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  1. Let me tell you now if Morris can get his buddy to come to k'town that would be HUGE! Imagine turning the Number 1 ranked recruit in the country to the Vols. Talk about gaining a huge get and momentum for getting other recruits. Tennessee beating Missouri and looking impressive and the fanbase supporting strongly Saturday will be HUGE HUGE HUGE!
  2. UltimateVolfan

    5 star Josiah Jordan James signs with basketvols

    Apparently Rick Barnes is getting a rep at Tennessee. Players are noticing and wanting to come to Knoxville. nice sign. It probably doesn't hurt this guy coached a very popular player in the NBA like Kevin Durant.
  3. they will look a lot better when Turner returns
  4. I saw that Saturday and was impressed. Pruitt get's it. No one is spared or immune from getting their asses chewed.
  5. UltimateVolfan

    Vols Land Commitment from JUCO Defensive End

    This one looks good. Remember, this is Pruitt recruits not soft emotional pansies from the Butch Jones classes
  6. UltimateVolfan

    Missouri to be Without Two Top Players vs. Vols

    Right now anything to give the Vols an edge is good. Generally I don't want to win when a team is down because of injuries but winning out and gaining momentum for next year is key to recruiting and the emotions of these players going into next year. So I will take ANY advantage.
  7. UltimateVolfan

    Vols Land Commitment from JUCO Defensive End

    Keep loading it up Coaches!
  8. I watched that game last night. It was sloppy. Grant Williams looked good but there was a lot of missed shots like dunks and clankers. The play was sloppy and it is good to get this out of the way. This gives Rick Barnes something to jump on them about. This a training and improvement identification type of game. Like the guy said last night on ESPN, this is a game they would use to lose. They played sloppy and still won going away so while ugly it actually might be a good sign
  9. UltimateVolfan

    AP Top 25 is out

    It seems every year we go through this though. Kentucky starts out strong and tanks in October/November, That lasted a little be longer this year but still they seem to do this after getting people excited. I was just looking through this ranking and just saw Utah State? Where did THAT come from? They were one of the worst in CFB back when Jones and the Vols played them in like 2013. Wow someone coached that team up. UCF while they haven't really played anyone still has beaten who was in front of them. No offense and I don't see them better than the top 5 or 6 teams but I would bet they would keep up with Washington State and LSU. Placing a two loss team ahead of them even though they are an SEC team seems a little biased in my opinion. Remember this same team beat a Auburn team in a bowl game last year that beat UGA and Bama. I don't think they should be in the playoff but still a little higher than where they are.
  10. UltimateVolfan

    Happy Anniversary Vol Fans

    Thank god Lyle is gone!
  11. UltimateVolfan

    Bryce Thompson says he is gonna be fine

    Definitely need him Saturday
  12. UltimateVolfan

    Petrino out at Louisville

    Now he can go be a perv on his motorcycle again
  13. I see a win against Vandy and an Independence Bowl game appearance. still.......... The Tennessee Volunteers improved to 5-5 on the season with an impressive win over Kentucky on Saturday afternoon. Now, first-year coach Jeremy Pruitt only needs one more win to get his team eligible for a bowl, and the schedule is certainly set up to make that happen. However, ESPN’s FPI is still lower on the Vols than most, giving them a less-than-50-percent chance to win each of their two remaining games. Here’s what FPI thinks of the Vols’ chances to win: vs. Mizzou — 31.6% at Vanderbilt — 45.6% Of course, that won’t matter to Pruitt and his squad. They weren’t given much of a chance to beat Kentucky on Saturday (or at Auburn earlier this year, for that matter). It’ll be interesting to see if the Vols can take care of business and earn the extra practices that come along with a bowl berth.
  14. UltimateVolfan

    Thanks to all veterans