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  1. scvol

    Tennessee 59 ETSU 3

    I like the way our offense looks with Chryst behind center. O line still got a lot to learn but to me everything from handoffs, to dropping back to reading the defense all looks better with Chryst. He throws a good ball as well so not sure why he isn’t the man. Yeah we were playing a high school but compared to garantano he looked more in control and commanding of the offense
  2. scvol

    John Ward has passed away

    John has and will always be the voice of the Vols to me. Growing up instead of watching the football games, sometimes my dad and I would tune in and listen to John call the game and throw football in the yard. He had that great descriptive voice that made you feel like you were at the game. As a kid I would also listen to him call the basketball games in my room while simulating with my nerf goal the play by play of the game. What a legend he will always be. Hands down the best announcer in sports. Will never be another like him. RIP Mr. Ward!
  3. scvol

    What did I say?

    We got us a gud un! AIGHT! Loved all he had to say and loved hearing Fulmer being recognized!
  4. scvol

    That's What's Up !

    I love it! Roots run deep and we need to get back to our roots!
  5. scvol

    John Currie has been fired

    Fulmer as AD would be best thing that happened to this University since he got canned
  6. scvol

    Tee Martin or Kevin Steele as coach?

    IMO Only thing better than hiring Martin would be firing Currie and replacing with Fulmer but that’s a pipe dream
  7. scvol

    Charlie and other boosters want Currie out

    I think the only way out of this mess is to go back to our roots and hire people that bleed orange. Fire Currie and hire Fulmer as AD and hire guys that truly care about this University that have played or gone to school at UT.
  8. scvol

    Butch's Hot Seat

    As much as you bring up old s&@t and say "remember when you said", you gotta be a woman. I feel like I'm in a conversation with my wife.
  9. scvol

    What do you think?

    I predict 4th in SEC East.
  10. scvol

    Why in the Hell?

    Agreed! Completely on the coaching staffs shoulders. Time to purge!
  11. scvol

    2-5...know what that is?

    This Florida team is awful and they were missing half their starters. Who the hell runs 5 straight shotgun formation from 1st and goal when first play was from the 1 yard line and the second from the half yard line? It is inexcusable to have a qb who is zero threat to run, leading a read option offense. It is inexcusable to not have a goal line formation in your playbook where the qb is under center. If you have one, it is inexcusable to not line up under center for two straight plays inside the one yard line. It is inexcusable to have a running back take you into the read zone multiple times then abandon the run. Butch is out of excuses. I am done with "having his back". As hard as it is for me to say this, I hope we loose the rest just to flush this staff out and start over. The game day play calling can not get any worse. Last year should have been the writing on the wall. There is zero reason why we should not have won the SEC East last year. The record books show us winning to App State, but that was a loss other than the score. Losses to both South Carolina and Vandy last year, inexcusable. Same with Ga. Tech this year. Just call us Bon Jovi, just living on a prayer. I am sorry to be so pessimistic but I can't support Butch anymore. He has had plenty of time. The read option is played out and everyone knows how to defend it. His stubbornness to not want to change "his style" that "dominated" the Big East has drove me over the edge. I can't watch it. I want power football back!
  12. scvol

    QB Controversy?

    Unfortunately the only way our offensive scheme changes is with a new HBC. That's why we cant get an OC worth a flip. They know their just a puppet to the way Jones wants to run the offense. It's hard to watch for me. There is nothing I hate worse than shotgun formation on first and goal from the five. Guess I'm just to old school but just can't warm up to the read option. I'm afraid it may get ugly in the swamp. Not sure we score more than 10.
  13. scvol

    QB Controversy?

    Dormady, because he doesn't pout to get playing time
  14. scvol

    Fulmer for AD?

    As with any great leader they surround themselves with great people. When Cut left, Fulmer couldn't fill that void quick enough for the admin/donors/fans. Clawfense was the fall of Fulmer. I for one think he should have been offered the AD job to step into from the get go. I think he's a great choice and hope he gets the nod!
  15. scvol

    Tee Martin

    From what I gathered yesterday, Rob IS the white Tee Martin. We will miss you here Rob, but coaching is calling ya. HopVol, you will appreciate this. Gonna have to break into my growler of obama beer (stone ruination) tonight. I knew I was saving for a special occassion, just thought it would be celebratory.