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  1. I honestly don't care what was said. I want to see results. We heard the same BS from Dooley, Jones and Pruitt. Just someone make a game plan and execute it. Just saying...……….
  2. ARFGVol

    Updated the Hosting

    WOW this site is responsive now.
  3. ARFGVol

    2 free tickets to tomorrow's game

    Yeah wish I would have seen that
  4. Common sense. Wish more would use it
  5. If Florida loses to Missouri yu may even see Mullen in hot water. The way they played against Samford, it looks like he might be losing this team.
  6. Tennessee football: Does Josh Heupel have a case for SEC Coach of the Year ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM The season isn't over, and Tennessee football hasn't technically even guaranteed itself bowl eligibility yet. However, by sitting at 5-4 and 3-3 in the SEC...
  7. ARFGVol

    Georgia game

    Vols score 24. Problem is UGA scores 50.
  8. Chubb suffered a ankle sprain and I have not heard any definitive. That will make a big difference. Still the Vols need to come out focused. Yeah we loved the win but we need to see NO LETDOWN this weekend. There could be a first half hangover. But as we saw this past weekend this team thrives in the second half so who knows if that is a bad thing. Still the Vols need to stay focused.
  9. ARFGVol

    Vols back to #9 in Polls

    I am not surprised. I agree this about where I would expect them to have started in the first place