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  1. LCountyVol

    Vols get surprise DE commit

    This was a nice pick up and much needed
  2. Sloppy win. Still a win is a win. Nice to go out with a win. I guess we will see the Vols in Nashville or Jacksonville next
  3. LCountyVol

    UPDATE: My apologies

    No need to apologize. I figured something was up, you guys have been around so long I knew something was up. Hope you feel better Rob. Sorry to hear about your issues. Those heart clots and issues are scary problems. Good luck with that.
  4. LCountyVol


    The fact that Bailey wasn't in at all should say a lot. Nothing good but a lot
  5. LCountyVol

    Happy 4th to Everyone

    I haven't been around much and sorry about that. Still, not much other than Baseball to discuss and I am not a big B Ball fan honestly. I am glad to see the Vols make it to the College World Series though. Seem to be heading in the right direction. I just hope whether Tennessee football is great or not at least it is fun and somewhat productive on the field and competitive. I will watch because I am a fan, but I have to agree this mediocrity and back and forth on coaches is getting old. Still will play my Rocky Top and watch the games with loyalty. Just hope this somewhat overhyped Walmart coach can create some magic or at least a little. I am just glad this COVID BS is over and people can go enjoy one of the best things in America. The Southern College Football Tailgate experience! thanks Rob for keeping the doors open. We aint the most popular bar stop but we are stable and I like it. We are like the American Legion of Vol sites...
  6. LCountyVol

    Prayers for one of our members

    Prayers coming. GBO
  7. LCountyVol

    Voltalk check in

    Checking in. I haven't been around for a while. No sports to really talk about. Glad to see most of you are ok and let's hope we have a good season coming up.
  8. I did. Great work. Glad I'm not suffering from PTVD anymore.
  9. LCountyVol

    Tennessee "Hold-Em"

    Wow! So there ya go. So why is everyone getting so upset about Internet people spouting off names about possible coaches? NO ONE really knows who Fulmer is looking at. It is all speculation. Best thing to do is wait and then decide after we find out more. So many are getting so upset over nothing...
  10. Great show guys. I liked listening to a former Vol. That was cool. I remember Nash. Great player. That 1997 SEC title game run down the sideline is still in my memory. What a play.
  11. I have been suffering from PTVD for a while now
  12. Very worried about next Saturday...... That is all