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  1. UltimateVolfan

    You wanna see good coaching?

    glad to see you are being optimistic but I have a feeling you will be needing some pepto or castor by November.
  2. UltimateVolfan

    Wordss from a Mizzou fan

    Missouri is terrible this year. After the South Carolina game Tennessee will get a dose of reality. Enjoy the blown out of proportion win form Saturday. I loved it and it looked good on paper. Read between the lines though and this was about like beating a wet noodle.
  3. UltimateVolfan

    Lane Kiffin

    Could not believe he opened his mouth like that before a Bama game. You would have though he learned
  4. Good god man please let Hooker play. I cannot watch Milton anymore
  5. Randy Sanders wasn't the problem at Tennessee he was just another scapegoat
  6. Hooker played well. The best I have seen against good players since he has been here. Still, please get rid of Milton. I am so sick of seeing this guy. He is terrible. Go with Hooker and develop Bailey more. Milton can be 3rd string if he is lucky. I am have seen some good players on this team. Hooker, Evans, Small, Jackson, Taylor and the defensive line looks decent and could be developed. There is some talent there. I just think Heupel isn't the guy. Why does Tennessee continue to go cheap ?????? It is a shame but I am tired of asking this question every year...... "When does basketball season start?"
  7. UltimateVolfan

    ...and we suck AGAIN!!!!

    Cannot say I disagree. Tennessee better turn it on against Missouri next Saturday of this season will go down the drain like the previous ones. I am not a Josh Heupel fan. I feel this is another high school/small college coach who is in WAY OVER HIS HEAD. Hell, I think Central Florida got the better deal with Gus Malzaun.
  8. I am just saying. Pitt beat a small team that isn't very good but they handled theirs much easier: Saturday Sep. 4 UMass MinutemenHeinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA 4:00pm ETACCN W 51-7 Tennessee better not assume anything they aren't good enough at this point to take ANYTHING for granted...
  9. UltimateVolfan

    Vols win opener in unimpressive fashion

    I saw nothing that made think Tennessee has made strides in the right direction. I am tired of trying to be a guy that sees that glass half full when it is almost always half empty and full of piss to be dumped on you. I am staying skeptical until I see something played well against a team that is not ranked in the bottom 10 worst teams in college football.
  10. UltimateVolfan

    Depth Chart

    Bailey shined in the Orange and White game. He has stayed out of trouble and been loyal to the Tennessee brand. That should stand for something. I think not letting him start is a slap in the face. I don't care what Milton has done. I haven't seen it yet on the playing field. Bad call by Heupel in my opinion. Now watch I posted this and this Milton kid will throw some 90 yard bomb downfield .....
  11. UltimateVolfan

    Sounds like Maurer is gone

    I think this is going to be another year where where former UT QBs make good somewhere else. JT Strout is playing well at Colorado and don't be surprised if he competes there. As for JG I think he will stink it up. I always thought he was overrated. As for for the QB's left, Harrison Bailey is the guy in my opinion with that kid from Michigan coming in on trick plays. Tennessee will score more points than in other seasons but the issue will be they will allow more than they score.
  12. Tennessee football the favorite to land five-star DL who moved to area ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Back in April, Tennessee football didn't even make the top eight for five-star defensive lineman Walter Nolen out of St. Benedict High School in Cordova, T...
  13. The SEC is actually stronger in Baseball than football or basketball when you think about it. They had LSU, Arkansas, Tennessee, Miss State, Ole Miss and Vandy all in contention. That is saying a lot about the SEC and baseball. Looks like Tony is staying at Tennessee. All I can say is pay that man his money..
  14. UltimateVolfan

    Happy 4th to Everyone

    Agreed and happy 4th to you and the family