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Pick Ems Updated. Redwood still leads. Added week 13 


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  1. scvol

    Basketball anyone?

    I will be at the Carolina game rooting on our basketVols! 630 game so should be home by 9. Carolina starting to find their groove so should be a good game. That was impressive how we turned it up that last minute of the Florida game. Sign of a championship team, winning close games on the road. We have so many weapons and differerent guys stepping up when they need to. Been fun to watch so far!
  2. scvol

    Tennessee 59 ETSU 3

    I like the way our offense looks with Chryst behind center. O line still got a lot to learn but to me everything from handoffs, to dropping back to reading the defense all looks better with Chryst. He throws a good ball as well so not sure why he isn’t the man. Yeah we were playing a high school but compared to garantano he looked more in control and commanding of the offense
  3. scvol

    John Ward has passed away

    John has and will always be the voice of the Vols to me. Growing up instead of watching the football games, sometimes my dad and I would tune in and listen to John call the game and throw football in the yard. He had that great descriptive voice that made you feel like you were at the game. As a kid I would also listen to him call the basketball games in my room while simulating with my nerf goal the play by play of the game. What a legend he will always be. Hands down the best announcer in sports. Will never be another like him. RIP Mr. Ward!