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  1. ARFGVol

    Fulmer is AD to get football fixed

    If anyone can get this straightened out it is PF!
  2. ARFGVol


    I am not an expert but I do know many in law enforcement. The percentage of bad apples in law enforcement is so finite. Yes it happens and I am disgusted when it does. I also hate priests violating kids, pedophiles and child porn and lying pastors who use churches for gain and Hollywood know it alls. The issue is this stuff happens. Look people are screwed up all over for the most part. I totally love that Kapernick wants to help the small amount of TRUE brutality that happens. I agree with Rob on this. There is a time and place for things. The pledge honoring the country is not one of them. I also will not buy Nike stuff anymore BUT I am NOT getting rid of the stuff I have now. That's just stupid. I already paid for it so..... kind of defeats the purpose.
  3. ARFGVol

    Being Reported: NEW COACH ANNOUNCED

  4. ARFGVol

    Within 24-48 hours ....

    I think some are getting trolled. GO FIGURE Hugh Freeze being mentioned as OC? After the Schiano deal do people really think that would be OK
  5. ARFGVol

    Do pay attention to schiano garbage

    I think Rob is right. We all are acting like this is a done deal. The overreaction to this has been embarrassing. Just my two cents
  6. Good stuff. The thing is getting one of them to Knoxville.....
  7. Apparently there is a lot of crap slinging going on right now. BUt there sure is a lot of smoke around disgruntled ex players. Lane, Hurd and Helm and I saw something from Andrew Butcher that was negative and pretty much glad Jones was canned. And then you read the way Swain and Rucker comment on Jones and you wonder was this guy the nice guy people thought or the guy these guys thought and the prick Rob alluded to about being a little insecure short guy? I guess it is who you ask though.
  8. ARFGVol


    ahhh helllllllll 50-17 Missouri
  9. ARFGVol

    LSU Kickoff Time

    I did that last week..... Wish they would put that channel in HD
  10. ARFGVol


    I am hearing some things in social media. If what you are referring to is true OMG we will be very happy soon
  11. ARFGVol

    Antone Davis steps down

    I am hearing this was bad and there is even more to this than we know right now
  12. ARFGVol

    JG or Dormady does not matter

    I just want Butch gone NOW
  13. ARFGVol

    How Many Will Agree?

    The thing is this is year 5 and these are all of Butch's recruits. And things are going backwards. I agree with others. THe players like Dobbs, Kamara, Jennings, hell even the guys gone like Hurd and Preston Williams hid a lot of issues. Now you are seeing the Conference USA - MAC type of coach Butch Jones is. He is in way over his head. Still he is MUCH better than Dooley. I think he is just out of his league in the SEC.
  14. Can we somehow win AND FIRE BUTCH? The first ain't gonna happen and the second better happen quickly...My Vol fan meter is like .................... between AND