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  1. UltimateVolfan

    Vols are flipping the script

    I will be glad to get back where Tennessee is at least in contention and at the top of the SEC East
  2. Good win. It would seem the main three sports are starting to turnaround across the board. Kellie Harper Jeremy Pruitt Rick Barnes Things are starting to look up at Tennessee. You kind of get that feeling don't you?
  3. UltimateVolfan

    Pruitt Post Game Conf

    The best quote I heard from Pruitt came after the game when they asked him about JG what made the difference and he says" Well, he threw it to open receivers" like DUH!!! Pruitt is so matter of fact about things. Love his demeanor
  4. UltimateVolfan

    Vols-MildCats score predictions?

    I think the Vols roll but KY does score some Vols - 31 Kitties - 17
  5. UltimateVolfan

    Nothing more needs to be said...

    This is what you become when you're a bama fan......
  6. UltimateVolfan

    Nothing more needs to be said...

    Let me get in on this
  7. In case peeps missed it
  8. Jarrett Guarantano and JT Shrout looked great in Tennessee football’s win over South Carolina. Which Volunteers quarterback was more pleasantly surprising? One was dealing with scrutiny all week for make the worst of a series of critical mistakes this year last Saturday against the Alabama Crimson Tide. The other had proven nothing to this point. Both were crucial in Tennessee football dominating the South Carolina Gamecocks Saturday. Wide receivers and linebackers may have been the story of the game in the Vols’ win. But Jarrett Guarantano and JT Shrout both over-performed all expectations, and they did it against a Will Muschamp defense that eats struggling and young quarterbacks alive. When you look at how these guys have struggled this year, they should have been even worse. Guarantano seemed to regress this year, and he caught a lot of flack for going rogue on a quarterback sneak against the Alabama Crimson Tide that resulted in a fumble returned for a touchdown the other way, turning 28-20 into 35-13. Jeremy Pruitt received lots of media attention for ripping into Guarantano after that play. Then he put in Shrout, who looked awful against the Chattanooga Mocs, overthrowing everything, and then did nothing at Alabama. But with Brian Maurer hurt, these were his two options Saturday. And he started things off with Shrout, who directed the Vols to a field goal on their second drive, cutting South Carolina’s 7-0 lead to 7-3. After that, Pruitt put in Guarantano, who directed a long drive only to be stopped on 4th and goal. A Marquez Callaway punt return touchdown one drive after that stop may have put the Vols ahead 10-7, but the message was clear that they wouldn’t be able to win with their quarterbacks or their offense in general. Then they did. Ryan Hilinski had the best passing game of his career with South Carolina, and he directed to late touchdown drives in the first half. That’s when Guarantano shockingly came to life. He had a touchdown pass to Jauan Jennings in between those drives. In the second half, he directed a drive into S.C. territory that resulted in a missed field goal. But then, after getting the ball back, he had another touchdown pass to Jennings on 3rd and 14 to put Tennessee football ahead 24-21. However, he got hurt on the play, and Shrout had to come back in to finish things off. On the next drive, Shrout hit Callaway for a 55-yard touchdown pass, proving he had taken strides as well. The UT quarterbacks finished 18-of-30 for 351 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Guarantano was 11-of-19 for 229 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. Shrouth was seven-of-11 for 122 yards, one touchdown and no interception. Breaking those numbers down, Shrout had the more efficient game. But Guarantano made more big plays and impressive ones at that. So who overcame greater odds given what they were dealing with coming into the matchup? That’s the major question. Nobody had any such questions about Maurer. Guarantano’s scrutiny and a complete lack of faith in Shrout though resulted in a complete lack of faith in Tennessee football for this game. And both quarterbacks shockingly delivered. Guarantano was probably the greater surprise. That’s because of the fact that his mistakes had everybody on Rocky Top done with him this week. Him not starting again, even with Maurer out, seemed to further prove that. So it’s hard to overstate what bringing him back into the game only to set up the Vols with a 24-21 lead meant for the program, himself, and Jeremy Pruitt, who went from lashing at him last week to embracing him after the game this week. Taking it all into account, he overcame more.Shrout, however, shows that Tennessee football now has three quarterbacks they can use. He proved he can play at this level, which he had not shown yet. And when Jim Chaney put faith in him on that touchdown pass, he clearly knew what he was doing. So both guys deserve a lot of praise, and the Vols truly do have depth at the position now. Interesting take from this writer, Tennessee football: Which Vols QB was more pleasantly surprising vs. Gamecocks? ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Jarrett Guarantano and JT Shrout looked great in Tennessee football's win over South Carolina. Which Volunteers quarterback was more pleasantly surprising?...
  9. UltimateVolfan

    BOO! Enjoy the Halloween theme

    dude scary!
  10. So the XFL on it's second go around isn't doing well this time either. Former Vol Corey Vereen isn't happy. The XFL's pay scale is prompting at least some recently drafted players to reconsider whether to join the new football league. Former University of Tennessee defensive end Corey Vereen became the first to announce a reversal, saying he is making more money as a software developer than he would have in the XFL during its inaugural season. The XFL informed agents a week before its Oct. 15-16 draft that non-quarterbacks would receive $2,080 every two weeks they are under contract, for a max base salary of $27,040 for the season. There are $1,685 bonuses for being on an active game-day roster and another $2,222 for players on the winning team. A player who is active for all 10 games and is on a team that goes 5-5 would earn $55,000 for the season. Quarterbacks will be paid more, up to nearly $500,000 for the season. Vereen said in a telephone interview that the league's pay scale for all other players was much lower than he expected after receiving a salary that would have reached $70,000 in the Alliance of American Football if the now-defunct lead had finished its spring season. Vereen said he passed on offers from the CFL, and accepted a commissioner's invitation to the XFL draft, based on a presumption of higher salaries. You can read more over at ESPN but pretty danged pathetic already out of the door. XFL draftee Corey Vereen won't play because of low pay WWW.ESPN.COM At least one XFL draftee says he won't play for the league because the pay is too low.
  11. UltimateVolfan

    Vols let one get away. Lose to Bama 35-13

    Well I don't all the blame on JG but that play was obviously a running play. Did it lost the game by itself? No but jeez folks how many times have we seen this JG story? This is getting old. Other than the Auburn game what had this guy really done when you're honest with yourself? He can take a hit? OK and so that is good but that doesn't put points on the board. Missing wide open players (Florida Game) Pouting when he didn't get to start (Georgia Tech), Fumbling after hits(Too many games to mention) and then this stupid play on the goal line against Bama. This is really getting old. Sometimes things just weren't meant to be. I think this is one of those cases. Quit trying to place a square peg in a round hole. Move on and use the players who came in under Pruitt. I agree I think Maurer would be fine and if not then JT Shrout is not really that bad. I agree with Rob's assessment on him. I think with some playing time to settle down then he might surprise some. I love his arm and footwork in the pocket. So I am really looking forward to every last piece of anything remaining from the Butch Jones era is gone. Not counting Jennings.
  12. UltimateVolfan

    Grading the Vols on the win

    Sorry while it was a win overall QB play was a C. Still lot's of work in my opinion.
  13. UltimateVolfan

    Got my new cooler cup today

  14. UltimateVolfan

    Do the Vols pull out a win tomorrow?

    Tired of this losing crap. Tennessee needs a win badly and us fans do as well. UT - 35 Miss State - 20
  15. Did you all see AJ Johnson Sunday? He was balling big time. Great day for him. Glad to see this after all the crap he went through at Tennessee. getting branded a criminal and pretty much had his name drug through the mud. A.J. Johnson's redemption story gets better with end zone pick 247SPORTS.COM A.J. Johnson's redemption story got that much better Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles. The former standout Tennessee linebacker, in his second year with the Denver Broncos,