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  1. LCountyVol

    Vols get surprise DE commit

    This was a nice pick up and much needed
  2. Sloppy win. Still a win is a win. Nice to go out with a win. I guess we will see the Vols in Nashville or Jacksonville next
  3. LCountyVol

    UPDATE: My apologies

    No need to apologize. I figured something was up, you guys have been around so long I knew something was up. Hope you feel better Rob. Sorry to hear about your issues. Those heart clots and issues are scary problems. Good luck with that.
  4. LCountyVol


    The fact that Bailey wasn't in at all should say a lot. Nothing good but a lot
  5. LCountyVol

    Happy 4th to Everyone

    I haven't been around much and sorry about that. Still, not much other than Baseball to discuss and I am not a big B Ball fan honestly. I am glad to see the Vols make it to the College World Series though. Seem to be heading in the right direction. I just hope whether Tennessee football is great or not at least it is fun and somewhat productive on the field and competitive. I will watch because I am a fan, but I have to agree this mediocrity and back and forth on coaches is getting old. Still will play my Rocky Top and watch the games with loyalty. Just hope this somewhat overhyped Walmart coach can create some magic or at least a little. I am just glad this COVID BS is over and people can go enjoy one of the best things in America. The Southern College Football Tailgate experience! thanks Rob for keeping the doors open. We aint the most popular bar stop but we are stable and I like it. We are like the American Legion of Vol sites...
  6. LCountyVol

    Prayers for one of our members

    Prayers coming. GBO
  7. Per the Associated Press: Tennessee's athletic budget for 2020-21 assumes the Volunteers will have fans in the stands for football games, but it still includes a $10.1 million cut in overall revenue. University of Tennessee president Randy Boyd said reducing the number of fans further because of the coronavirus pandemic would have a "significant impact" on the budget. But Boyd said Friday that Tennessee is financially prepared to handle any problems. Tennessee projects a drop of 19.4% with $29.8 million in revenue from athletic ticket sales. That would be down $7.1 million from the $37 million taken in over 2019-20. John Compton, chairman of the UT Board of Trustees, said that estimate is appropriate for now. He also said Tennessee will be able to handle it if ticket revenue winds up even 50% lower. The Volunteers won their final six games last season under coach Jeremy Pruitt. They are scheduled to host Florida and Alabama, which are traditionally big draws for fans. Athletic director Phillip Fulmer has said Tennessee is expecting to fill Neyland Stadium this season and will adjust as needed.
  8. So happy that Jennings caught on and got a deal. I think he will be a good NFL player if utilized correctly. Kyle Shanahan is a perfect coach for getting the most out of him.
  9. Bill Bender of Sporting News released the outlet’s preseason All-American team for 2020 Thursday, and two Vols offensive linemen made the list. Senior guard Trey Smith was a first-teamer, and transfer junior Cade Mays was a second-teamer. Mays, who came from the Georgia Bulldogs, expects to receive an eligibility waiver to play this year. Smith shocked the world by choosing to return for his senior season earlier this year. Here’s a bit of what Bender wrote about Smith as a first-teamer. It is true that Tennessee football has a shockingly deep offensive line this year. In his three years on Rocky Top, Smith has started two full seasons at guard. Both times, he earned First-team All-SEC, and he also was a Freshman All-American in 2017. The one year Smith didn’t earn All-SEC, in 2018, he moved over to left tackle while adjusting to the pro-style offense that Jeremy Pruitt brought in. However, he still likely would have earned such honors if his season was not cut short due to the blood clots in his lungs. Simply put, Smith provides an insane level of talent and versatility that very few linemen across the country provide. This will be the first time since he arrived on Rocky Top that he takes over the same position the same system for a second straight year. As a result, the potential is through the roof for the 6’6″ 335-pound Jackson, Tenn. native. Sporting News: Two Tennessee football OL preseason All-Americans ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Trey Smith and Cade Mays were the Tennessee football Volunteers offensive linemen. From having a historically bad offensive line in 2018 to one that had to...
  10. CBS Sports says oddsmakers are overlooking the Tennessee football Volunteers. It’s safe to say that Tennessee football is not high on any oddsmaker’s list to win the national title, the SEC or even the SEC East this year. Heck, based on data from the ESPN FPI, it’s clear that setting their win total above seven games will be unlikely. Well, Ben Kercheval of CBS Sports appears to be higher on the Vols than others, or at least he’s higher on the Vols than Las Vegas. Kercheval listed his undervalued team for ever Power Five conference, and Rocky Top was his pick for the SEC. With odds to win the SEC reported at +10000, picking Tennessee football could certainly be a a lottery ticket. Here is a bit of what Kercheval said about why the Vols should still not be overlooked as a long shot despite a tougher schedule and no proven breakout stars. Joining the Vols were the Pittsburgh Panthers for the ACC, the Purdue Boilermakers for the Big Ten, Baylor Bears for the Big 12 and the Cal Golden Bears for the Pac-12. So while they are considered a great undervalued team on one hand, Vol fans won’t be happy about being compared to such programs like that in other conferences. However, there is less competition to win those conferences, so its easier to undervalue mediocre teams. In the SEC, elite teams can obviously finish middle of the road. That’s not to say the Vols will be elite, but it does say there is more worth to them being undervalued than Pitt, for instance, being undervalued when everybody knows the Clemson Tigers will win the ACC. An underrated aspect of Tennessee football this year is that while the schedule is tough, the Vols do get the Florida Gators and Alabama Crimson Tide at home. Nobody should ever pick them to beat either team, but they played Alabama tough last year in the fourth quarter. What happens if they run the table at home in Jeremy Pruitt’s third year? Tennessee football named SEC’s undervalued team for 2020 ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM CBS Sports says oddsmakers are overlooking the Tennessee football Volunteers. It's safe to say that Tennessee football is not high on any oddsmaker's list ...
  11. I am surprised Gault wasn't already in there. Still would be nice to get these guys in. Also HEY everyone! Glad to see Voltalk is still alive!
  12. LCountyVol

    Voltalk check in

    Checking in. I haven't been around for a while. No sports to really talk about. Glad to see most of you are ok and let's hope we have a good season coming up.
  13. I did. Great work. Glad I'm not suffering from PTVD anymore.
  14. LCountyVol

    Tennessee "Hold-Em"

    Wow! So there ya go. So why is everyone getting so upset about Internet people spouting off names about possible coaches? NO ONE really knows who Fulmer is looking at. It is all speculation. Best thing to do is wait and then decide after we find out more. So many are getting so upset over nothing...