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Pick Ems Week 4 has been added. Week 3 final updated

Make your picks by kickoff of the games.

Get your picks in for next week,


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  1. JDvol

    Pick Em Question - Update

    I'll be here.
  2. JDvol

    Pick 'ems Army vs Navy Week Loaded

    Is this a tie breaker?
  3. 52-6.......I've thought that for 3 days. Would love for young RB's to have many reps and some receivers help Calloway out today. GBO
  4. JDvol

    Game Weekend in Knoxville

    What's up voltalk dudes! Been a long offseason glad everything is right in the world again!
  5. JDvol


    Rob I've been through the ringer lately with my mom and dad passing within two months of each other. Man life is tough and I'm not sure what is going on with your family but I'm just trying to get happy knowing they would want me to I pray you heal brother.
  6. JDvol

    Question for members

    Prayers up brother! I've not met you but I feel we are friends.
  7. JDvol

    Question for members

    I understand Rob. I lost my mom thanksgiving and my dad yesterday. God is good though
  8. JDvol

    Question for members

    I like that kinda stuff personally
  9. JDvol

    Question for members

    Sounds good Rob
  10. JDvol

    great win UT

    4 and 0. That's all that matters!
  11. Remaining quiet for now on prediction
  12. JDvol

    Hey guys need some feed back

    Looks cool Rob. I'm good with either. Sorry I'm no help just not hard to please.
  13. Hey Rob thanks for getting this together. I hate to be no help but Im good with either way. I only really follow former Vols in the pros except for the Titans but Im game to try NFL pickems.
  14. JDvol

    God Speed, Pat

    A much better place now! Terrible disease