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  1. LCountyVol

    Vols - Bama week

    OK so let us talk about this. What does the Vols have to do to stay in this thing? I am not suggesting a win will happen. I mean things always can happen but I think we all realize a chance for a win is remote but what would you like to see in this game? Regardless! I hate bama!
  2. LCountyVol

    Vols - Bama week

    Yes it will. I just hope it is before I get to frigging old to enjoy it
  3. Interesting but probably true Why Tennessee Vols basketball expectations better than football's long-term | Adams WWW.KNOXNEWS.COM What now constitutes a drop-off in UT basketball would qualify as a power surge for the football program.
  4. Good for Trey now can he PLOW some people this Saturday and leave a crimson stain on the grass?
  5. Not there is a great chance anyway but I agree with this article... Tennessee football: Vols need QB Brian Maurer for any hope at Alabama ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM It's not likely that Tennessee football comes close to Bama in Tuscaloosa. But the Volunteers need quarterback Brian Maurer to have any chance. Don't worry...
  6. Just in case of you are going to watch the 2nd attempt at this: Defensive tackle Alexis Johnson Running back Rajion Neal Offensive guard Venzell Boulware Defensive end Corey Vereen Wide receiver Alton Howard - PIG Wide receiver Robert Meachem Tight end Ethan Wolf Cornerback Justin Martin Offensive guard Dallas Thomas So FYI if you intend to watch this
  7. LCountyVol

    Vols - Bama week

    Agreed Bingo
  8. OK this is not a slam on our fanbase or anyone at all. This is an honest question and no it doesn't mean you are not a true fan. Just curious and everyone has a right to feel frustrated. I just wanted to know how everyone was feeling right now. I know after 10 years of terrible performance and terrible coaches any and all fans should feel terrible. I was just curious how you feel about the season and where do you expect it to finish? Are you feeling any better about next year? I honestly feel Pruitt will turn it around and this is not false positive hope. Not like with Dooley and Jones. I truly think once he has all his players in the team this will turn around. What is your thoughts Vol Nation?
  9. LCountyVol


    I think this is very winnable for Tennessee, They need a W in the SEC win column
  10. I think Maurer will be just fine with some game time experience
  11. LCountyVol

    Honest Question: Who has given up on the season?

    There is a chance maybe?? Plotting Vols' potential path to bowl eligibility 247SPORTS.COM Tennessee's rough start leaves many wondering whether a bowl berth is possible. Yes, it is. Perhaps not likely, but certainly possible. Here are five reasons for that.
  12. LCountyVol

    Score Predictions for the UGA game

    Dang that was close call on the game good job
  13. LCountyVol

    Jeremy Pruitt's Monday Press Conference

    Will Maurer start against Miss State? Pruitt: Bingo sounds good to me. More reps for this young man,
  14. If they try this someone better have a lot of security in the stadium just saying
  15. During their bye week, Tennessee football lost three players, two to the transfer portal. That’s not as bad of news for the Volunteers as it used to be. If this were even two years ago, and it did happen during Butch Jones’s final two seasons, there would be reason for panic on Rocky Top. Tennessee football had three players leave the program this week, during their open date, as they are off to a 1-3 start. Redshirt sophomore wide receiver Jacquez Jones and junior inside linebacker Shanon Reid both entered the transfer portal. Junior inside linebacker Will Ignont, meanwhile, left the team for personal reason. This would all be completely abnormal in previous years. We would all use it as a sign of Jeremy Pruitt completely losing control of the program, which would be piling on to an already disastrous start for Rocky Top.But when you look at the date of Tennessee football’s bye week and the situation of all three players, it makes much more sense than it used to. First, the date of the bye week is important. The Vols have their bye after four games into the year. NCAA rules now allow players to take a redshirt if they don’t play anymore than four games in a season, and that alone would leave the door open to potential transfers. On top of that, all three players who have left the program were Butch Jones recruits, and playing time was being called into question for them. So yes, it makes sense that they would leave the program during the Vols’ bye week. Jones is in his third year in the program. The 5’10” 171-pound Clearwater, Fla. native got his first touch of his career against the BYU Cougars. It was a nine-yard carry. But when you look at that, even with how deep UT is at receiver, it makes sense that he would leave the program. read more Tennessee football: Why three Vols leaving mid-season not as bad anymore ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM During their bye week, Tennessee football lost three players, two to the transfer portal. That's not as bad of news for the Volunteers as it used to be. If...
  16. LCountyVol

    Non vol related: Kansas hit hard by NCAA

    Think he did get in a little trouble. But he could coach em up at Ga Tech.
  17. LCountyVol

    ICYMI: Wednesday Pruitt Press Conference

    Pretty Much coach speak. I am REALLY curious though about what they roll out with in the Georgia game. It is a night game in ESPN. In Knoxville. This is a place to turn this around. I would let it all hang out in the Georgia game. I would love to see a 4 wide single back with Maurer and sling it all over the field with Anderson, Jennings and Callaway. Don't leave anything out there. Try everything. They have nothing to lose.
  18. LCountyVol

    Non vol related: Kansas hit hard by NCAA

    uh oh.... Georgia Tech hasn't been good since Bobby Cremins
  19. LCountyVol

    Ignont leaving

    Of all them Shamburger is the one that has REALLY impressed and makes you wonder why he wasn't even more developed before Pruitt started coaching. Kid is good. I will go back to the Conredge interview on Finebaum. Let Pruitt get is own players in here before judging. I am gonna ride this one out.
  20. LCountyVol

    VolTalk Podcast

    Dang I liked those. They were pretty entertaining. I hope they come back
  21. LCountyVol

    OPEN Week. Let's try to look for positives

    Totally agree with this.
  22. LCountyVol

    OPEN Week. Let's try to look for positives

    I am honestly fed up with Tennessee football. I guess though I am a glutton for punishment. I also don't think we have given Pruitt enough time. Plus I don't want to go through another coach. Sick and tired so I am gonna ride this one out. I am all behind Pruitt after I see another QB and ALL the Butch Jones players are gone. I truly see some talent on the Pruitt's players. So I guess that is my positive take on at least that.
  23. Pretty accurate Tennessee football at Florida: 10 keys for Vols and Gators ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM On Saturday, Tennessee football will be looking to shock Florida in Gainesville. Here are 10 keys for the Volunteers and Gators in The Swamp. It would appe...