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  1. Never was much of a Debord fan but you have to say Jones and Tennessee went to crap after he left. The change in performance was obvious
  2. I agree they completely dragged their feet on this decision and left Barnes waiting and waiting. Really there isn't a reason I see for them denying him. They make exceptions all the time and this is ridiculous. He wasn't even in conference.
  3. Nice to see the win. I am confused though why JG was left in the game with a messed up hand when Shrout could have gotten some reps
  4. This was the best damned Vols game I have seen from all sides of the ball in forever. Better than even the Florida win back in 2016. Terrific play and effort. This momentum is there and you can feel it. This is different than when Butch Jones was coaching. The slow but evolving improvement is obvious. I cannot wait to see where this team goes from here.
  5. I was excited during the first half. Then the tables got turned. You can obviously see a lack of depth. Pruitt needs to build more depth and that will take time but I like seeing what I saw out of Maurer. I also like the heart the team showed. They just ran out of steam. I am somewhat optimistic and think we will know more after the Miss State game. They can change their path starting with this game.
  6. I bet Kiffin would take him at FAU. Glad he was released. Like everyone said this kid didn't make a single mistake. He has shown a propensity to show negative and bad behavior. Time to cut ties. I hope he can get it right for himself.
  7. ARFGVol

    fire holly warlick

    Reading some of the opinions, I sure am glad some vol fans aren't the AD. There's more to it than just record shows. Fulmer will make the correct call. I sure am glad I don't work for some of you. You act like 20+ years of service isn't worth crap. He's gonna quietly do what needs to be done. There is no changing anything this far into the season. Wait until the season is over then determine best course after evaluation. And yes salary does make a difference. Whether you care or not most everyone in the world does. You get what you pay for. Holly makes half than what two of the top sec coaches make. HALF! Want summit performance? get the administration to pay summit money. Knee jerk reactions is what set Tennessee football back to the dark ages. Glad Fulmer totally understands that.
  8. If anyone can get this straightened out it is PF!
  9. ARFGVol


    I am not an expert but I do know many in law enforcement. The percentage of bad apples in law enforcement is so finite. Yes it happens and I am disgusted when it does. I also hate priests violating kids, pedophiles and child porn and lying pastors who use churches for gain and Hollywood know it alls. The issue is this stuff happens. Look people are screwed up all over for the most part. I totally love that Kapernick wants to help the small amount of TRUE brutality that happens. I agree with Rob on this. There is a time and place for things. The pledge honoring the country is not one of them. I also will not buy Nike stuff anymore BUT I am NOT getting rid of the stuff I have now. That's just stupid. I already paid for it so..... kind of defeats the purpose.
  10. Chubb suffered a ankle sprain and I have not heard any definitive. That will make a big difference. Still the Vols need to come out focused. Yeah we loved the win but we need to see NO LETDOWN this weekend. There could be a first half hangover. But as we saw this past weekend this team thrives in the second half so who knows if that is a bad thing. Still the Vols need to stay focused.
  11. ARFGVol

    Vols back to #9 in Polls

    I am not surprised. I agree this about where I would expect them to have started in the first place