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Pick Ems Updated. Redwood still leads. Added week 13 


Get your picks in for week 13 here


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  1. LCountyVol

    Latest College Polls - 11/10/2019

    Speaking of Bama I saw this out on Social Media:
  2. LCountyVol

    Being reported: Chad Morris fired

    Saw this coming. Arkansas still thinks they are a in the old SWC days. There is no Hatfield, Danny Fords or Frank Broyles. Chad Morris was a reach in the first place. Wonder where they will go for their next coach? Since they are close to Memphis I wonder if they hit up on Mike Norvell. The recruiting would be around the same area.
  3. LCountyVol

    Vols-MildCats score predictions?

    Vols in a slugfest. FG wins it Vols 20 KY 17
  4. Hey look! A winning streak. What the heck is that?
  5. LCountyVol

    Corner turned?

    Any winning streak would be nice.
  6. LCountyVol

    Vols rout in exhibition game

    It was a exhibition but the main part of the team returning this year were the keys and looked good. Still you can see some things need to be worked on but hey it is what these games are really for.
  7. LCountyVol

    Pruitt discussing JJ

    gotta love Pruitt. His sly even way he just throws in those jabs is funny. But his comment was right on! Glad those people are no longer at Tennessee. Good Riddance!
  8. LCountyVol

    Vols win in Tennessee fashion

    Loved it Loved it Loved it. Was so happy with the entire team. Yes as the topic says VOLS WIN IN TENNESSEE FASHION !!
  9. LCountyVol

    Vols - GameCocks week discussion

    I think establish the running game with Jordan and Chandler and then play good defense and hope once you get the running game going you can pop a couple of big passes to take a lead. That is the only way I see the Vols winning this. I agree and hate to say it but Will Muschamp always seems to have the Vols number
  10. LCountyVol

    Vols - Bama week

    Yes it will. I just hope it is before I get to frigging old to enjoy it
  11. Interesting but probably true Why Tennessee Vols basketball expectations better than football's long-term | Adams WWW.KNOXNEWS.COM What now constitutes a drop-off in UT basketball would qualify as a power surge for the football program.
  12. Good for Trey now can he PLOW some people this Saturday and leave a crimson stain on the grass?
  13. Not there is a great chance anyway but I agree with this article... Tennessee football: Vols need QB Brian Maurer for any hope at Alabama ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM It's not likely that Tennessee football comes close to Bama in Tuscaloosa. But the Volunteers need quarterback Brian Maurer to have any chance. Don't worry...
  14. LCountyVol

    Vols - Bama week

    Agreed Bingo
  15. Just in case of you are going to watch the 2nd attempt at this: Defensive tackle Alexis Johnson Running back Rajion Neal Offensive guard Venzell Boulware Defensive end Corey Vereen Wide receiver Alton Howard - PIG Wide receiver Robert Meachem Tight end Ethan Wolf Cornerback Justin Martin Offensive guard Dallas Thomas So FYI if you intend to watch this