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  1. Ole Smokey

    Tee Martin

    He said... "He has something special at at USc" and the timing wasn't right.
  2. Ole Smokey

    Tee Martin

    Tee brought his whole family today. Saw a pic of them at the airport. Several players have tweeted about meeting him today.
  3. Ole Smokey

    Tee Martin

    But Tee has been in the news coaching and recruiting. Tee can relate to 17 and 18 yrs more than Conredge. Tennessee needs him in the Ath Dept. He is one of the only True Vols there. Plus he owns a D1 training facility on Hunstville so I am not sure if that would cause issues in recruiting if he was recruiting that area.
  4. Ole Smokey

    Tee Martin

    Conredge last played college ball in 74. Tee Martin can show his National Championship ring to juniors and seniors and he is probably more in tune with todays youth.
  5. Ole Smokey

    Tee Martin

    Dooley has shown what he knows about football and that isn't much. I don't think Dooley not hiring Tee (even though both have been quoted saying it was mutual) says anything about Tee. Dooley may be a smart man but he has shown when it comes to football he is the dumb one. Who takes 2 time outs into overtime. 40 seconds left in the game and you have the ball and you run out the clock. C'mon... Forrest Gump would have been a better coach.
  6. Ole Smokey

    News coming - just maybe

    Welcome to the board. Your thoughts and opinions will be greatly appreciated!!
  7. Ole Smokey

    News coming - just maybe

    It appears my buddy was DEAD WRONG. I told y'all what I was told. He told me what he was told. I would caution a rush to judgement. Remember - Hart and Cheek made the hire. You can't fault Butch Jones for wanting the job. HE WANTED THE JOB - other candidates did not. I think I would rather have a coach that turned down 2 jobs to come to TENNESSEE. China - Would it be better if I gave you Tressel's accomplishments at Youngstown St? Or Urban's at Bowling Green and Utah?
  8. Ole Smokey

    News coming - just maybe

    Pelini was a DC in the SEC first. He went to a DOWN Nebraska and has been winning. Callahan about desroyed that program. Pelini is recruiting against Oklahaoma and Texas. It's almost identical to our situation....especially location wise. He has to go get the talent from Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas mainly. All 3 have good programs. Tennessee goes to Georgia, Bama and Florida. Plus it would give us a in to Louisianna.
  9. Ole Smokey

    News coming - just maybe

    If you follow twitter - It's being rumored that Hue Jackson Greg Roman and Bo Pelini Are all interested in the job now. If you think we were full on board with Strong, I think any of these 3 would be as good if not better.
  10. Ole Smokey

    News coming - just maybe

    Might have been contingent upon. I don't think Gundy ever received an offer. Interview yes.
  11. Ole Smokey

    News coming - just maybe

    Sorry Bird - I did misunderstand you. the coaches are Gruden and Fedora. I think some will be to quick to judge Fedora. He is a relentless recruited and a very high energy coach. Also, he has never had a losing season as a HC.
  12. Ole Smokey

    News coming - just maybe

    Bird - If I was the direct source then I would say "Hey, Rob Porter told me that such and such...." unfortunately the main part of this comes from someone that has a friend close to Bill Battle and the other friend is an Attorney in Knoxville. I name those two names and next thing you know Knoxville media is knocking on the attorney's door wanting a statement. Then next time i want some news to share I will get nothing. Rob can vouch that i have personally asked the guy to come here and check this site out. I told him he would like it (this board) due to the boards maturity level compared to other sites. Hopefully he will come share with everyone what he knows. I understand your frustration with the whole source thing... I do as well and have asked the same thing you are asking many times. 6 - according to Strong's presser he met with someone from UT on Monday and an offer was made on Tuesday. I did see the reports of Hart's car at the Pilot hanger. I have also seen a public bet made "I will bet you season tickets that it is Gruden." I for one just hope we get a coach soon so all this madness will stop - but then again what would we all talk about?
  13. Ole Smokey

    News coming - just maybe

    China that is something that has been wondered by many. My thoughts are this - Was there an actual offer sheet presented or just something verbal. Strong and the Louisville AD have confirmed that there was very brief talks between Strong and UT. Not Hart. If you are seriously going to go after Strong don't you let Hart do the bidding and not Cheek. Stated that there was a request and one phone call. I too have been as skeptical as most but I do think that the offer could have totally been "contingent upon." This got Strong a pretty hefty raise and he stays at a guaranteed job. TIFWIW
  14. Folks, many of you know that I have been around this board for quite some time now. Because of this board I got to host Smokey Howline for a bit with James Bryant which worked directly with UT and is now at Arky St. Since this whole hiring bonanza started there have been a few that have stayed with their mindset of who our coach was going to be. I won't name names but by reading this board I am sure most of know one. I have had a couple of interesting convos over the past few weeks. One has been sayign that some of this other coaches stuff has been somewhat of a smokescreen - more of a half hearted search as a back up plan. So has there been convo's with other coaches - Yep. Offers? Probably contingent offers. Any how - to get to my poit, which most of you are probably waiting on. I was told today that our new HC is in town right now. I was also told that an announcement would probably be made today or tomorrow. One of the sources have said this new coach's name had been mentioned and not and then again... I asked who it was and just got a message back and he named two names. I think we will be happy with either. Now... Sonmeone on here can validate this if they choose so.
  15. Ole Smokey

    Rumor on Mora interest

    No substance to Mora rumors. he is a southern guy but why leave a recruiting paradise that you are currently King of.