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  1. rut roh Former Penn State football player Isaiah Humphries filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the university, coach James Franklin and former teammate Damion Barber. The suit alleges that Humphries was subject to hazing brought on by Barber, linebacker Micah Parsons, defensive lineman Yetur Gross-Matos and linebacker Jesse Luketa and that the coaching staff was aware of the hazing and did not protect Humphries. The allegations include instances when the named players collectively orchestrated, directed and facilitated a campaign to harass and haze underclassmen on the Penn State football team. The hazing alleged in the suit includes the participants stating that they intended to make the underclassmen "their bitch because this is a prison." The participants allegedly referenced former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky -- who is serving a 30- to 60-year prison term for sexually abusing children -- by saying, "I am going to Sandusky you." The actions included wrestling underclassmen to the ground while maintaining restraint, simulating a "humping" action; wrestling underclassmen to the ground while another participant placed his genitals on the face of underclassmen; and instances of the participants placing their genitals on the buttocks of the alleged victims and stroking their genitalia. Penn State released a statement later Tuesday, making note of its own investigation into the matter, emphasizing that charges were not filed. "The university has established processes in place for responding to claims of potential misconduct. In accordance with our processes, the Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response and the Office of Student Conduct carried out investigations of the plaintiff's claims independent from Intercollegiate Athletics," the school said. "In addition, Penn State police investigated related allegations and forwarded the results of that investigation to the Office of the Centre County District Attorney. The DA reviewed the case and decided that no charges would be pursued." Read more on ESPN: Former Nittany Lions player files federal lawsuit against James Franklin, Penn State for hazing WWW.ESPN.COM Former Penn State football player Isaiah Humphries alleges in a federal lawsuit that he was subject to graphic hazing brought on by Nittany Lions teammates and that the coaching staff was aware of the situation yet didn't protect him. Read more
  2. Hell Jennings, Palmer and Callaway and the someone like Lawerence..... yeah wow just wow
  3. Interesting take. I wouldn't say complete but the transformation has been incredible and they are almost there, Tennessee football: Jeremy Pruitt’s rebuild of Vols in the trenches is complete ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Rebuilding the Volunteers' offensive and defensive line was a big project for Jeremy Pruitt as Tennessee football's head coach. His work is complete. When ...
  4. LCountyVol

    Mike Leach - Hired by Miss State

    Holy Chit! Man things are changing quick in the SEC. Kiffin VS Leach next year should be interesting
  5. LCountyVol

    GO CLEMSON!!!!

    I have no dog in the hunt. I could care less if it isn't Tennessee. I do remember when Ed O did that and tried pulling players from Tennessee when he left with Kiffin. Really crappy stuff there. I have read where he has had like changing events happened in his life and he has changed a lot since those days. Obviously this could be BS but who knows. I just hope for an interesting game.
  6. I would agree on the turnover and the players leaving having an impact. Heck UGA is losing a starting WR, Swift and Fromm and now lost Mays. Thats a big hit. And no Chaney to develop anyone. Even Fromm dropped off after he left.
  7. LCountyVol

    Cade Mays hits the transfer portal

    If Cade come in then this will solidify a line IF he can play next year. If not still him with Morris and Wright as Juniors would be a force to deal with. It would be like old time Tennessee O lines.
  8. LCountyVol

    Report: Tee Martin Turns Down Lane Kiffin

    Tee has allegiances and for everyone that punished him in social media for not wanting to come to Tennessee to coach I submit that your're stupid. Or you just cannot see the reason WHY he didn't come back. The UT administration was toxic. From Dooley/Hamilton thru Jones and Hart. He was smart to stay away. When Pruitt was brought in you know Fulmer had a convo with Tee. Tee respects Fulmer and that trust was re-established for a school that had his name placed on street. College Football has relationships just like any other job or location. People network period. Martin is happy and glad to be back.
  9. LCountyVol

    Tennessee or Memphis? ESPN article

    I agree long term Tennessee is the best bet, I don't see Penny being good for the long haul. Too many issues i.e he is a headcase. Still that loss was disappointing Saturday
  10. LCountyVol

    Ole Miss pi$$es game away

    Mike Norvell would be a great pick up for any school. Good coach. I agree though that Luke got stuck with a bad situation. There was signs that the team would better next season. Looks like it might be one of those new coach gets credit the team the former was building.
  11. LCountyVol

    Trey Smith Coming Back?

    If he wants to come back great that is just more competition. What I don't want is he comes back and for some reason doesn't start then causes issues. I agree he is not all-sec caliber. He is serviceable and may improve. I agree about if he stays maybe another off season training with Cheney will make him even better. As for Trey, I think if he can get to the NFL do it NOW. No reason to risk anything else. He has been a heck of a good guy off and on the field. I say go on and get paid while you can in case that blood clot god forbid comes back.
  12. LCountyVol

    This write up is funny

    Don't usually read this stuff but this was funny. A little hyperbole and tongue and check but in thinking back over the last 10 years of Tennessee football it is kind of sad but true What if Tennessee had hired Greg Schiano? A whimsical look at a disaster avoided WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Oh, what could have been.
  13. LCountyVol

    You all see this ?

    Don't usually follow Twitter much but this is one of the best ones I've seen. Yes Pruitt is tough. Not unfairly tough just tough. Players know the difference and this edge and toughness has been sorely missed.
  14. LCountyVol

    1000+ point club

    Pons was sneaky good at times last year so not sure why people didn't think he would better this year. He has a lot of potential.
  15. LCountyVol

    Tennessee Missouri Game

    I agree on this game being low scoring. I am thinking one of those sloppy 17-13 type of games. Maybe a FG wins it? Just get the W. I don't foresee Vandy being any issue so get this one and win out and what looked like disaster at the beginning could potentially be a 8-5 season if they win a bowl game.