kool-Aid” McKinstry to the program with a graphic about Bama being unbeatable. That by itself was fine, as he works for Alabama now. However, Graham decided to take his trolling to another level. A reply to the tweet simply said “5,232 days,” which was a blatant reference to the number of days it had been as of that day since Tennessee football beat Alabama The Vols are currently on a 14-game losing streak to the Tide. Graham thought it would be cute to respond with the phrase “Ago And Counting.” Tennessee football: Jay Graham embarrasses himself trying to troll Vols ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM One of the most embarrassing things a person can do is make fun of the failures of an institution that person contributed to. Well, former Tennessee footba...
  2. The statements made in social media about his passing are disgusting. These people are so vial.
  3. UltimateVolfan

    Tim Banks is the new DC

    Tennessee football recycles another Butch Jones assistant in Willie Martinez ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM On the same day new Tennessee football head coach Josh Heupel introduced his entire offensive staff, the Vols made another move that was a nod to the Butch...
  4. UltimateVolfan

    I love Nick

    That dude is hilarious
  5. UltimateVolfan

    Prayers for one of our members

    Prayers from here. Hope all is well for whoever it is.
  6. I totally agree. Tennessee fans have been screwed for over 10 plus years. Josh Heupel is a easy get for Tennessee since he is Danny White's boy. I am so sick and tired of Tennessee hiring middle tier crap hires. I will give Josh 6 weeks before I start calling for his ass to be fired. Again it is another half ass hire. Period.
  7. Apparently elite DCs think Heupel sucks Tennessee football, rejected by Bryan Brown, is too toxic for elite DCs ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Face it. Tennessee football can't lure top-notch coaches to its program right now. Danny White's decision to hire Josh Heupel lent itself to a lot of suspi...
  8. UltimateVolfan

    Tennessee plays Kentucky tonight

    I dont care if KY sucks this year. Stomp a hole and walk it dry
  9. We are going to see a spread offense to allow the team to score some points. While it will look decent we all know this is mid tier college coaching. Expect a 6-6 team if you are lucky.
  10. Tennessee has become the garage sales of flea markets for sports teams. It is sad. Danny White is no more than a primer for Tennessee fans to hang their shit on them. This whole hire and coach hire is BS!!!! Just watch. More Tennessee BS with no substance. Keep buying those season tickets you morons
  11. UltimateVolfan

    See me in boardroom

    I actually think that if Jim Chaney had a good coach and a good QB coach this team would have done better. Again, just my opinion. I guess we all will see the Heupel spread eagle shit offense., This is a cycle and it will change. I would take an offensive line averaging 320lbs and 6 foot 5 over this spread eagle bullshit spread crap. Defenses are already starting to adjust. The spread that looks so good on ESPN will fade just like the run and shoot. You cannot replace what a good offensive line and a strong fullback with a good running back brings you. The spread is smoke and mirrors. Just keep thinking it is all that. RPO is BS Just may take.
  12. That kid was good and WAY under used. I agree he will do well at the next level if he lands on the right team
  13. UltimateVolfan

    Guarantano Enters The Portal..

    Take his ass on. I am glad to see him go I wont miss him
  14. UltimateVolfan

    Vols vs A&M thoughts

    Looking at the picks ems, seems not a lot of people have confidence there either
  15. UltimateVolfan

    Thoughts on the SEC Title game?

    I could be wrong but I don't think this game is close. Like a 45-21 type game and Bama wins.
  16. I actually liked seeing Strout throw the ball. He has a gun. He is a little erratic though. But he is a gunner pocket passer. I also felt Bailey did well. I agree. Let these boys just hang out and sling that damned ball. This season is shit. So let them sling it and bring it and see what we got for next season.
  17. UltimateVolfan

    Bailey to start today

    this should be interesting, We will never know what we got until he plays. The season is toast anyways so WTH go for it
  18. UltimateVolfan

    Schofield to Oklahoma City

    I thought we would have seen more from Admiral than what we have. I am wondering is this another stalled development because of Covid or just not a good match?
  19. UltimateVolfan

    Vanderbilt kickoff time, TV channel set

    Hoooray! Said no one about being on the ALT channel
  20. UltimateVolfan

    Didn't see this coming. Mushchamp fired

    wow I thought most SEC coaches would get a pass with the COVID garbage impeding coaching and development. Wonder who they truly think they can get there?
  21. UltimateVolfan

    Tennessee Georgia game thread

    Can you imagine how Tennessee would look with Dobbs, Kamara, Tuttle and others with a Jeremy Pruitt as coach? Yeah. It is sad but wow
  22. UltimateVolfan

    Tennessee Georgia game thread

    Talk about the greatest highs and the lowest lows into the second half. It is sad but I will be honest. I was thinking to myself at the opening of the 3rd quarter, "What will they do to F**k this up in the 2nd half?" I hate to admit it but I just had that feeling. They looked really good for a half. They just need to but in a complete game with that 1st half effort. I just hope they don't overlook Kentucky. That team is better than some think.
  23. UltimateVolfan

    Mark Richt nails it on the new transfer portal rules

    I wonder if Richt saw the handwriting on the wall and was what lead to him jumping out of Miami so quickly? I know they were struggling a little down there but he had a good season the year before and seemed to be turning the corner when BAM he resigns