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  1. LCountyVol

    2019 UT Football Predictions

    I think 8 wins as well.
  2. LCountyVol

    The NCAA is ridiculous

    I am sure most have heard about the STUPID MORONIC ruling on a self reported violation by Jeremy Pruitt on a tweet congratulating a high school which was his ALMA MATER!!! The NCAA is getting out of control. Look I get making sure coaches aren't trying to push incentives to come to their school through tweets and other social media, but there is the letter of the law and the intent of the law. In this case like many others the NCAA goes overboard. This article was a good write up on it and also even Paul Finebaum said yesterday it was ludicrous. And it is. COME ON NCAA The NCAA is ridiculous, Vol. infinity: Tennessee violations included a Jeremy Pruitt tweet WWW.SPORTINGNEWS.COM The Vols' head football coach shouted out his high school alma mater for winning a championship. Can't do that.
  3. LCountyVol

    Former vol Albert Haynesworth in need

    Wow that is terrible news. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I hope this works out for him. Kidney failure is so deadly and very serious.
  4. I think the Admiral and Williams both will do IF they are in the right system and given an opportunity.
  5. FYI Monday, July 15th Florida – Dan Mullen LSU – Ed Orgeron Missouri – Barry Odom Tuesday, July 16th Georgia – Kirby Smart Ole Miss – Matt Luke Tennessee – Jeremy Pruitt Texas A&M – Jimbo Fisher Wednesday, July 17th Alabama – Nick Saban Arkansas – Chad Morris Mississippi State – Joe Moorhead South Carolina – Will Muschamp Thursday, July 18th Auburn – Gus Malzahn Kentucky – Mark Stoops Vanderbilt – Derek Mason
  6. While some Tennessee fans are simply hoping for their Vols to make a return to the postseason for the first time since the 2016 season, ESPN’s updated Football Power Index is jumping on the UT bandwagon early and predicting big things for the program heading into the 2019 season. Tennessee may have come up just short of reaching a bowl game last season but if ESPN’s FPI is accurate, the Volunteers will have clinched a postseason spot by the first week of November this fall. In the updated ESPN FPI projections, Tennessee is favored in nine of the team’s 12 upcoming games in 2019. The only three games the Vols aren’t currently favored in, according to ESPN’s FPI, are road games at Florida on Sept. 21 and at Alabama on Oct. 19, and the Oct. 5 home game against Georgia. Year 2 breakout? ESPN’s Football Power Index favors Tennessee in 9 games WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM If ESPN's FPI is to be believed, Tennessee is in for a great season.
  7. I was really hoping he would reconsider but I get it. He don't want to critic his broth and friends. I have to respect that. ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” made a real run at Peyton Manning to be the centerpiece of its 2019 coverage, but Manning turned the lucrative opportunity down. Now, we know why. NFL insider and Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson, citing sources, says Manning didn’t feel comfortable analyzing his younger brother, Eli, as well as some former teammates and friends. The “Monday Night Football” schedule includes a pair of New York Giants games in which Peyton would have to analyze (and potentially criticize) Eli and others. NFL insider reveals reason why Peyton Manning turned down lucrative ‘Monday Night Football’ opportunity WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Perhaps he'll do it in the future.
  8. Glad I missed it
  9. LCountyVol

    Phillip Fulmer

    Nice to see the AD addressing fans and breaking tings down. It is almost like a status state of the Vol union. I like it.
  10. If this defense plays as well as they did against KY then they can win and then beat vandy and win out. The biggest issue is Missouri is a totally different animal with Drew Lock. The Vols were able to just focus on Snell because he was truly their only true threat. Drew Lock can create a matchup issue. Lets hope Thompson and Taylor are ready to go and primed to shut down folks in the secondary. If Taylor can get pressure again on Lock they have a chance. Get past Missouri then this could keep things moving and trending up faster than thought.
  11. Pruitt is quietly improving. I like the slow steady improvement over the quick turnaround. Slow deliberate building sets a foundation for a process and culture that can set the team to becoming competitive on a consistent basis instead of a quick fix. He is pushing the credit towards the players and players are starting to get Pruitt is just a football coach and not some political PC media darling. He will get this turned around it just seems it may take a little longer than expected which speaks volumes to how bad coach Butch Jones really was and was way over his head. He left this team as weak, non aggressive and in disarray. Keep pushing it Pruitt.
  12. LCountyVol

    Darrell Taylor-Defensive Player of the Week

    DT was DA MAN Saturday
  13. Interesting question What would you want? Tennessee football: Would Vol fans trade 3 losses for more 5-stars recruits? ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM With only three games remaining in the 2018 Tennessee football season, would Vol fans take losing out to sign more five-stars in the 2019 recruiting class... Read more
  14. Apparently some share our concern: Tennessee’s win against Charlotte is nothing to celebrate WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Tennessee won against Charlotte on Saturday, but what does this unimpressive victory really mean?