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  1. LCountyVol

    Phillip Fulmer

    Nice to see the AD addressing fans and breaking tings down. It is almost like a status state of the Vol union. I like it.
  2. If this defense plays as well as they did against KY then they can win and then beat vandy and win out. The biggest issue is Missouri is a totally different animal with Drew Lock. The Vols were able to just focus on Snell because he was truly their only true threat. Drew Lock can create a matchup issue. Lets hope Thompson and Taylor are ready to go and primed to shut down folks in the secondary. If Taylor can get pressure again on Lock they have a chance. Get past Missouri then this could keep things moving and trending up faster than thought.
  3. Pruitt is quietly improving. I like the slow steady improvement over the quick turnaround. Slow deliberate building sets a foundation for a process and culture that can set the team to becoming competitive on a consistent basis instead of a quick fix. He is pushing the credit towards the players and players are starting to get Pruitt is just a football coach and not some political PC media darling. He will get this turned around it just seems it may take a little longer than expected which speaks volumes to how bad coach Butch Jones really was and was way over his head. He left this team as weak, non aggressive and in disarray. Keep pushing it Pruitt.
  4. LCountyVol

    Darrell Taylor-Defensive Player of the Week

    DT was DA MAN Saturday
  5. Interesting question What would you want? Tennessee football: Would Vol fans trade 3 losses for more 5-stars recruits? ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM With only three games remaining in the 2018 Tennessee football season, would Vol fans take losing out to sign more five-stars in the 2019 recruiting class... Read more
  6. Apparently some share our concern: Tennessee’s win against Charlotte is nothing to celebrate WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Tennessee won against Charlotte on Saturday, but what does this unimpressive victory really mean?
  7. I hate to be negative and reading social media because they are making excuses like "The team is was just resting people" and "hiding scheme changes" but really? I mean really? You need to mask gameplay around Charlotte? On Homecoming? I am sorry to say this but the trending up is now trending DOWN. Was very upset about this game Saturday
  8. Are you frigging serious? This is terrible news
  9. I am sticking with 6 wins but maybe just maybe 7. I wouldn't be surprised. This team is improving. I like the heart. If this team ever gets a decent offensive line watch out.
  10. Interesting take.... Thoughts? Tennessee football: Jeremy Pruitt should stop coaching Vols like they are Alabama ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Tennessee football head coach Jeremy Pruitt has treated the Volunteers like his previous Alabama Crimson Tide teams. He needs to stop. Jonathan Allen is no... Read more
  11. Tennessee has been making steady progress with their young secondary over the first five games of the season. One of those three freshman defensive backs has suffered an injury, however. Safety Trevon Flowers suffered a collarbone injury and will be out for a few weeks, per Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt. The injury occurred last week in practice while Flowers was diving for a football. The freshman safety has nine tackles and has been credited with one pass breakup on the season. Flowers was a three-star prospect and was recruited both on the football and baseball side.
  12. Tennessee got a break from its five-game SEC gauntlet during the bye week but now it’s on to Auburn for Jeremy Pruitt’s program. The Volunteers are scheduled to play the Tigers on Saturday for an 11 a.m. kick from the Plains. While Tennessee is rested and coming off a bye week, Auburn lost last week in a very physical matchup against Mississippi State. Here’s everything Pruitt had to say Monday during his weekly press conference about Tennessee’s upcoming game against the Tigers: Opening comments: “We’ve got a tremendous challenge this week going to Auburn. Auburn is a very difficult place to play, and they’ve got a very good football team, very good on defense. I think they’re one of the top defense teams in the country. They’re really big up front, have a really good front seven, play man-to-man in the back end a whole lot, can do that, deny the ball, lots of pressure on the quarterback, and they can do it with just their front four. “Offensively, Gus [Malzahn] has always done a really good job running the football, making you play from sideline to sideline, creating explosive plays and the run and pass game giving you a bunch of different looks. They play really fast, have an experienced quarterback, have good wide receivers, Chandler Cox seems like he’s been playing forever, and have a couple running backs that are big and physical. It’ll be a tremendous challenge for us. “And their kicking game, they’ve got good specialists. I think they returned a punt and a kickoff for a touchdown. They’ve blocked three kicks this year. They’ve got a lot of runners and strikers on their special teams and they’ve got good guys returning it in the back end. “It will definitely be a huge challenge for us, but our guys are looking forward to it. I know I’m excited to get back out on the field and get a chance to prepare for somebody. Just trying to talk to our guys, they don’t have any history of playing Auburn and I think especially on the defensive side, there’s a lot of awareness that you need. We’ve got to do a good job of getting these guys prepared for this week.” Read more here at SDS Jeremy Pruitt previews Tennessee’s upcoming trip to Auburn WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Pruitt has a long history facing Auburn and the coaches on Gus Malzahn's staff.
  13. I hate these noon kickoff but maybe this will work for the Vols this year. Hey haven't worked out well for them under the CBJ regime. Watching Auburn I really think the Vols have a chance in this game. At least they will play much closer than the previous SEC games this season.
  14. Troubling article..... but could be very true. Thoughts? Maybe Missouri? Vandy? Tennessee football: When will the Vols win another SEC game? WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Tennessee has lost 10 consecutive SEC games. These (gulp) are the next 4: at Georgia, at Auburn, vs. Alabama and at South Carolina.
  15. LCountyVol

    Here's a thought...

    Tennessee not in the SEC? huh?