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    Well, folks....this coaching staff ain't it.

    Pitt isn’t a pushover. Our D was doing a phenomenal job getting to the QB and knocking him down. It’s because of our D that we ended playing against a backup. It was that same D that made that QB 1 legged. You have to give credit where credit is due. As for Patterson - he was shell of himself after signing that big contract before 2016. Heck he was 3-5 when he left TCU. I would be ok with letting him coach the D, but not even sure I would make him the DC.
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    Well, folks....this coaching staff ain't it.

    How many sack does UGA’s defense have right now? We had NINE tackles for loss in a game. Tell us all who you would hire.
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    Well, folks....this coaching staff ain't it.

    You can’t keep hiring a coach every two years.
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    Honest discussion Pitt game

    I think you’ll see a competitive game for 2 and. A half quarters of football. Our defense will look better because we will be more multiple vs our base set. Which by the way worked pretty well. Wasn’t flashy but worked. Pitt, if it wasn’t for mistakes by WVU, loses that game. Vegas even says so. Pitt won’t be able to score to keep up. 41-24 Good guys!!
  5. Alabama didn’t record a sack in their first game either. Also - almost every Ball St pass was a two or three step drop. Quick passes. Hard to get a sack on that when you only rush 4 and never blitz.
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